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The Influence of Modern Technology on Children

Written by MaryMonk   
Friday, 24 March 2017 03:58

It is difficult to imagine the present days without the modern technologies. We got used to them very much. At times, it seems as one of the types of addiction. In fact, there are such terrible cases. Of course, it hard to do without all those smart and helpful devices, which can be referred to a real miracle. They are actually helpful and greatly ease our day. They are multifunctional and can help in almost any activity we undertake. Nevertheless, they have many negative sides as well. One of such is the negative influence on our children.

Nowadays, each household is overcrowded with a tremendous number of all these technical devices. Oftentimes, our children wish to possess them more than we do, though they may not have an actual need in that.

Technologies can be met at each corner. They have a strong impact on the new generation of the 21st century. Children greatly rely on the technical devices. They take their cell phones, laptops and other digital devices whenever and wherever they go. They spend heaps of their precious time dealing with their advanced “toys”. This has a very negative reflection on their psychological and physical health. There are numerous examples of negative effects on the young developing organisms.

Cris Rowan, the occupational therapist and biologist, is afraid of the negativism of the modern technologies. The popular author has written many articles devoted to this issue.

When making allowances for physical complications, one can name many cases of deviations from the normality. Their natural biorhythms get violated. They do not function in the proper way. Spending tons of time playing with their devices, they do not develop their organism physically. They move less and eat more. This all leads to disastrous consequences. It goes without saying that such conditions would lead to the insufficient development of muscles and bones. Their sensory, motor and attachment systems bitterly suffer. The children would become very weak and their immunity would weaken as well. Thus, they would be also vulnerable to various diseases.

Another negative aspect is associated with psychological problems. There thousands of horrible stories about children’s addiction to the modern technologies. They do not eat properly and their sleep regimen are violated as well. This all has a strong impact on the central nervous system. It induces multiple diseases and deviations of various grade of severity. For instance, excess weight or bulimia are two very common ailments. They lead to other very severe diseases as well. many kids begin suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity syndrome, autism, increase anxiety, different types of depression and similar ailments. This is really alarming.

In addition, there develop various behavior problems. They get anxious, overly vulnerable and hostile to their occupation. They become very angry and aggressive, which leads to numerous cases of teenage violence. These are only a few to name.

However, there is also another problem. We really cannot do without modern technologies. They are very helpful on many occasions. So, what is there to do? What measures are to be taken?

Such problem requires a very deep research. The solution would not come at once. There is a need in collective work. Parents, teachers, and therapists should collaborate and help the society. They should take into account many factors. They have to consider all benefits from the technologies and all drawbacks. It is impossible to totally exclude modern devices out of kid’s life. However, there should be found the middle ground.

What would be a perfect decision? Obviously, the word “perfect” cannot be used in this matter. There would be some problems all the same. Nonetheless, some effective preventive measures can be implemented. The first thing that occurs to the mind is a time limit. There should be a strict restriction in time for the work with the devices.

The next option is to determine the ways the devices are to be used. Definitely, the technologies were created for our convenience. Therefore, children should use them for their learning and self-development. There are many useful programs, which help in studying and contribute to the general development of a personality. Even games may teach us a lot.

The main problem is to set all the goals correctly. This issue will be discussed for many years. Hopefully, the right solutions will be found fast.

About author: Mary D. Monk is an experienced writer who wrote for different online blogs. Right now, she writes for the brand GradeScout. Her articles are aimed at important problems and the possible ways of their solution. your social media marketing partner

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