Apocrypha 1 of series 6 by Doug Jackson

Written by Doug Jackson   
Monday, 01 June 2020 06:47

Light of knowledge wrote bear upon the tablets, ignored like every sign from God.
Robber barons and the wicked succeed. Pedophiles are praised and admired.
Wind up dolls die from dead batteries. Politicians lie. Teachers are replaced by a screen, and distance learning. Those that need a push will just be pushed aside.
Abortions rise. Suicides rise. A Chinese disease wipes out the elderly. This is what we face.
Gorgons and heretics trick you with subliminal ads, leaving the imprint of a horrifying visage of hope. The temporal issues finally reach their boiling point. Where did we go wrong? Was it the fascination for fancy things and comfort? Greed? Did we lose basic concern for one another? Were we fooled by our leaders with lies and false promises? All of the above I guess.
Man is inconsiderate and selfish. Man is a slob without etiquette. The poor, and middle class are doomed, the wealthy are doomed. At the end of life must come judgement, nobody gets off easy. Personally, I cannot wait, I have some questions of my own. I stayed true. Liars and salesmen are successful in this world of material. Heroes are murdered, and the evildoers are protected.
The ego holds us in submission, sticking to our guns, even when the truth is revealed. Why protect the evildoers, to save face?  For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? What do you gain blindly defending the shame of being duped? You know who you are. Pride to a political party, like that was ever yours. Humanity should be non-partisan politically, but this is the material world, and political affiliation is worn like a badge of honor. We all need to cling to something. Topics of the day revolve around sports, politics, and hatred. Love for hatred, anger towards injustice, we all cling to something. The popular are widely represented by pitiful, tormented souls.  Pedophilia, and rapists, and supporters of such, are so high up in the food chain that they are rarely targeted, or caught.
No matter where I turn, I see their miserable forms on the ground. Hollywood is a breeding ground. Since youth we are taught to chase a dream at any cost. Any. Imagine if we praised the intellectual, what would life look like? Religious zealots might not be in control. Satanism is a religion.
Guns, oil, and drugs dictate policy. We are still dependent on fossil fuels. An age of conflict between the use of Alternating and Direct Current for electric power distribution was won by greed. Greed destroyed the Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower along with any chance of free energy.
Fraud and seduction turned our children into pimps and whores. Savage tribes in the Amazon cling to old ways, but what of medical feats that were conquered? Why not stem cell? There is sill no known cure for cancer, as they say, there is no money in the cure. God is an absentee landlord, we were given free will as a test, and we failed.
Unfortunately, this bridge does not span the ditch of ignorance. Bliss is brought by feeding the ego which holds the keys to the chains of ignorance. The dumb and uneducated are easily controlled, mass panic does not take much to spark. No heavenly messenger will appear to guide me, but I continue. The gravity of sin does not sway our actions. We, as a people continue to rape, murder and steal. And we carry on as if it is normal, which I guess at this point is.
There is no great awakening, nor solar flash to change our ways. Regrettably, this change must come from each of us. This is a call to our souls, put the hustle for the American dream aside, what is left? Truth, love, art, and freedom I suppose.


Doug Jackson

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