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writing for godot

Middle of the Road Guillotines

Written by johnescher   
Thursday, 11 October 2018 20:58

One simply cannot set up a guillotine in a town square, a public park or a shopping mall.  Do that and Donald Trump will call you an angry socialist.  And the label will stick.  You will be in big trouble.

Put a guillotine therefore in the middle of every road.  The trumpster will be driving down I-94, chanting to himself:

Parents and kids, ha-ha, parents and kids.  Separate, ha-ha, kids from their parents and parents from their kids.

Traffic will come to a stop.  Because of a guillotine in the middle of the road.  Same thing on I-96 .  Same thing for all the other Trumpster chants.

Here's another kind of chant:

Wake up, you old image of Gawd

Get on with your sinful existence

Continue to perpetrate fraud

The lord will reward

Your persistence.

Double-cross your old mother,

You turd.

And sell your young wife in her bed.

You thing G.O.D.'s just a word?

He'll show you as soon as you're dead.

-- Isherwood opening to THREEPENNYOPERA


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