The Art of Fugue

Written by Doug Jackson   
Monday, 29 June 2020 02:10

Flatterers and sorcerers will try and rig elections with false stats and flagrant lies. The time for shame has passed. Deliberate attempts at stoking the race flame bear no shame. Only disgust will keep these frauds company. How many, if not all politicians, make a deal with the devil? Civil unrest is Satan’s game. We, the people, are supposed to hate each other. We are now supposed to hate America. Why? The elites are destroying our country and want us to fall.  Have we not already fallen? We were invaded by an invisible enemy, backed with fear and hysteria. Our country was shut down. Many would like to keep it like that too.

I wear a mask out of respect to the essential worker. I don’t think a country should be shut down because of a disease no worse than the regular flu that’s out there. I wash my hands, take vitamin D, and am not too worried.  If we look at what has gone on under this spell, it looks like a deconstruction of our country. To the riots and vandalism, send in the federal troops. Do we need to see these jackals scorch the U. S. Capitol Building and rewrite our National Anthem? This is an attempt at setting off another Civil War.

Will Covid stretch out to the elections? Of course, they will. Don’t trust a mail-in vote. We’ve already seen these jackals have 5 million Americans registered to vote in more than one place, even the dead resurrect to cast their vote. Somebody is always looking to cheat; it’s just the loser’s way. The endgame to this constant chaos is order. Whose order? Pandemonium is Satan’s palace. God has left it up to us to keep our sovereignty, and we are blowing it. The signs are all there. Not much left to say, but yall need Jesus.

Genocidal politicians are foaming at the mouth over a second wave. De-population is still a main goal. Some states specifically prohibited nursing homes from accepting COVID-positive patients, and why didn’t others all follow? These people are on a mission to erase history, so why not throw our elders to the wolves? This is Satan’s earth.  We are played as either pawns, puppets, or dimwits in this dance of the sodomite. Be ready for virus politics to take over now. You will be shamed for not wearing your mask. Dehumanization is the goal. This medical Sharia Law will probably go on for years. These technocrats want us de-humanized; they want robots working at KFC.

This is next for sure; “both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.” This will be packaged in with the Covid vaccine. I will refuse the mark of the beast, I always have.

Our future now is Orwellian. The surveillance state and censorship push are here. I used to think that social media was high jacked; but, it is perfect for tracking, polluting minds, and keeping us in mental ghettos to sound off our frustrations and tout the ego. Social media has made the ego king. No one cares what you had for dinner, what work-out your doing, or what kind of abnormality you are plagued with. Who do you belong to?


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