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writing for godot


Written by John C Gunderson   
Thursday, 19 July 2012 13:04

How in my enemy’s eyes can I not see god? Is this his sin? Is it mine? How in my eyes can he not see mine? Is this my sin?

This man who stands against me changed not my place. He obscures my vision of the horizon, I-Breazil, a celestial space. Not upward but forward lays my eternal grace. I-Breazil, where all good women wear Irish tatted lace.

Visions and swords with my enemy may cross. Our eyes beset on that which was lost. The distant horizon we both perverse by believing our heavenly visions reverse. The horizon we seek is one and the same. And unless this traveler comes up lame, step aside I will. This I'll pray in any god's name. For our paths are set, I care not where. Mine to I-Breazil, the heavenly fair. your social media marketing partner

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