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The Assassination of Nestor Kirchner by the IMF

Written by John Hankey   
Wednesday, 05 January 2011 03:08
Kirchner became the President of Argentina in 2002. He stood up to the IMF and refused to impose austerity measures on his people in order to repay the IMF. Because of the effectiveness of his non-austere economic policies, last month, Argentina finished paying off the last of the debt.

Kirchner told Oliver Stone the bankers threatened constantly ("siempre") to kill him.

People in Spain, Greece, and Ireland were calling on their governments to follow Kirchner's lead, and reject "austerity". There is every reason to think that the IMF bankers also threatened to murder the Prime Ministers of these countries, all off whom knuckled under to the IMF in the days after Kirchner's sudden and unexpected death from a "heart attack".

Did the IMF finally follow through on their threats to murder Kirchner, in order to give credence to their threats against the Euro-peons? There is every reason to think so.

The video
... shows Kirchner describing the threats as constant ("siempre")
... shows European populists calling on the people to support following Kirchner's example
... shows the head of the CIA, William Colby, describing a CIA pistol that shoots an ice-dart that leaves the target dead from heart attack, with "no evidence to indicate that the target was hit." your social media marketing partner
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