Cathartic Callousness

Written by Doug Jackson   
Wednesday, 02 September 2020 03:22

Tomorrow’s tomorrow is plagued with ignorance, smog, and pestilence. The blanket of obliviousness has suffocated America. Not the forces of nature, but fear, and hysteria have been the motivation for our downfall. This country still disgusts me-the waste, the mistakes, the lack thereof for care, sympathy, or humility. Ignorance is worn like a badge of honor. Kowtowers continue to cower. The blasphemers have taken it a step further to cancel God. The absentee landlord?  No, we must have faith. Even with gorgons, and heretics pulling at your slacks, don’t forget your nametag, shelves still need to be stocked, it's essential.

Hell comes in waves. Life is like a bad dream. It’s all plagiarism and sodomy. Stand with the heretic, never bow or kneel to the enemy’s propaganda and ideology. Good and evil have little to do with politics. Well, it shouldn’t. If one falls on the side of evil, that’s just where they fall. Who are we to argue? I’ve focused all of my drive into survival.

Treasonous acts aim to destroy America. Who is falling for this charade? The hate psi-op of 2016 is in full swing now and coming to fruition. Do you support the terrorism plaguing our nation? It’s despicable. Politics is one thing. I understand alliance to party, but when you support devil work, the issue is spiritual, not political. Do you worship death for power and money? Would you know if you did? This earth is certainly not God’s land anymore. Babylonian money magic set the stage for a life of debt. Socialism is a failed philosophy, although romantic, it always fails.

Tyranny is here. If you give devils an inch, they will take a mile. Chaos is a controlled situation. It is being controlled all throughout our nation with the aim of destroying it. Deception and bullying are the preferred tactics of controlling the masses. If you call me a racist, I will punch you in the face. I take that insult profoundly serious. We, as humans, are at a critical point in our survival.

Stop getting duped, do your homework, and do not believe anybody. Everyone has an agenda and mine is survival. Today’s language is being distorted with double-speak, full of lies and hypocrisy. We really need to start holding ourselves accountable for our inaction. The stakes are too high for humanity right now, black, white, whatever, we are one. If you don’t believe that, then you are a racist.

As for the pitfalls of falsehoods and plasticity that plagues our character, we are easily affected by devil-workers and charlatans. Our future looks bleaker by the day. It’ll take more than faith in the American spirit to overcome this orchestrated attack on our country.

Evil is a snowball. History is repeated with the help of ignorance. Otherwise, why would Nazi propaganda tactics work again? Will you get on the train willingly? Lies and hatred is mind control.  Look at what it is you hate. Is it valid? Are you with God or the Sodomites? Do you follow those that worship death? Can you tell the difference? We are in a spiritual war.  There will always be tyrants, and as long as we let them walk all over us they will continue to do so.

Jesus did not die for our sins, He died because people stood by and watched a man get executed. For what?  Preaching God’s word. He died because of our sins, not for them. Mass hysteria is not hard to set off, especially now with a corrupt and controlled media.

Has humanity ever been this morally weak?  We are so easily duped it’s beyond embarrassing. We are lied to on a daily basis from our mainstream media. Disagree with the lies and you are labeled a lunatic or a conspiracy theorist. A term that arose after JFK was assassinated in the hopes of quieting suspicion. Who are these evildoers and followers thereof? Who are these lovers of death and hate? They are usually easy to spot.  Today the devils are blatant and boasting of their horrid accomplishments.


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