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writing for godot

New Zealanders urging peace prize for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Wednesday, 27 March 2019 14:42

New Zealand, the right response to terror

New Zealand’s Prime Minister’s tears are like a rain storm diminishing the flames of terrorism. Others fight terror fire with fire, some enjoy setting back-burns, often carelessly just adding to the flames.

The terrorist didn’t expect Muslims to be comforted and welcomed, not chased out of the country, the victim's relitives who attended the funerals had their travel expenses paid. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern,even in a burka.

This kind of counter effort happened once before: A Confederate flag loving man was hoping for a race war, shot Black parishioners as they bowed their heads in prayer. The response he didn’t want was the Confederate flag being removed from the North Carolina Statehouse lawn. A Muslim peace activist tried to build a 9/11 Ground Zero Peace Mosque, highlighting interfaith worship, the opposite of what bin Laden wanted. If it had been built and understood, there would be less terrorism today.

Speaking in parliament New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said: “You will never hear me speak his name.” She opened her remarks, “As-salamu alaykum. Peace be upon you, and peace be upon all of us.” A year earlier Jacinda Ardern defused tensions on New Zealand's sacred Waitangi Day, a day for annual celebration or protest similar to Columbus Day, no protests this year. Earlier she vowed to cut prison population 30%, giving hope to minorities more often in prison, and served the tribal guests personally at a picnic, instead of a formal state dinner.

When it comes to drone warfare in fighting terrorism the US is a self-proclaimed judge, meting out one punishment, death! Drones can ease-drop and/or communications can be cut at strategic moments. Harassment like circulating birds would have been a lesser punishment then death. Today there are no warnings, often not checking who was currently on the cell phone. Other emphasis’s would have drastically lessened sleeper cells. Al Qaeda and other violent groups attack peace demonstrations, except for protests of drone warfare.

Notable peace hero's are usually those who died do to their effort like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhii, so far Jacinda Ardern hasn't even faced any backlash, not even from the US gun lobby.

There must be something more that I am missing, someone help me find it.

Note her skill at avoiding fighting words, your social media marketing partner
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