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writing for godot

Guns, Gun Posters & Gun Games, the Real Lesson of the Sandy Hook massacre

Written by Richard Kane   
Thursday, 28 February 2013 02:00

Adam Lanza, who killed his mother and then attacked a school, on his basement bedroom wall had many posters of guns on the wall, and every tank and piece of military equipment the US government ever made, none that weren’t military, that was the impression of Peter Wlasuk a plumber. To hedge for the sake of accuracy, his older brother had done most of the decorating, but again according to the family plumber both could tell you about the guns of the 40s, 50s, and 60s that they never seen. I agree with the doubts of the NRA that it would have been very difficult for someone frail and who sat mostly in front of a screen most of his life, to actually manage to keep control of such a big gun, but if he did, it was for him like using a jack hammer to hammer nails. Armed resistance was what he expected, rather than choosing a gun free zone,

The entire week before first attacking his mother he got angry every moment she tried to interrupt his concentration on his favorite video game 'Call for Duty'. The same obsession of Mohammed Merah who attacked a Jewish school in France, and Anders Breivik who spent six months, day and night, before stopping to plan an attack on a youth camp and the Norwegian equivalent of the White House, so rather than just gun free the far tighter correlation is 'Call for Duty' and attacking kids.

In the US schools with the most gun violence, many of the kids think their only choice in life is between dire poverty, working with a gun with the armed forces, freelancing on the street with a gun, or with a gang. The Advancement Project, NAACP and ACLU are crying about the School-to-Prison pipeline and that putting the police in schools makes gun culture even more all-encompassing. Most of the high profile incidents where strangers were attacked as well as acquaintance, involved people who were trained for war. Keeping armed service recruiters away would be as difficult as keeping guns away, but save a lot more lives.

To change the subject. Some would say I am ignoring the fact that these people aren’t normal. However, Chris Staniforth was normal with strong roots in the real world. After earning a little money in a computer game design test he was preparing his life to land a good job in computer design. No, he didn’t turn violent, but a blood clot cut his life short.

Tyer Rigsby ended up with better luck he rather than dying but just collapsed from dehydration after four days straight on the computer. In my day, I knew people who day and night watched TV but at least they got some exercise and got to freshen up during commercial breaks. I wonder if just pressuring game designers to put pauses, or even commercials, or public services announcements as to the danger of blood clots and coming to think the computer world is real and eating or walking almost make-believe, possibly would have stopped most of the recent massacres. Does anyone remember when movie theaters had intermissions and meetings had a break in the middle to stretch or help oneself to the coffee?

Adam Lanza might have killed his mother and delayed a bigger rampage, first managing to get the intermissions out of his favorite war games.

Articles like this one have ignored James Holmes who had no real world gun experience, whose favorite pastime wasn’t playing Batman villain but was being a rock star on the Guitar Hero game, in front of the computer generated cheers. He, when playing with his best friend, usually got the loudest cheers.

We have allowed one exception, James Homes, distract us from blaming violent culture and violent games, and violent hopes earning good money with a gun with the armed forces, or returning home from doing so. As for blaming the Computer itself, check out a book written by a then top computer whiz, Clifford Stoll,

As for using technology to solve the problems technology caused, in the following link I suggested among other things a tax on calls made in a moving car, like the charges that used to make people avoid long distance calls,

As for those who would claim government intrusion to tax calls when a car is moving is infringement of privacy and banning automatic guns just common sense, they don’t understand the meaning of freedom.

More detail at,

A poster of tanks and various weapons of the US Government in a room filled with gun posters with two kids living in a windowless basement until one moved out who used to spout off gun facts to the visiting plumber repairing I guess the downstairs windowless bathroom. The mass murderer at a Norway summer camp, a French Orthodox Jewish school and a Connecticut grade school were all obsessed with one video game. I wonder if the kids in Japan where there is less violence also constantly obsess with 'Call for Duty'. ’ your social media marketing partner


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0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2013-03-01 20:26
A very pertinent and haunting link, Why do kids love Call for Duty,

Lively comments to a shortened version at,
0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2013-03-01 23:13
Important, look at the little kids begging to own a copy, then the trailer that has endless killing to exciting music with no John Wane type moralization that the good guys have to stand up to the bad,

Think about this being the only thing Adam Lanza who killed the kids at a school related to. At least his mother should have been forced to pay $1 on her credit card signing I watched it and approve the of the viewing of it by those who will see it. However, maybe she would have and added the comment it is cute and exciting

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