Don is “OK” with War or without It

Written by Philip Kraske   
Tuesday, 30 July 2019 00:37

With war or without it Don said he’s “OK,”

I like my president flexible that way,

Not one of these guys who consults a dull panel,

Or cries “It’s war!” while he works the back channel,

But simply admits that each path has its thing,

Like choosing ’tween beers, college majors, or bling.


The Iranians’ trouble? They’re unwilling to flex,

To take things with humor and without touchy vex.

The Brits take their ship and the beards get all huffy,

Ayatollahs bug-eyed and faces all puffy.

It’s only a ship, they’ve got more whence it came;

Like the kid who lost homework, they sound pretty lame.


The threats are a bore as are tit-for-tat plays,

Which take up more time and ruin the crews’ days,

What’ll the Brits do? Cut it up for cheap scrap?

Make it a fern bar or a house for bounce rap?

That’s how wars start, see, when impatience reigns,

If Iran just chilled, they’d see reward for their pains.


Yup, like Don says, you gotta let things take course,

Delegate out stuff, bet on more than one horse,

Wars come and go, yeah, they’re a pain in the butt,

But they have some charm if your regime’s in a rut,

They pick up your numbers and make you look great,

Put opponents to rout and help you lose weight.


So Don is comfy watching how the wind blows,

Sweating Iran and watching how Wall Street rose,

The best June since Cesar, like a well-oiled machine,

An economy unlike any soul’s ever seen,

So this business of war he takes not too serious,

Unlike Iran with their long-beards delirious. your social media marketing partner
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