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writing for godot

Is this a good deal or what?

Written by Wayne R. Knight   
Thursday, 15 July 2021 03:21

By 2050 the interest costs* for our wars since 9/11 will amount to $6.5 trillion. Now who do you think will receive that money? You guessed it - the lenders - those with lots of money who can afford to lend it to the government. And who benefited from the tax cuts? You guessed it again - those with lots of money.

So instead of raising taxes on the rich to pay for war, we lower taxes, forcing the Treasury to borrow money for war which must be paid back to the lenders with interest. And guess who will be paying for it all. You guessed it again.

Paying for wars with credit is the best deal imaginable for the rich. Who wants peace when you can profit from war?


*Note: that's just the interest cost which is only a fraction of the total cost - not to mention the lives lost. your social media marketing partner
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