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What the Right Learned from China

Written by Beth Carter   
Thursday, 20 October 2011 12:59
Behavior is difficult to change. Habitual behavior is the platform for addiction. Routine is described as necessary to a child's growth, so habit is a very large part of our sense of place and propriety. Habit is why we resist change, allowing us to take things for granted and demand convenience. However, humans conversely have an incredible ability to adapt, yet should "civil" society fall those unaccustomed to such skill will have a short run of it. Adaptation has been all but outlawed in specific. Business interests have seen to that, and are being given tacit sanction for much intrigue toward taming the human population. Therefore, business is often referred to euphemistically by military and government as "national security", or "American interests abroad".

Several questions arise. By what is the population lead into these blind alleys and cattle-shoots? What is security? It all seems so backward now. How did we get here? What do we reverse? Good Heavens, where do we begin?!

We are most often lead by stimulation of our hopes and fears. We all hope for pleasurable experiences--appreciation, accolades, and admiration--even as we fear unpleasant experiences--pain, humiliation, and degradation. Between the polarities we often exist in states of ignorance, arrogance, deceit (of ourselves and/or others), and/or conceit thinking that if we hit just the right combination at just the right time we'll hit the jack pot and the rest of life will be easy. This is delusion. Whether one is affluent or impoverished, the inner landscape of the psycho-physical experience in life retains its' unique shape per person. Pressures are applied in differing aspects of life, but pressures are still there and we respond to pressure the same way with or without liquidity.

We live in a time of backward values. If unused as a bargaining chip against prosecution, honesty is penalized. Government sanctioned paper used for the sole purpose of material exchange has more value than the resources swapped for it. Some of the folks who get to the top are the most ruthless, immoral people, having much in common with psychopaths, but their wealth is displayed as proof of their high moral pedigree even as they belabor how the working classes are incapable of understanding the pressures of such responsibility, the very responsibility they callously remove from the hands of the general public. (When it comes to the affluent, nuances are the only way to spot the truth ahead of pragmatic inception.) Should someone be astute enough to refute the unsaid, this one is decried as blinded by jealousy. The exact opposite is true. The wealthy are jealous as dragons of legend, and just as haughty most times. A regular man's humble nature has no point of reference for this attitude and so is bowled over by it, yet deep down he knows that trading goods and services for a piece of paper smacks flat; it's very disingenuous. In the days when travel took months instead of hours, monetary exchange of this sort was expedient and convenient. It made many things possible. However in our time when such expedience is the norm, we are flirting with a severe crash-and-burn. When last I looked, our monetary system is based off real estate. With the housing bubbles, one gone by and one on the way, the overburdened foreclosure market puts China, the owner of the largest portion of American debt, in the cat-bird seat. Can you imagine? If we are unsuccessful to change the current course, Chinese officials might walk arm-in-arm with government approved bankers evicting Americans en mass to carve up our beautiful country for the raw materials lying beneath our feet. We would be thrown back to Medieval times, serfs upon the land, and it wouldn't be the Church of that time to provide guidance and solace. Realize the current Chinese government has approved of the Catholic Church as the State religion, but without the auspices of the Pope. The events at Nanching devastated the Chinese psyche, and though the deeply-scarred people have moved on, there are factions within the government who keep it like a lighthouse/lightning rod as we do here with Pearl Harbor. The American people, by and large, have moved on, but certain elements of our government and military refuse. These factions in both countries insist on obsessing over past wrongs, refusing to heal, continually pulling the scab off each time a decent one forms--Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, not to forget the numerous indirect skirmishes the U. S. has been involved with in the last sixty years. Doing so keeps the new generations scarred, keeping the ball rolling from administration to administration. These factions have become what they hate. They are pile-driving us into submission via every social machination available through business, industry, religion, collegiate collections, and military. Precious little escapes the influence of such madness, and those who carry it in their hearts are livid at such youth movements that attempt to redirect into a more peaceful world; they feel no remorse over getting rid of any who try. The truth we speak to each other is commandeered, twisted, and pumped out of a puppet on mainstream media to make it theirs, to usurp the power of our insight.

Deitrich Bonhoeffer, and Evangelical theologian and witness to the rise of the Third Reich, said thus at an ecumenical meeting held in Fano, Denmark in August 1934:

"There is no way to peace along the way of safety,
for peace has to be dead. It is the great venture.
It can never be safe. Peace is the opposite of
security. To demand guarantees mistrust, and this
mistrust guarantees war . . .".

Please note that I am quoting a documentary, so I am presuming how Herr Bonhoeffer actually wrote it. If incorrect, forgive me for it.

We need fear direct threat from the wealthy very little; they would avoid soiling themselves. We need fear those they pay. This is the actual threat, those who follow questionable orders without a moment's wonder. With few exceptions, the wealthy are masters of mental gymnastics, putting others in mental bindings. Few have practical skills, but like Jack Abramoff I'm sure they all workout everyday. Those on payroll are very much like the protestors except those who protest are already at the boiling point of social injustice, directly or indirectly. The employed keep compromising, hoping that the one giving orders has some sort of moral compass while they and their co-workers are all hog-tied into submission. Insinuated promises are made to keep them hoping. False connections are developed and nurtured to keep the workers' stabilized in perceived duty to civil society, serving as a screen for the gutting of the republic while their backs are turned. If the employees could just put aside the specters of hope and fear, the truth would be clear and evident. If there were ever a time to break the shackles of opinion, perception, and deceit it would be now while the public velocity is such. Didn't Obama give a medal of honor to a soldier who defied orders, saving the lives of thirty plus soldiers?

There is much to do. The political right through the Nixon administration learned from the Chinese how to develop and implement slow, gradual change. A plan spanning decades was developed, and overt implementation began with Reagan who was incensed as Governor of California for the political youth actions on Berkley campus. There is no compunction, no scruples about removing effective individuals from the public influence who work toward unity of the human family; we are considered traitors already. They are certain of hierarchy because they depend on it for their positions of power. Traditional Chinese are very accepting of hierarchy, by the way, even enforcing it. Separateness of class is factual for them and will insist that the rest of us tow the mark, exposing yet again the fateful flaw of hierarchy--progress depends on others following orders, accepting the conceptual shackles of pre-approved social format.

For me, the first thing that needs to be done in the most decisive way is to rid the system of the electoral college. There is no validation for 538 individuals to choose a president for 311,000,000 citizens of the Union. We must request if not insist these electors (chosen by legislators or the presidential candidates themselves, but rarely by popular vote) refrain from voting in favor of the public vote. For such a small number of people to choose a president for such a large educated population is the macrocosmic issue in a microcosmic package. If we leave the electoral college, we remain in the corrupt hands of madmen with very long-term plans for us all.

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0 # David Stephen Ball-Romney 2011-10-23 14:58
"...full revaluation of the yuan and other undervalued Asian currencies would improve the U.S. current account balance by up to $190.5 billion, increasing U.S. GDP by as much as $285.7 billion, adding up to 2.25 million U.S. jobs and reducing the federal budget deficit by up to $857 billion over 10 years. ... Recent research has estimated that the yuan is undervalued by 28.5 percent against the U.S. dollar. China's currency manipulation acts like a subsidy of 28.5 percent on all of its exports, and a tax on U.S. exports to China and the rest of the world (since it lowers the cost of Chinese products relative to those made by U.S. firms)."

It would seem that we're exporting the potential to create jobs to China, via our trade imbalance.
0 # David Stephen Ball-Romney 2011-10-23 15:06
"China, the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt, demanded Saturday that America tighten its belt and confront its "addiction to debts" in the wake of Standard & Poor's decision to downgrade the U.S. credit rating.
China currently owns $1.2 trillion of U.S. Treasury debt, the largest stake of any central bank."

Are we supposed to believe that China doesn't want the undue influence over America that it has gained by having a $1.2 Trillion debt to hold over us?

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