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Tensions With Pakistan Boil as the Peace Movement Yawns

Written by Richard Kane   
Friday, 08 June 2012 23:39
Angry Pakistan legislators are demanding no more drone attacks, while Congress cuts 33 million in aid. Rand Paul unlike his father, Ron Paul, demands an end to all aid to Pakistan without mentioning the drone provocations. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher claims Pakistan is our enemy, demands that a rebellion province of Pakistan be given its independence, that the US befriend Pakistan's enemies particularly India but mentioning Russia as well. Occupying the airways just before US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta went to India to work for more military cooperation.

Fear of a future close military alliance between the US and Pakistan could encourage extremists in Pakistan to want to attack before the US and India gets Pakistan cornered.

Rep. Rohrabacher frequently condemns Afghan President Karzai usually when he is demanding the right to visit Afghanistan. Ominously all Rohrabacher's hate is widely reported in both Pakistan and India. Afghan President Karzai with all his faults is nevertheless one of the few Sunni leaders who cares deeply about Shiite minority rights. The hatred between Shiites and Sunnis that led to a bloodbath in Iraq also exists in Afghanistan.

It would lessen the tension if we tried to see Pakistan's point of view. Pakistan sees no drones or commandos in England to get at Julian Assange, because it thinks the US government respects that country's laws and policies. The US government didn't even think it required notice when it came to Bin Laden. The US clearly respects British law more than it does Yemenis and Pakistani law. Did the US give any kind of notice before it drone attacked Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, the 16 year-old-son of a terror suspect it already droned? There are extremists in Pakistan who attack visiting soccer teams and Muslim fans crowding around giant TV screens. The US demands cooperation against other Muslim extremists who only attack Americans.

The climate is ripe for provocative incidents. Years ago Lebanon erupted after Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated by a truck bomb on a truck stolen four years earlier, in Japan and peace never completely returned to Lebanon since then, A group that gained immensely from Rafik's death was al Qaeda,
More recently in Syria there have been massacres of civilians and a lot of accusations over who is really doing it with little unbiased effort to try to find the real culprits with the US officials adding to the propaganda war rather than helping to look for the truth.

Americans are fixated on the possibility of another airplane attack while al Qaeda is dreaming of worldwide bankruptcy and a world at war.

When McCain jokingly sang “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” the peace movement was horrified as it was when Peter King had hearings claiming Islam is the enemy. When peace leaders join the hysterics against the Saudi’s it doesn't necessarily lead toward a peaceful world, but the tensions with Pakistan is an immediate danger.

I like to compare al Qaeda to rabid mice and the US to the largest elephant in the circus trying to stamp out rabies. Banging into the economic pillars holding the circus tent up to the glee of the rabid mice.

But I don't want to conclude that the US caught rabies from bin Laden, at least not as long as Ron Paul continues to stand up for the principle the US was founded on.

Ron Paul please denounce Rand Paul's idea of ending all aid to Pakistan without demanding an end to the Drone War that is so infuriating that country.

With brand new publicity I think there is still time for Ron Paul to input the Republican convention. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher was a very early and persistent supporter of Mitt Romney's Presidential campaign, Ron Paul should demand that Romney distance himself from Rohrabacher's views. The unpledged delegates could still be encouraged to deadlock over a nominee.

Sometimes firefighters create small fires in the path of a giant fires to try to control a roaring inferno. (I urge the US peace movement not to spread hate against the Pakistani's and Saudi's in the name of peace.

By Richard Kane your social media marketing partner
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