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Possible Nuke on the Loose in the DMV area

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Friday, 12 July 2019 16:37



Breaking news. Possible nuke on the loose in the DMV area.
by Buck Williams

A Lebanese man , Karim Kawas, was questioned by US Federal authorities in Northern California regarding an intelligence report of a Soviet era nuke on the in the DMV (DC Maryland Virginia) area.

In the 1990 - 1992 era, when the Soviet Union broke up into 15 republics, there were 250 nukes left behind in The Ukraine and 3 nukes left behind in the new Muslim republic of Kazakhstan. These 253 nuclear bombs have never been accounted for. 

In the mid-1990s, Karim Kawas was in Virginia Beach and in the northern Virginia suburbs along with 3 other Muslim men from the Middle East. 

A still uncorroborated intelligence report alleges that a purloined Soviet era nuke was transported to the Virginia Beach area, unloaded and then transported to a northern Virginia suburb. 

A special concrete foundation was poured, several yards (meters) high with a space, a cavern in the center of this large basement large enough to hold a Soviet era nuclear bomb. 

Fast forward to 2019, a structure in Northern Virginia has been found jack hammered up revealing a large space, a cavern within the concrete slab large enough to hold a Soviet era nuke, but without the nuke. If a nuke, a sleeper nuke if you will, was stored there :

who exactly hid it there
who dug it up
why now
where is it now
what next

what next
will it be detonated
when exactly
and where exactly
what size is it, 10 kilotons, 25 kilotons, 250 kilotons
uranium, plutonium or hydrogen

Is there a connection to Iran? Did Iranian spies zoom into Ukraine and Kazakhstan on a shopping spree with sacks full of cash back then in the 1990s. And what possible motive could they have had? For more background read this zerohedge press report from July 2, 2019.

It is important to note that there is no known verifiable danger to anyone in the DMV area. At this point in time, we simply have the following reports

a Lebanese man, Karim Kawas, has been questioned about a trip he took to Virginia Beach and Arlington, VA in the 1990s, along with 3 other Sunni Muslim men from the Middle East. 

the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed 253 missing nukes

no nukes on the loose have yet to be found in the DMV area

even if there were one or more nukes on the loose in the DMV area, there have been no geopolitical events that could spark, could provoke the detonation of nukes on the loose in the DMV area.

There is no cause for alarm at the moment. 

More on this developing press report as it becomes available. 

More on Karim Kawas. His mother was a Swedish diplomat and his father was a Sunni Muslim judge in Lebanon. Karim, who goes by the alias of Keith, has a brother and Karim has had at least 3 American wives all used in attempts to obtain a green card. 

One of his 3 wives from the Plattsburg, NY area has described Karim as highly erratic and extremely unstable.

Part of Karim´s leg was hit by an Israeli rocket in Beirut. His leg still has noticable burns and scars from the rocket attack. Mr. Kawas, reportedly, has maintained a visceral hatred of both Israel and the United States because of that rocket attack on him. Mr. Kawas has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from SUNY Plattsburgh in Northern New York State near the Canadian border and he worked for IBM for several years after college. 

Over time, Karim has been paid $1,000,000 in payments, although the source of all this money remains unclear. As we say in journalism, follow the money honey. 

Also noteworthy now is the eye of the hurricane, the calm before the storm, a false peace (think Trojan Horse time during the war in Troy way back when), to try to disarm, to pacify, to calm down the Iranians, to (falsely) put the Iranians at ease that all if AOK, business as usual, in the aftermath of the US $100 million drone being shot down and the ramping up of uranium enrichment in Iran. Don´t be tricked by this fake ´quiet time´by this eye of the hurricane and by this extremely calculated false peace. An M.O. modus operandi of the US govt. is to make a false peace prior to a vicious hostile surprise attack. The White House emergency meeting on July 2, 2019 was NOT a meeting of whether or not a tactical nuke will be dropped on Iran uranium enrichment site, it was an emergency meeting as to whether 1) the US will drop a tactical nuke on Iran or 2) Israel will drop a tactical nuke on Iran.

Complete press reporting on whats what and whos who may be the most effective way to avert a catastrophre. A catastrophre of potential apocalyptic magnitude. Iran has over 200,000 missiles they can shoot at Israel. And quite possibly, at least one nuke on the loose to detonate in the DMV area. 

Stay tuned for more info as more info becomes available. This is Buck Williams reporting to you live.

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