Apocrypha 6 of Series 6 by Doug Jackson

Written by Doug Jackson   
Saturday, 13 June 2020 22:15

“Treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God” Who’s fault is it? Racism, socialism, capitalism, were it all meant to lead to chaos. What next? The masses are finally completely out of their stark raving minds. Chaos rules. There will be no resurrection to light our path. All we get are instigators, actors, and agitators, and those who serve the Satan. They have familiar faces and known names. They have been embedded in sour society, waiting to be called upon.

Who are these traitors, not only to the republic, but to God? This is the same battle between good and evil that has been going on since the beginning. The traitors show no shame. Blatant with their ignorance, the media is a sick circle of treachery. I have had enough. The gullible will be the first to go, and I will probably not shed a tear. We did this to ourselves. Ignorance is no longer a viable excuse for the masses. Tyranny threatens our society. We get tricked with taglines to twist our emotions.
Was Nazi Germany propaganda just as bad on its people, or worse? I feel bad for the youth. History is being erased, and hatred is being embedded in their minds. To the youth I say, do not let them take your soul. Fight, and resist ignorance. Do not get duped by the media’s lies, the superstar’s instigation, nor the celebrity’s love of division racism. They are loyal, they are owned. When called upon, we hear the hatred spew out of their mouths.
“It is important to understand the stories of US culture especially tribalism/racism allied with capitalism.” If this next censorship surge is successful, many stories and understanding thereof will be lost. History is pain, and loss, lessons we all need to learn, as to k=not repeat them. This is more a spiritual battle than anything though. Whose side are you on, do you boast your allegiance to Satan as you count your riches?
Riches. The American Dream was to work hard and make your legacy. That dream was corrupted by those in control. Consciousness is a gift, do not waste it. Do not get caught up in their lies, so much that they sway your emotions and blind rationality.
What can we hold onto in these dire times, is faith viable? God’s will? We cannot just let be what will be. There are monsters out there trying to destroy our way of life. But who do we put our faith in? At this point some may not believe in God. If no God, than there is no faith. Faith in man is pointless. We are weak and too easily manipulated.
Let us leave God out of this. It is up to us. It has always been, but we let this get away from us now. We cannot fall for their manipulation anymore. We are all focused on race now. Why? Police brutality is nothing new. And police brutality is a class thing, as well as race. To see everyone fall in line is their mission. Control is their mission. All lives matter. Color makes no difference, well it shouldn’t. We are bombarded with what they want us to feel. This month it’s racism, last month it was a virus. Before that it was a fake impeachment. What’s next is what we should be worried about. These devils know no bounds.
Just know, their ace up their sleeve is always race-baiting, and division. Watch for the lies, they are easy to spot. What is happening in Seattle right now is part of a coordinated attack, which began with Covid. I can’t help but be worried of the next move. The logical step is screwing with the presidential election. But these devils are brazen. Do not sleep people. One thing is for sure, if we are to focus our rage on racism, it is their plan. Do not sleep people. We are being set up for more division.
Division is the endgame.

Vaya Con Dios, 

Doug Jackson

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