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writing for godot

Ambassador Stevens is a hero, Four Heroes who ended a Helter Skelter Chain

Written by Richard Kane   
Tuesday, 16 October 2012 16:29
An Amazing story

The 9/11 passengers on the plane that never made it to Washington DC are remembered as heroes. All the relatives of the Americans killed in Benghazi see their loved ones the same heroic way, Do they see something others don't,

In the recent anti-Muslim film scam, the all edged 100 Jewish donors was to get Jews attacked. The preview version “Innocence of Bin Laden” with its completely in Arabic movie posters was to get American Muslims screaming before any Jews got killed. Coptic Christians from Egypt who are now in California quickly exposed the fact that Sam Bacile, a supposed Jewish leader, and Basseley Nakoula, who called himself a Coptic Christian, was the same man, preventing details from dribbling out in a way more dangerous for Coptic Christians in Egypt. Clearly the latest Helter Skelter attempt didn't accomplish nearly as much mayhem the perpetrators wanted, Some people who some call victims prevented some of the perpetrators plans.

But did a meth dealer actually plan or even know in advance the whole plot? He clearly knew in advance that the film about Coptic Christians being persecuted in Egypt was going to be remade and that a science fiction flick was going to be spliced into “The Innocence of Bin Laden” movie poster. But did he even know of the final “The Innocence of Islam?” in advance?

Before I go any further I want to thank the relatives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and Glen Doherty. The relatives of the other two American casualties I thank for also keeping their cool and not crying for vengeance. When Daniel Pearl was lured to Pakistan and beheaded both Muslim extremists and Islam haters in the West expected it to help bring on a war between civilizations. But his relatives had other plans with annual peace concerts and seminars. Today we have Christopher Steven's Middle East Peace Fund J. Christopher Stevens Fund . I hope it continues and expands upon what the Danial Pearl Foundation is accomplishing.

Christopher Stevens was fluent in Arabic and repeatedly took risks. If his overwhelming concern was security he would be alive today. All the Americans who died lived their lives to the fullest and served well. None of the relatives of the Americans who died had any complaint against Secretary of State Hillary or any other US official responsible for security.

Glen Doherty's relatives are repeatedly challenging Mitt Romney's Presidential campaign, to stop misusing their loved one,s name. There is no way these heroes could have served America, and the world better, then by preventing Helter Skelter from engulfing it. If relatives of only one of the American victims cried out for vengeance, the last half of October would be grim in the direction of the harsh winter Charles Manson planned for. It's like dominoes falling in a hate chain, until the four American's relatives refused to join the chain of hate. Relatives in many different situations, who urge angry mourners not to seek vengeance in hate, are true heroes.

The reaction to the movie resembled road-rage responses, to a driver repeatedly giving the finger.
One might note if a friend of yours is responding to a road insult, getting on the cell phone to explain to him that he is doing what the finger pointer expected and why get upset over what some idiot does it might make them more enraged. On the Internet highway we need road peace engineers who understand road-rage thoroughly.

But the hate film clip resembled systematically cutting as many people off the road and giving them the finger to see how many other people they could enrage, still others, or since the purpose was to encourage a Romney Presidency, several drivers systematically giving the finger months ago in Pennsylvania to cause a traffic jam to prevent the Libertarians from turning their “get on the ballot petitions” on time, and thus a higher percentage of Pennsylvania votes for Romney. Or someone just out of sight but near a white man in Harlem screaming “N” at the top of their lungs, or near a police officer's funeral screaming Viscous “P” near a young guy in a punk outfit.

Charles Manson's clan wrote “P” in their victims' blood, Charles Manson never directly killed anyone he just ordered it. Hitler besides trying to take over the world tried to arrange a future without any Jews in it. Never actually killing anyone with his bare hands or a weapon, Hitler hated the sight of blood. Are we all to believe that systematically trying to bait incidents that lead to death are somehow different?

Perhaps we should look at things in a broad historical context. We have a historic timetable from Genghis Khan wanting to take over the world to Hitler coming close; the invention of gun powder, dynamite then nukes. One thing besides mass murder, through baiting it, that needs a time-line is the fear of some scientists that a chain reaction might consume the earth, that the Atomic bomb, then Hydrogen Bomb, would cause a chain reaction that would involve all the earth. The, expected to be, small H Bomb, explosion that made the residents of Bikini Island wake up to what appeared to be two suns in the sky was such a started chain reaction with a far rarer element then Hydrogen. Now many claim creating a micro black hole is safe. Information is coming in that no it won't be safe and at the same time that it would be far more difficult than scientists first thought to create one in a collider. We need to fear future attempts at creating worldwide chaos.

Windows of tall buildings used to open. I never personally watched someone scream “jump” to someone standing on a ledge, if I had I would have interfered, but I do know of someone who went around urging people with mental problems to commit suicide. One was permanently injured jumping off a low-lying bridge, unfortunately how he was injured is only second-hand information for me. The most public incident was at the Kathy Chang funeral memorial who had set herself on fire for the cause of peace, where he suggested that the mourners also set themselves on fire with gasoline. Michael Jackson was systematically put under stress to encourage him to endanger himself. Dr. Conrad Murray claims that he did not give Michael Jackson such a dangerous dose of anesthesia and is urging a thorough reexamination of the trash to see if the residuary dose wasn't mixed right. I remember the first complaint about Dr. Murray before he was arrested is that he was on the phone a long time on some kind of business deal. I suspect that the person who called him with an important offer knew Micheal took or was given anesthesia by another staff member, and made Dr. Conrad important offers to make sure he wasn't closely attending Michael Jackson.

The mail carrier from where I used to live noted again, in a recent conversation, that the first time my landlord's apartment door front door drapes were closed was before he died, (it was possibly from lack of his important medication). He lay where I would have seen him in a comatose state on the floor had the shades not been drawn. I called 9/11 from a payphone down the street hysterical that a sick man needed constant medicine was home alone for more than a day and that I didn't have my key to get in. The ambulance never arrived till 3 hours later. When I again called 9/11 I was told that another call had come in moments before yours did saying he should be checked on, but it probably wasn't an emergence and that call took precedence.

I didn't want the handyman in my apartment, and he told me not to call 9/11 until I asked the landlord's girlfriend for a key first. Since I didn't want him in my apartment I stung my land phone down the stairs with a 100ft phone cord. If he called 9/11 on my phone seconds before I called on the pay phone it would be proof of murder through distraction if murder would be defined that way. It could be proven that I was supposed to have a key to his apartment (it was somehow missing from the wall were I hung it).

In a number of ways people got away with crimes in the past by pretending to be just inside the law. The film perpetrators though they found a way to cause death without being punished for it, and for now must be proud of themselves.

Charles Manson and Adolph Hitler ordered people under their control to commit murder, perhaps the silver lining of this movie incident would be to realize how many times people baited incidents to happen without any direct authority to order others to do what they wanted them to.

Again, I thank Daniel Pearl Foundation, and the more resent relatives for not letting terrorists win with hate. your social media marketing partner
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