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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Study Boring Subjects

Written by loriwade1122   
Tuesday, 10 January 2017 02:26

Study in college

Quite often, it is just necessary to do things you are not much fond of, but they are right things to do. Having to study boring subjects is one of them. You simply force yourself to study something you are not interested in instead of motivating yourself to do it. The difference between these two approaches is dramatic and lies in the way human brain grasps information. You need to find the way to cope with boring subjects easier because there will be a lot of them on your way. You cannot avoid them, but you can become more eager to study them. Here are 5 helpful ways to do it:


1) Always remember it’s just temporary and imagine how it will end

During the exam sessions, students dream of good sleep, some fun and more time for doing what they enjoy. When you need to study something you don’t like, just remember that it’s just an obstacle you will soon overcome. You always have to think about rewards and a feeling of relief. Don’t forget that you are going to blame yourself if you give up. This is how a human brain works – when you see someone did better than you, you keep asking yourself why you didn’t do it too. Even if you find your subject the most boring in the world, always remember the feeling of accomplishment you will have in the end. It will guide you all the way through your study.


Studying boring subjects helps you understand what you definitely don’t want to do in your life and eliminates indecisiveness when it comes to further career choices. They make us more disciplined. Jeff Fisher once said that “Discipline is doing what you really don't want to do so you can do what you really want to do”. And discipline is rewarding – it builds a better version of you despite laziness, unwillingness, and difficulties.


2) Add interest to boring subjects

Studying via books has always been monotonous, even if the subject itself is not boring. Let’s say, if you study history but find it dull, you might consider watching some historical movies related to those events. I am not saying you should choose movies over books, but you should feel the spirit of those wars, visualize historical personalities, have a picture of them in your head.


Is it anything else? Biology, physics, sociology, economics? Before you get down to reading your notes or books, take some time to watch some scientific videos on this topic. In this digital world, we live in, you will definitely find quite a few on the web. When you hear scientists talking about something, illustrating it and showing real life examples, it would be much more interesting for you to read about it afterward. Even the most boring subjects and topics can sound not so dull. Understanding how things work in real life makes a huge difference. Use any materials that can serve you as a visual interpretation of everything you study. You might also adore some new technologies in a teaching science that are intended to make the study process entertaining and fun.


3) Don’t study alone

Learning with others will reduce boredom a bit. It feels really energizing when you are not alone in it and that someone is in the same boat with you. No matter whether you are working on a group project or just need to study the subject. It helps a lot when you motivate each other. Group studying can be not just stress-free and fun, but also highly effective. You can divide the topics of your exams, share responsibilities, and then exchange your findings. It is the best technique when you are out of time and need to research and learn tons of new material.


Playing is one more technique effective for group studying. It can be exam imitation or describing events you’ve just learned. Try this scenario: each participant should think of the trickiest questions related to the topic of your study and others should give their answers. It trains memory and teaches you to react immediately. A perfect chance to practice talking on your exam subject, even if you find it boring.


Either you’ll study with others silently or apply various group techniques, it usually makes you do your best, avoid procrastination, and know that you are not alone. You are unlikely to go and browse through social media when someone else is studying in front of you. It adds discipline, motivation, and interest into your study process.

Study in college

4) Visualize real-life experiences

Any subject in the world is somehow related to everyday activities. Even if you need to learn something you don’t wish to use in your future career, think about any other way you could apply it. Let’s say, you hate economics but need to study the theory of budgeting. Sounds boring, but when you think about this knowledge in a broader context than just a subject for your future job, it might help. You are not studying something just to get prepared for a job, you also get prepared for a real life and knowing the system of economics in your country will only help you understand everyday things better.


Now, when I am not a student anymore, I regret I didn’t pay more attention to history, psychology or sociology during my university years. I don’t use them in my career and I won’t, but sometimes I just feel like I wish to have a deeper knowledge of my country’s history or the history of other regions. History was my least favorite and most boring subject when I had to study it. But now, when I no longer have to study it, I often read about some historical events. My mistake was that I was interested only in those subjects I considered relevant to my career. You are most probably doing the same mistake now, which I would definitely not want you to do.


Believe me, you will never have enough time to get back to something later. Even the most boring subjects you are so unwillingly forcing yourself to study now might help you understand this world better, people around you and have deeper knowledge about how things work.


5) Imagine the worst

You really have to study something, but can’t find enough motivation to get down to it because it’s just too boring. Sounds familiar? So imagine you will wait till the very last moment. Is it going to be fun to spend days and nights studying the subject you hate? Definitely not. You are going to hate yourself you let it happen instead of doing it now. Imagine all the frustration you would feel if you leave it all for the last day. You are going to hate yourself, believe me. And now imagine your frustration if you fail on your exam. It means you would have to keep on studying this subject for another week or two while anyone else in your group can feel relieved and prepare for other exams or enjoy their vacation.


What do you choose – do it now step by step when you just don’t want it or do it later when you hate it, hate the world and hate yourself for letting it happen? I would choose the first option. In my life, I remember I had the courage to choose the second option and I’d better not do it again.


Summing it Up

Life is challenging us all the time, yet it’s only making us stronger. Just like with our study or job, there will always be something you just need to do, whether you like it or not. But when you are motivated to do it, it is not so frustrating. If you need to not only study the subject that you do not like but also to do some writing assignment, remember that the main thing is to study it because then you will be easier to write it. If you write the task in the last point, you can always contact a special proofreading service that will test your work for mistakes and edit it in a short time.


Hopefully, these 5 tips will help you stay motivated and focused, even if you have to study the most boring subjects in the world. What would you add as the sixth way in this list? Please share in the comments.

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0 # librarian1984 2017-01-11 22:48
My mother had a trick that helps too. If you are working toward a goal and that work is tiresome, or if you are dreading some unpleasant task (such as a test or presentation), visualize something you are going to do AFTERWARD, something nice.

For example, 'After I give that talk I am getting my nails done" or 'After that report is turned in, I am going to Acapulco'.

Nice article. Thank you.

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