Camden Miracle Must be Repeated

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Friday, 19 June 2020 23:41

As tensions rose following the death of George Floyd, suddenly the news switched to Camden, New Jersey police Chief Joe Wesocki carrying a protest sign at the head of the local protest from Yolanda Deaver’s Hair Salon to the police station.

This inspired copy-cat events across the country, mostly police officials and one sheriff kneeling in 8 minutes of silent prayer with the protesters. The warm feelings sometimes ended up mired with teargas and some looting.  The Camden Miracle actually had roots back in 2012, when in a massive corruption and crime scandal, the entire Camden Police Department was disbanded while the county and state police temporary took over police functions. The new police department built up from scratch was a community bases model, as the crime rate went drastically down, in part, the march was a celebration of Camden being different.

Then came calls in many cities to de-fund, disband, or replace the police department with community policing, so Camden with its huge community policing success was again in the spotlight.

Now for the miracle that may be about to happen.

Tulsa Oklahoma's new police chief Wendell Franklin firmly believes in de-estulating tensions, during the Tulsa George Floyd protests under his direction the police line slowly backed  off. One agitator was persistent at throwing projectiles at the police, until he was ambushed with teargas and a pepper bomb,

The Oklahoma National Guard was called in ti assist without any lethal weapons on them. President Trump and especially right-wing agitators are baiting for trouble while some left wing ones feel obliged to assist.

It’s not over until it’s over. But one possible outcome might be another peace miracle.

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