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Once Upon A Time We Were The Oppressed - Things Your Kids Won't Learn At School

Written by Russell S.Wyllie   
Tuesday, 08 January 2013 07:26

30 years ago I could have never perceived technology to be what it is today.
In the year 2013 we are but a few years into the new generation of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, all of us learning far more than we could learn in the 12 years of schooling that we all go through from Grade 1 to final year of High School.

I remember learning about the poverty-stricken regions of Africa, and as a kid moved to Zimbabwe aged 7, and lived in Zimbabwe for 7 years. I learnt there what it was like to be cut off from Monarchy, from elite Government, and experienced bare-bones society, where people helped each other and spent a lot of time together. My friend groups were a mix of white, coloured and black Africans- and I did not differentiate between black and white.

But going back to the U.K on holidays I experienced the 'establishment', and in the mid 1980's I distinctively remember the movement for equality and respect of black people. I remember the feeling of being shocked that Britain was just starting to get behind the movement to free Nelson Mandela, and the British pop music scene of bands like 'The Specials', who were a very politically-charged band of musicians who released single after single and albums on politically-motivated topics. Holidaying in Britain in between Zimbabwean school terms was like going back in time, because my positioning was to be the best of friends with all people, and it was hard to believe Britain had so many problems with acceptance and equality of black people.

Very slowly over time Britain became more multi-cultural and very diverse in opinions.
Technology has helped to take the opinion factor to a new level- to become what it is today- an internet full of thinkers, intelligent people of ALL ages. Most kids these days know more about the World than adults did in the 1980's, and yet there are still sections of British society which is held back by the 'order of the establishment' - they are the generation of ignorant unintelligent people who won't listen to reason, who won't listen to intelligent conversation on human rights or politically-charged debate.

The problem is present in many 'establishment-style nations, not necessarily just white European establishment countries, but throughout the Middle East and in Africa. People are still oppressed in many nations, but organisations like Anonymous and Wikileaks have stood up and spoken out for the oppressed in those nations.
These oppressed nations still have an antiquated education system, where the kids are taught to sit down, shut up and to learn to think they are under the 'teacher'.

And that kind of teaching is the foundation of oppression- lessons in history only go as far as up to World War 2, and kids cannot learn to be leaders in an antiquated education system. What they learn is what establishment wants them to know, so that kids grow up wanting to enter politics and business to be the next footstools for establishment. Only the parents can make sure their kids learn something else- learn how to communicate by using the technologies available- to access Youtube, facebook and Twitter and the internet to learn just how oppressive Governments can be. Oppression is not limited to Third-World nations. Oppression hides in the most developed nations, behind politician's smiles.

It really is up to you, if you are a parent to not let your kids be intimidated by politics, Government or establishment- or they jsut grow up a pawns within the elite circle, rubbing shoulders with the fatcats and doing dirty deals to work their way up a Corporate ladder- and let's face it, if they enter a financial corporation as a career, or get into Government, nobody is really their friend in those circles. They all try to be the top man, the CEO, President or Prime Minister, all repeating the usual rhetoric, stance and positioning themselves as posh and snooty, and end up looking down their noses at each other and the people of the country itself.

Do you really want your kids to seek to be within the circles of the posh establishment, or to be part of the infighting of Government, or be a pawn at the bottom who fights to be the CEO of the Corporation?
Only the most intelligent people should want to aim for the top positions- and not for the money. It's not about making the most amount of money, more than any CEO or politician before them. If you seek to be at the top of the elite circles, you had better learn what you are getting yourself into. You will be owned from the day you enter the elite circles, and you will be corrupted or steered towards the expectations of the long-line of elite that have taught their pawns to keep the oppression alive through the centuries.

In African and Asian nations there is now a group of politicians and business people who have fast become just like the old antiquated European establishment which still exists in Britain, America, Germany, France, Italy and other E.U nations, and that kind of scares me. Maybe African kids who I learnt with have now fallen into the oppressive Government position, where they live a thousand times better than the people of their own nations. Britain and America has that elite circle- those who will always need others to entice into their elite circle, to pass on their elite circle of wealth and power. And so the circle of elite can survive.

But the majority of today's modeern technologically-advanced society is not so meek and scared. They will not be slaves, they will not be a computer program which is loaded into the machine by the controller to kill indiscriminately, and they won't be the oppressed. You can tell a programmed person- they are the elite, and have no resistance and can only do what the controllers make them do. They are the real oppressed, the real controlled programs inside the political and business-world mainframe, they are the young people who willingly offer themselves as pawns to be trained by their Armies to pick up a gun and kill without conscience.
But many young soldiers do not survive their battle or their war- they either get killed, kill themselves in guilt of what they became, or end up mentally affected for life, wishing that they could reverse time and walk out of the Army Recruitment Centre, knowing that they were about to be pawns. For most soldiers it is too late- they are trapped in the military, inside the war mainframe, unable to get out. Out of Hell.

We do have lots of choices in life. We can choose to resist oppression, resist the controllers, resist being a pawn- but parents of this World have to teach their kids to not be the pawn, to not be a money-grabbing freak. Unfortunately the media and television promote violent movies, and promote rich fashion and wealthy lifestyles of the rich and famous, and kids today are growing up thinking they are nothing if they don't keep up with the latest fashions. Commercialism of everything you can imagine is a scourge, a virus within the mainframe of the Planet Earth program. Television commerials are aimed at kids, politicians try to reach out to kids more and more to appear friendly and trustworthy- more so in European nations and in America than other parts of the World.

Parents have to teach their kids to be less wantful of expensive goods, less ambitious to be the CEO or the leader of a political party, because those ambitions kill young people. As I write this I learn about a cap on welfare benefits for the next 3 years- welfare payments will not go up by more than one percent in Britain, and that means the poorer in society will suffer more. Britain's minimum wages are already fifty percent less than an Australian wage, and hard working families dependent on benefits will be far worse off. That is the work of the political elite, who do not want wages to increase, nor benefits to go up, because they like to be above the average wage earner- stamping on the little guy to get that bit higher off the ground.

The business circles of London, United Kingdom threatened to move their business overseas if Government put a cap on big bonuses- a threat that nearly brought Government to their knees. The business elite won't be hurt by the welfare payment cap- only the small people get stamped on by Government, and that is clearly unfair, biased and destructive action by the Government who will not stop the business elite from taking more and more from the nation.

It is the same the World over.
Will a young person learn any of this at school? Not a chance- kids are still learning about World War 2 and leave school having only learnt what the establishment wanted them to learn- to sit sown, shut up and do their work- or be punished. If you are a parent, your mission is to make sure your child does not end up a military pawn, a political pawn or a business-circle pawn.

History will teach us nothing more than antiquated achievments and the antiquated order. With technology we can share information, Anonymous can monitor and intervene when the establishments of elite circles get on their high-horse, and slowly but surely, future generations will be more intelligent, more resistant to the order, and will end virtually all oppression to establish equality Worldwide. your social media marketing partner


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+1 # MJay 2013-01-12 10:11
R Willie
Around 1922 T. Edison wrote , on questioned what he the thought of the midern educational system; his answer was - we have none! they do not teach the child how to think.

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