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writing for godot

The Afghan War Is Almost Over If We Would Again Join John Lennon in Imagining Peace

Written by Richard Kane   
Tuesday, 03 May 2011 21:19

The peace movement is suddenly quiet at the moment it should speak up. Peace with honor or peace with saving face may in part be prompts for defense contractors to make money but peace with honor is better than as in the past where bin Laden would shout out “We Won” We are the path for the non-Western World to not be constantly trampled on and insulted by the West. Bin Laden can no longer claim to be the ultimate “I Ain’t Going to Take it Any More” hero. The Egyptian Spring also is proving to the Arab World that out violenceing the oppressor is not the only way to be free of him.

A clear bin Laden al Qaeda goal is to bankrupt the West. Right After 9/11 we feared a football game and a highway tunnel being attacked. But in the West al Qaeda only attacked the business center “Twin Towers”and commuters going to work by train in Spain and Britain, encouraging people to drive in far more expensive cars. And one military target the Pentagon. And made the West waste millions in airport security. Defense contractor firms would be total targets, if they were not the most expensive way for American to conduct a war. All al Qaeda would have needed to do would be to march into the company’s sale office pretending to be a ship owner taking up Backwater’s offer to protect any ship against pirates for a price.

However in Pakistan al Qaeda attacked Muslims watching soccer games on a huge TV screen, and Sufi religious sites during worship believing Sufism gives Islam a soft belly. Far more Sufis died during worship than Americans on 9/11.

Unless the US gets out of Afghanistan right now, bin Laden, despite being dead, will win his war to destroy the West. He was careful to avoid any terror attack that would have led to a draft and an end to the far more expensive volunteer army. Bin Laden’s hideout in the center of things proves bin Laden decided a massive attack wasn’t the best road toward victory, not the US intelligence efforts preventing a professional attack.

Al Qaeda’s several day delay in a reprisal terror attack could actually allow a unilateral US ceasefire in Afghanistan unless Americans are somewhere attacked, or systematically surrounded by Taliban fighters. John Lenin’s song imaging can become reality just as fast as the Egyptian Spring did. your social media marketing partner

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