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writing for godot

Iran Pulls Out: The Start of Big Things to Come

Written by Philip Kraske   
Saturday, 18 May 2019 00:54

Say what you like 'bout 'em, they sure have some nerve, 
Chucking the treaty with Iranian verve, 
Allowing the Donald to squawk "I told you so!" 
And claim once again they want not nukes for show, 
And promise big muscle to do all he's able, 
All options like golf clubs laid out on the table. 

Yet though Don is saying, "C'mon: make my day," 
Iran is replying it wants things its way, 
And woe is the signatory who doesn't help out, 
'Cause they'll drop the deal like a rank Brussel sprout, 
So the sigs' had better make up for the Yanks, 
Lest Iran tire of well-enforced sanc's. 

Which sets the scene for Game of the Loyal, 
Where allies' intentions are set to fast-broil, 
And the other big powers must measure their strat', 
And with the beards deal and play tit-for-tat 
Against Pompous Mike who will need to save face, 
And send in the Air Force or start an arms race. 

Yes, you sniff it plain in the high strastosphere, 
A new crisis brewing from Shanghai to here, 
With the Russians fed up and China fed full, 
And Europeans tired of more Yankee bull, 
The Pentagon looking for another grotesque, 
Lest some poor general needs polish oak desk. 

Thank goodness for the sure hands of Don and his men, 
Guys who can put Humpty together again; 
Mike pushing the long-beards, Jared MBS, 
Bolton pushing all with no shred of BS, 
"With God (and some drones and a decent cash flow), 
All things are possible," says Don at Lago. your social media marketing partner


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0 # RICHARDKANE.Philadelphia 2019-05-18 20:38
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyhru is about to be indited for corruption. He is trying to change the Israeli System to stop them. Being in the middle of a war would help him squash or edit Israeli democracy depending on interpretation,

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