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MSNBC Does Not Now Have a Proportionate View of Withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan

Written by johnescher   
Thursday, 20 December 2018 18:10

Recently, I put an article here praising MSNBC for going after Donald Trump for as long and relentlessly as it has.  I stand by that position; however, what if Trump proposed something that a reasonable person could actually agree with?  Would one disagree just because Trump proposed it?

A madman could propose leaving Syria and Afghanistan.  He still would be correct no matter the state of his mind.  We should find a way to get out of our other more than 700 international buttinski military installations around the world as well.

Afghanistan has never been a pleasant place for outside occupiers.  Ask Queen Victoria.  One could even ask the Russians.  Whatever else the Russians are, they at least were able to figure out that they ought to get out of the graveyard of empires.  And Trump will probably change his mind tomorrow and decide for us that we can stay in Afghanistan forever.

I  go with the last words of Richard Holbrooke.  On his deathbed he told his doctors, "You have to get us out of Afghanistan."

In its first broadcasts of 12/20/18 MSNBC never even asked if there was any merit to the idea of the United States withdrawing from Syria and Afghanistan.



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+2 # Jim at Dr.Democracy on Facebook 2018-12-21 18:04
I wholeheartedly agree with johnescher

To achieve a politically healthy and financially strong nation that cares properly for its soldiers and its citizens, the fewer nonsensical and unnecessary foreign interventions the better. Two of our biggest problems are (1) the enormous amount of tax monies and debt flowing into needless militarism and (2) the moral decay that comes from citizens who adopt fascistic, militaristic, hegemonic AND demonic attitudes toward the world.

The US is far and away the most powerful military force on Earth. Let's stop using that force to spread destruction, oppression, starvation, and religious fanaticism.

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