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Corona Virus and a Load of Too Many Assignments

Written by Atta Muhyuddin   
Tuesday, 14 April 2020 18:45

Sadly and surprisingly, the coronavirus has ceased the schools of more than 150 countries worldwide because social distancing is the only way to fight against this pandemic.

Closure of schools for the indefinite period convinces the educational institutions to think out-of-box to continue their activities like delivering the lectures and other course content.

Most educational organizations have successfully adopted the “Online learning” to cope with and lessen the effects of educational losses of the coronavirus.

Students are suffering:

Throughout the world, especially in the third world countries where the technology and resources are limited, teachers are trying to pace themselves with the present-day needs.

During the quarantine, it is obvious for students to feel bore, obscure, and startle as they cannot do things that they used to do in ordinary circumstances. Things are getting worse day by day for students as they have to bear the load of too many assignments.

Students are witnessing a hard time while preparing their assignments as they cannot cooperate with their teachers due to physical and distance barriers.

Students are avoiding online classes:

According to the latest survey, more than 50% of students in the US are missing their online courses, sessions, and not completing their assignments.

It could be due to various factors, including the unwillingness of students to get online classes. In the past few days, we have witnessed a continuous increase in the voice against online courses on different social media platforms.

Likewise, how can students, who did not attend the online session, complete their assignments?

Lack of good quality internet:

You being a student might have witnessed those beautiful interruptions that used to destruct your mind during the lectures, and all of a sudden, you used to become unaware of what’s going in the class.

Today, slow speed internet has taken the place of those beautiful interruptions. If a child misses out on some key idea due to slow internet, then all of a sudden, additional thoughts will become Greek for him.

Difficult to comprehend subjects:

Some subjects like statistics, neuroscience, and practical niche of various other subjects need a detail-oriented approach to cover all aspects, which, unfortunately, could not include in the online sessions.

There are many other problems remained unmentioned above, but let’s talk about the best practices through which students can cope with the burden of too many assignments.

During this Earth rebirth, let’s replace the old learning ideas and practices:

Pack your online bag:

Just like in the school days when students used to pack their school bag with all the essential books, notebooks, lunch boxes, students need to equip themselves with the online learning requirements so that they can get the obstacle-free online education. Following are some essential things that every student should have in the “Online bag”;

  • Good quality internet
  • Obstructions free learning environment
  • Separate device or availability of the equipment for the student at the time of online class
  • Every student should have a mentor in the house to help him
  • If no one is available at home to help the students, they should reach out to the online platforms for the best help.

Change the mindset:

The mindset with the approach “I cannot do this” needs to be changed with “I can do this.” Change of mindset can be done by motivating the students in the online sessions.

Teachers should change their teaching practices:

In this quarantine, students are looking for fun. They’ll rush toward anything that amazes them. Teachers ought to alter their strict behaviors to friendly ones by talking about the students’ problems and minimizing the course content.

Out of 100 students in the online class, there could be 30 students who are less comfortable with digital tools, so teachers must assess and respond positively to the dynamic needs of every student.

Stuck in an assignment?

If you are unable to complete your homework before the deadline, then you do not need to worry because you are one of the millions of students who are being overburdened with assignments and are unable to take practical classes due to the pandemic. In this situation, it is advisable to get highly customized and student-centric help from the Quality assignment help experts.

Bottom line:

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