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Ukraine, NATO and more: Time for the UN to look to the Earth Constitution?

Written by Dr. Roger Kotila   
Sunday, 01 June 2014 08:46
The United Nations Charter seeks "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war," but has not been able to live up to its rhetoric.

From the UN's inception in 1945 in San Francisco world federalists warned that the UN's Charter was fatally flawed. Sure enough, geopolitical hotspots and war have erupted with regularity.

The current crisis in the Ukraine is the latest example of UN helplessness. The elected government of the Ukraine was overthrown with covert help from the United States, and then Russia, fearful of encroachment by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, proceeded to annex Crimea.

Politicians and the public are largely unaware that there is a potential solution to these dangerous geopolitical maneuverings that could spark a world war. The Earth Constitution is waiting. It is ready to go.

Ending the "scourge of war" has been out of reach for the UN. Weaker countries are routinely the victims of Bully nations who use covert operations, economic manipulation, and outright military aggression to control or overthrow governments.

The UN's defective Charter allows the leaders of the so-called "great" powers to toss international law aside, indeed to do almost anything at all, with impunity. The UN watched helplessly as the United States illegally invaded first Afghanistan, then Iraq.

For the world community the leaders of bully nations are literally "above the law" as was seen in the brutal "shock and awe" attack on Iraq wherein the US president and the generals responsible for this illegal invasion were never prosecuted for their war crimes, including torture.

The UN has also been unable to prevent wars by proxy. For example, it could not prevent the upheaval in Syria supported by Saudi Arabia, the US, and Russia. Saudi Arabia has openly provided the insurgents with money and weapons in its campaign for regime change, ironical in view of the fact that Saudi Arabia itself is a dictatorship.

Israel's brutal attack on the Palestinians in Gaza and its ongoing silent war against them in the form of a blockade have left the Palestinians essentially imprisoned in Gaza. The UN cannot free them.

Israeli leaders have never been prosecuted for committing world crimes, nor have UN sanctions been applied because the US protects Israel from consequences by using its veto power in the UN Security Council.

The UN has been overshadowed by US/NATO. The results have been disastrous for the countries invaded by this military alliance which ignores international law and makes its own rules, apparently motivated by the goal of world empire and for "energy security" which one suspects means to satisfy the financial yearnings of private oil corporations.

Targets of US/NATO assaults include Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. The people see their homes and cities destroyed, including the infrastructure so that basics like water and electricity are barely available. Horrendous civil wars have resulted.

Libya was targeted by the US/NATO and the dictator Muammar Khadafy deposed, yet the people are worse off than ever with the country devastated and in a state of anarchy. We see a similar fate for Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and soon, possibly the Ukraine.

In the Ukraine the UN is unable to prevent the internal interference by the United States that helped cause the violent overthrow by neo-fascists of Ukraine's elected government. To complicate matters, US/NATO seeks a door into the Ukraine, a move that has caused Russian authorities serious alarm since the Ukraine lies on its border.

Is US/NATO a threat to world peace?

The UN has been unable to restrain US/NATO expansion. The facts about NATO as revealed by Mahdi Nazemroaya in "The Globalization of NATO" are alarming. The US/NATO military alliance, he reports, is carrying out plans to militarily encircle both Russia and China.

NATO's interest in the Ukraine along with the announcement by the US of its "pivot to Asia" seems to confirm Nazemroaya's analysis. Fear of encirclement caused Russia to annex Crimea, and spurred China to begin to increase its own military might.

US/NATO actions appear so irresponsible and reckless that it is even conceivable that an attempt at regime change could be in the making to oust Russian President Vladimir Putin who is currently being demonized by the western press.

One can reasonably conclude that NATO, basically a military alliance led by the US, threatens world peace because of its actions to expand worldwide, yet claims it only seeks "security." But isn't that why we have the United Nations?

It is easy to illustrate the UN's failures. We are living them everyday through the news, -- always a new geopolitical conflict or outrage of one kind or another. Nations operate in a global war system.

The Earth Constitution provides a global peace system. Disputes between nations are resolved without war (which is outlawed). Conflicts are resolved peacefully through adjudication in specialized world courts, or by a democratically elected World Parliament -- lacking in the UN structure.

A core problem is that the UN cannot override the decisions of the undemocratic UN Security Council with its five permanent veto members who use the veto to protect themselves and their allies no matter what wrong they have committed. The United States, Russia, and China have most often abused this veto power.

The public knows little about the UN's real problems which go back to its unsatisfactory Charter. They know even less about the Earth Constitution, drafted by the World Constitution and Parliament Association in order to have a constructive alternative to the UN, one that has the potential to actually end war and the lawless anarchy which so undermines a civilized society.

Professor Glen T. Martin, author of "World Revolution Through World Law," has described the Earth Constitution as the "most important document" of the 20th and 21st centuries. It is designed to accomplish what the UN has been unable to do.

The Earth Constitution offers a solution to the nightmare of war and nuclear weapons. Its design is for nonmilitary government both at the global and national levels, of critical importance because military power can never bring true security or peace, a lesson not understood by the US/NATO.

The only realistic goal for a safe and secure world must be world union. We must federate. The nations must form a world federation that truly represents the global community. There must be enforceable world law in league with a democratically elected world parliament. There is no shortcut.

It is time for the UN and the peoples of the world to look to the Earth Constitution.

by Roger Kotila, Ph.D.
Editor, Earth Federation News & Views at your social media marketing partner
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