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In Ukraine, dozens of missiles of nuclear arsenal can be found for pre-emptive strikes

Written by ChilliPepper   
Friday, 04 April 2014 08:05
Ukraine might have some nuclear bombs that can turn an enemy into "radioactive dust". Ukraine might be able to do the nuclear retaliation. Despite of the non-nuclear status of the country, the nuclear bombs might be located/are existing on the territory of Ukraine. Their power is so great that they can literally transform an enemy into a "nuclear desert", according to the story of online program "Money".

Ukraine got rid of nuclear weapons in exchange for international guarantees of its sovereignty (see 1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances). But the international guarantees are not met. Therefore, journalists of the "Money" program decided to investigate whether Ukraine is able to restore its nuclear capability and abandon the terms of the contract. It turns out that Ukraine lacks only money to be able to restore its nuclear program. There are specialists in the country, as well as in the army, the resources are also available. Ukraine even has the carriers, which can send a bomb into the enemy territory, as well as unique technology for creating a world standard warheads. There’s also enough fuel for rockets for the next ten years.

"We have everything, but money. We have resources. We have brain power. No money ," - say the experts about the possibility of a building a bomb. Billions of dollars would be needed. This is a quite challenging task that might take a while to fulfill; on the other hand the possibility of finding old nuclear stock piles might be easier. Indeed, when during the nuclear disarmament of Ukraine, 1272 nuclear warheads had to be withdrawn. One of them disappeared. To secretly resell it to other states was not possible, we are talking about nuclear weapons in 550 kilotons. For comparison, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was only 12 kilotons. In addition, on the territory of Ukraine two heavy strategic nuclear bombers were “lost”.

Also, the nuclear missiles YR- 100H YTTX ((SS- 19 Stiletto) were officially eliminated in 1999, however later it turned out that the country still has 31 units in its stashes. Therefore some of the professors (not on record) do suggest that perhaps billions of dollars are not needed. Theoretically, accidentally lost Ukraine 's nuclear arsenal would be enough for dozens of pre-emptive strikes that would have quieted aggressor’s temper.

Recall that scandalous Russia’s Dmitry Kiselev & Co. began to frighten / intimidate the U.S. with the nuclear attack?Kiselev has been boasting that Russia can easily transform the U.S. into radioactive dust…
But a relative majority of Ukrainians have now changed their mind on NATO – and want to join. Otherwise, Ukraine will be forced to restore its nuclear arsenal to fight off its aggressive pariah neighbor, Putinist Russia. your social media marketing partner
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