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Two Levels of Physiological Process of Writing

Written by ashtonmullens   
Sunday, 05 August 2018 19:37

The lowest level is spinal (level A), which includes the group of red nucleus and spinal cord with a part of the leading paths.These are pulses from proprioceptors that perceive the magnitude and direction of the muscular effort of impulses from the vestibular system.These areas of the central nervous systems participate in the formation of a person's posture, carrying on prolonged tonic reflexes.

Above is the level B, the level of synergy N. A. Bernshtein submits here sub-cortical nuclei: the visual hill and pale bodies.Apparent nerves converge to the visual hump and fibers from all receptors. N.A. Bernstein noted that the proprioceptive assertation here is the leading one. In the "B" level, the regulation of highly complicated movements involving many tens of muscles takes place.

In addition, the cerebral cortex controls the content of the process letters in the "B." In practice, there are cases when a person deliberately changes his handwriting, or the handwriting changes from the fact that the person wrote in an impenetrable position, thus changing the level of coordination of movements, which may be due to switching construction motion on parts The nerves of the central nervous system, located above, with the inclusion of the cerebral cortex. Here the conscious control over the process of writing is intensified.


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