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Noosphere Ventures to Invest in Satellite Manufacturing Sector

Written by MaskedMarvel   
Wednesday, 15 July 2020 21:38

Max Polyakov founded Noosphere Ventures in 2014 as a space-focused investment company. The company’s target is to add to its portfolio space companies that deal in the various segments of the space ecosystem. Some of the areas of interest include orbital transfer vehicles, suppliers of components of small satellites, and Moon projects. Noosphere Ventures also gives lifeline to space companies that are on the brink of collapse.

Three years after saving Firefly Aerospace from bankruptcy, Noosphere is preparing to launch deeper into the space industry. This time, the venture company has its eyes on the satellite manufacturing sector. According to some of its officials, the company is willing to provide a lifeline to another company as they strive to build a space company that will make vertical integration possible. Max Polyakov believes that the future of the space industry is in the mergers and consolidations. According to him, enterprises will adopt a vertical integration that carries out a full range from satellites to launches to communications, data analytics, and ground stations.

Noosphere Ventures has a portfolio of 19 companies in the space and social online and gaming industry. Mark Watt, a partner at Noosphere, estimates that the company spends $150-200 million every year in acquisitions and mergers. And now, the company is in advanced stages of investing in small satellite manufacturers or suppliers of satellite components. Noosphere is interested in companies that manufacture small satellites of 50-500 kilograms. Such a company should also be able to build technologies such as space debris and tug removal systems and orbital transfer vehicles.

The number of space companies that the Noosphere has invested is unknown. But, some of these companies are Firefly Aerospace, EOS DA, and SETS. Although Polyakov has not revealed how much he has spent on Firefly, the company is funded from the launch of Firefly Alpha. Firefly Aerospace is one of the private space companies selected by NASA for the Commercial Lunar Payload Service program. It will compete with the other companies for the $2.6 billion project for payload delivery to the Moon.

So, Noosphere wants a satellite manufacturing company that will support Firefly’s ambitious lunar project. The Lunar project is already transforming into more than a small satellite launch vehicle manufacturer into an integrated space exploration company. According to Max Polyakov, Noosphere’s space goal correlates with the SpaceX strategy. By adding a satellite manufacturing company to its portfolio, Noosphere companies will be able to execute the project “mission accomplished.” But, Noosphere leaders are keen on having each business stand up independently.

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