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Fukushima SFP #4 another Pearl Harbor?

Written by CaptD   
Saturday, 07 April 2012 15:58
The day before Easter 2012, I'm reminded of an earlier warning about another historic disaster, the bombing of Pearl Harbor; and the still ongoing discussion about if the US Military and or US Gov't. had any advanced knowledge of the attack (from intercepted code or even then high tech radar) but decided instead to "stand down" for geo-political reasons...

Today, the meltdown of Fukushima's reactor #4 spent fuel pool (SFP) is a potentially similar "event," only this time, the Japanese UN Ambassador is warning US ahead of time, in no uncertain terms, and also even asking for our HELP to prevent it from happening! See the link below for much more.

BTW: You probably have not been keeping up with the ongoing story about the 3/11/11 Fukushima reactor meltdown in Japan like I have, but this will bring you up to speed quickly... This is a huge "ADMISSION" by one of the Senior Japanese Officials that is frustrated by their Governments "nuclear denial"...

Ambassador Murata writes to UN Secretary General: “It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on No. 4 reactor” - Appeals for independent assessment team
"If Fukushima's SFP #4 collapses it will pollute the Earth",
So please read the above article and learn more about it if you don't know already.

How can this be, why don't you know all about it already? Great questions for all your elected State, Congressional Leaders & President.

Want more info? I posted this on the enenews today, (+ see all the comments):

Japan is allowing TEPCO to put Life on Earth at RISK...

If the SFP (Spent Fuel Pool) in #4 collapses or fails to be kept cool FOR ANY REASON, in a very short time, all the fuel rods in it will destroy themselves by becoming a huge molten mass. This new radioactive mass will make the ENTIRE Fukushima complex (including reactors #5 and #6 (and their SFP's) into not only the Worlds biggest nuclear disaster but it will be so radioactive that the entire complex will be off limits to humans! This new uncontrollable molten mass will spew so much radioactivity (and keep doing so for the rest of our lives) that it will change life as we know it, because it will be spread Globally by the jet stream and or Ocean currents.

BTW: If you have not seen the 1959 movie "On the Beach" you should, it describes a very similar situation...

Please demand some answers from your State and National Leaders as to why our President and Government's Leaders are not also demanding that this Potential "LIFE AS WE KNOW IT" event is not even being discussed by our MSM!



1. TEPCO should be filling the entire #4 building with concrete ASAP in order to create a "Seismic Vessel" to completely encapsulate the SFP making it impossible for it to collapse, because the new "Seismic Vessel" would be one gigantic unit...

2. TEPCO should have no less than 4 backup generators and 4 pumps that EACH could provide ENOUGH emergency power and water should ANYTHING happen to prevent the normal pumps from functioning. Note this includes protecting all the fuel, storage tanks, piping and controls so that it would make these pumps and their generators completely BOMB PROOF so nothing could prevent them from functioning 24/7/365 and then TEST ONE UNIT EVERY DAY UNDER ACTUAL LOAD, so that the on site workers become expert at shifting pumps!

3. TEPCO should build and then fill enough tanks to provide standby cooling freshwater for at least one week, so that no matter what happens, the #4 SFP will be kept cool without using seawater, (which could serve as another backup source of water) if the freshwater proved to not be enough for some unknown reason!


We cannot allow Japan to fiddle while (Fukushima's) SFP # 4 BURNS... your social media marketing partner


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+6 # Anarchist 23 2012-04-09 11:58
Looks like the Mayans may be literally correct-2012 is the end-what with all these E.L.E. (Extinction Level Events) waiting to happen-Fuk-U-Sh ima; France's methane gas well spewing into the atmosphere from the North Sea;the unknown damage still occurring from BP's Hell-Well in the gulf of Mexico and of course Global Warming, which the brain dead Xtian Fascists refuse to admit exists. Guess I will die before I get old. Maybe all the victims will see some justice on the other side of the River. Even the Big Sleep is preferable to the nightmare we now witness.
+2 # CaptD 2012-04-09 17:25
I agree with you; the health of all mankind is really being put at RISK, for Corp. profits...

What is wrong with that picture?
0 # rosan 2012-04-11 20:20
We must see reality out of boxes of race, religion, nationality,etc . that money blinded men from life reality.
0 # rosan 2012-04-11 20:23
We are creating all these and now mass extinction of more than a hundred species extinct per day by mankind - especially by so called developed country people.
+1 # CaptD 2012-04-10 12:01
What future options do the Japanese have for Fukushima, and or Northern Japan?

Japan Magazine: Gov’t planning to build 88km wall around Fukushima evacuation zone

Japan's Leaders need to start thinking outside the radioactive BOX…

If the Japanese were smart, they would dedicate this area as a mock Lunar Base, a "practice" area and then develop it the same way they would develop a future base on the Moon…

This would allow the other counties that are interested in planning a lunar base to join together with the Japanese and figure out how to use NEW Radiation-Proof technology to work in a radioactive environment, while still here on Earth. While they are doing it they could also develop a HUGE Solar Farm, whose capacity could be used by the Japanese, (instead of a lunar base)!

TEPCO needs to governed by an International Board that will guaranty that what happens from now on always puts public safety ahead of PROFITS…
+1 # CaptD 2012-04-11 09:04
Nuclear engineer warns unresolved safety issues threaten San Onofre reactors
A new analysis released today by one of the nation's leading independent nuclear engineers has revealed that serious unresolved safety problems at Southern California Edison's San Onofre nuclear reactors could lead to significant radiation releases if the plant is allowed to restart. The paper also documents that Edison misled the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission about changes made to the plant, which have led to unforeseen and undiagnosed safety problems. To date, Edison has failed to provide substantive information to the public about the safety problems and testing at San Onofre.
The study by Arnie Gundersen and Fairewinds Associates, and commissioned by nuclear watchdog Friends of the Earth, is the first public technical analysis since problems were discovered at the two now-closed reactors at San Onofre:

Reactor Unit 2 was undergoing a regularly scheduled shutdown in January when severe damage was found in tubes in the steam generator system.Reactor

Unit 3 was shut down by Edison on January 31 after radioactive water leaked from a damaged pipe in the steam generators.

The steam generators at both reactors are only months old and were installed at a cost to ratepayers of some $671 million.
+3 # grindermonkey 2012-04-16 11:05
The current pressure by TEPCO and the Japanese government to restart their many nuclear plants is driven by a forecasted 9.2 percent shortfall in power demand for the Summer months. Presently all but one of these facilities is shut down for maintenance and power demand is apparently being met. So the question becomes, "How essential is this power?" Germany is another example and has shut down all of its nuclear facilities in response to the Fukushima incident. Presumably this power was non essential. Increasingly nuclear generation is being seen as non essential for many countries making it a bureaucratic plaything to provide incredible subsidies to an industry that is no longer viable or necessary.

When I was involved with that industry I observed incredible arguments, arcane forecasting and an insatiable demand for public subsidies on all levels of government. I concluded that this form of power generation was too expensive to factor into rate payer fees and that every attempt to adjust those fees upward to accommodate these exorbitant costs resulted in decreased demand.

This entire industry would, like the Bank of America, wither and die without the blackmail based subsidy system that they enjoy.

The threat to life on the planet is very real and immediate and should be the lead topic in daily news.
0 # Feudal Serf 2012-04-25 20:13
TEPCO estimates the cost of generating power at about 5 to 6 yen per kWh for nuclear as opposed to up to a maximum of 49 yen per kWh for the most expensive power (wind turbines). Keep in mind, however, that nuclear R&D costs are paid by the taxpayers, and the cost of decommissioning the deadly radioactive plants at the end of their life cycle is not factored into the calculations. Not only that, the cost of keeping watch over the radioactive waste for hundreds of years (in the case of the low level waste) to millions of years (for the most toxic of the high level wastes) is totally ignored. And if that is not enough to make your head spin, the cost of making reparations for damages after disasters a la Fukushima is not even considered.

So it is no wonder TEPCO and the other power companies are addicted to nuclear. The true costs of nuclear power are fobbed off onto the public, while the profits are pocketed by the shareholders and company executives. And the flow of money between the power companies and the government officials who are supposed to be looking after the welfare of the people is all under the table. No wonder they want to restart the plants. To hell with life on earth, full steam ahead!
0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2012-04-26 16:00
Sorry about your historic example Pearl Harbor. False Memory Syndrome, at the time.

Japan kept insisting that it would start seizing in 1941 the foreign owned islands surrounding Japan unless the oil embargo was ended.Japan decide to seize Hawaii instead of Guam first because it thought the US air craft carriers were there.

The real surprise was that Japan decided that there was little reason to continue the invasion because the US fleet was already destroyed minus the air craft carriers.

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