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writing for godot

An Exploding Carrot for Dirt on the Bidens

Written by johnescher   
Saturday, 12 October 2019 07:20

An ordinary human being is capable of understanding that when one's country is invaded by tanks one would like to blow them up and not have that ability compromised by Assolini or anyone else.
I see the quo of Assolini's and Fraud Guarantee Inc.'s wish to besmirch the Bidens as balanced by the carrot (quid) of Javelin Missiles.  Seen this way, present impeachment discussion becomes simplicity extraordinaire as opposed to the eager desire of sophists to distract from Assolini's role in it.

That sophistic desire counters common sense since Assolini right now is the most well known person in the world.

Here is the Russian tank exploding Javelin missile that Donald Trump was withholding from the Ukrainians until they did him a creepy little personal favor:

I have no idea if the above link will work.  If not or even if it does go to Javelin Missiles, YouTube, and you will bring up plenty of videoed material presented in a jingoistic pro-war manner.

The attempted link here to one You Tube video does not contain a misused background of ecstatic Franz von Suppe music but still finds exhilaration in the approving voice of a female American soldier.

It's fun in the midst of present tragedy to imagine Assolini's inner voice just as Adam Schiff recently did thus eliciting an outraged howl from Assolini himself.  I am not prominent enough I think to earn an Assolini howl but here is his imagined inner voice:  "No such Javelin unless you find me faeces material on Hunter and Joe Biden." your social media marketing partner
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