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It is Time to Put an End to Those Baiting for War with Muslims Over Ambassador Chris Stevens' Death

Written by Richard Kane   
Friday, 22 November 2013 18:48
Ambassador Chris Stevens took undo danger but no-one wants to blame him for his death. He ran things in Libya more than Obama or Hillary, speaking fluent Arabic gave him even more influence. Blaming the film for the attack while Chris Stevens was still alive had to be something likely was part of.

While it is true that past US policy when an ambassador was in dire threat or killed was to act like a bull in a china closet making new enemies when we did. Ambassador Stevens changed things. His vision on an America which didn't make new enemies of the people we helped like we did with those who opposed Saddam was appreciated by other US officials, even the controversial CIA talking points linking the attack on his compound came from the ground in Libya, not in a Washington DC State Department office or thought up by the President.

Those who want a policy of fear toward Islam, due to his death, if anything are desecrating his memory and his vision for US policy. Al Qaeda and the Taliban had plenty of opportunities to shoot women point-blank in the head before the rage over the porn flick, “The Innocence of Mohammad” came out. Militants had opportunities to kill Chris Stevens since he kept violating protocol wandering among ordinary Libyans without any escort. The following link is an excerpt from a Chris memorial statement: “Stevens was known for his runs through the countryside and walking the streets to interact with locals. He knew the security risks that went along with this, and made his decision accordingly.”
Did retaliation for the porn movie “The Innocence of Mohammad” lead to Chris's death or to Malala Yousafzai, being shot and almost killed? The answer is a matter of interpretation.

Chris' policy reminds me of the policy of France. While very firm toward militants being very careful to prevent the militants from baiting France into conflicts with other Muslims. France strangely even cut almost all other expenses in the arms budget as the Eiffel Tower and other French treasures were under threat of attack. I think to signal to militants that if they wanted to encourage western bankruptcy attacking France was not the way to do it. France irritates militants but so far maneuvered not to be attacked.

I personally prefer the present policy of the US and Russia and the UN jointly pushing for removing chemical weapons from Syria, and as a possible next step I would like to see a ban on sending weapons to anyone in Syria under threat of sanctions for any nation caught secretly doing so. No matter, Chris Stevens clearly would have wanted Obama, or then Secretary of State Hillary, to respond to his killers in a way he would have approved of, which they did.

There is an organized lobbying group, not including the mainstream parts of the Israeli lobby, to constantly rehashing the Benghazi events and a changing list of false Benghazi witnesses. Media Matters and other groups, investigated and exposed this only until the immediate crisis passes. Then starts investigating and exposing only upon the next set of false witnesses. I wish some progressive organization would totally expose who they are.

I want to change the subject slightly. The porn film “Innocence of Mohammad” wasn't amateur, but carefully crafted to produce maximum anger. In the first porn scene the main character looked extremely sweet like a Renaissance statue of a saint or angel. Having a closely trimmed beard. He gathered followers whom he had to control from hurting people, but by the end of the film he had a wild look and disheveled, bloodstained beard and enjoyed torturing people. The original claim by the so-called producer (a former distributor of methamphetamine making ingredients) claiming 100 rich Jewish donors put Jewish business in danger. The probation report that listed him as Coptic Christian despite no know Coptic Christian relatives in Egypt, put the small Coptic Christian community in Egypt in danger. However the anti-film Muslim riots stopped after Chris Stevens death.

Navy Seals Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty who on their own rushed in to try to find and save Chris couldn't find him. Much possible chaos had been averted when the few Americans killed didn't have relatives who cried out for vengeance.

Maybe the cooling of tensions by Chris's dying instead of Americans easier to blame for the hate film was predicted by Chris. I wonder if he chose to die realizing that much of the Muslim World would say that the wrong person was punished for the Islam insulting film?

Soldiers are honored for falling on a bomb saving their buddies lives, Christ could have escaped the Cross, not died, “to set us free”. I knew Kathy Change who used to dance for peace often near the Art Museum in Philadelphia. She then photocopied her manuscripts and letters on peace and handed them to the newspapers and neighborhood news sheets in Philadelphia. Then she poured gasoline on herself in front of the peace statue in front of the University of Pennsylvania's library. Only the University City Review published excepts of her peace essays,
I wonder if Chris Stevens in a far more successful way did what she did dying so the rest of us wouldn't respond so much to the attempt to create a war between civilizations.

Richard Kane is retired in downtown Philadelphia. He is active in the local Green Party your social media marketing partner
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