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None Dare Call it Brainwashing

Written by Richard Kane   
Saturday, 09 March 2013 21:06

Think back 15 years or so if someone predicted that there would be people glued to an interactive video screen until they collapsed from dehydration or if less lucky from a blood clot.

A dozen years ago a formally timid, friendly easy-going lad Boyd Malvo was arrested as the junior partner of the Capitol Beltway sniper attacks. Brainwashing was the cry of the experts, but since then without counter-evidence, the experts now can’t predict or explain why.

Tyler Rigsby spent more than four days and nights before falling to the floor from dehydration (I guess eight days), other than games such stories were in the past of people trapped by earthquakes,

Not all computer addicts are losers, who had nothing else to live for, or with some future killers the only chance for real people to look up to them, was by playing computer games with those near or from afar. Chris Staniforth, (age 20) however was an achiever heading toward a high-paid job in computer design, already earning money as a participant in a computer game design test until dying of a blood clot got in the way.

Why can’t we go back to the days of TV addiction where people would move and freshen up during commercial breaks, even movies had intermissions where people were encouraged to buy popcorn? Public meeting, and even offices, had coffee breaks as well. If every 15 minutes there were breaks in the computer game for a public service announcement or something, at least we could have arrested Adam Lanza if he had removed them, instead of trying to find ways of putting people like him in a locked facility before they even made a threat to do anyone harm.

Remember when people avoided long distance calls due to the costs? Why can’t there at least be a tax on cell phone calls per minute while the car is in motion. It’s not crazy killers who as soon as society advances enough will put them in jail at the first sign that something is wrong, but a crazy world which lets technology run our lives. We don’t even pass a sugar tax to make up for the fact that people used to walk and run for work and recreation instead of just sitting, or put motion alarms in library chairs set to vibrate after 20 minuets of dead weight, or in classrooms where kids now work at their own pace instead of having recess together. See'High Tech Heretic by Cliff Stoll, (PS if you can’t click a link sometime I can google it, or try googling only the words in a link),

Twelve years ago after the sniper rampage the experts thought brainwashing was the problem now with the help of computers, not newspapers, helping us think about the world we no longer have any ideas as to why, except the President thinks that banning automatics will make them disappear without an expensive Australian type buy back program. Second Amendment advocates hallucinate that enough armed good guys without any gun free zones will solve the mass killings problems. More guns wouldn’t have helped against a sniper. The attacker of the Batman movie premier would have been disappointed if he had to hide with a long gun and pre-set a little burning to set of the fire alarm and hide and shoot at those leaving like two kids Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden did. The Batman Villian carnage would have been far greater than 13 dead, with a 'snail gun' attack, shooting a rifle from afar. The NRA campaign against gun-free zones is built on quicksand.

One game never led to any blood clots despite the endless hours addicts spent at it, 'Call of Duty', a fight to death video game It must lead to participants lungeing in their chairs now and then like cheering sports fans. However, despite being blood clot resistant, Call of Duty is far more dangerous than other games, with the possible exception of armed forces and British batlefield training games that lead some vets to murder or suicide incidents sometimes years later. Off the subject, the government was shocked to discover that most during World War II did not actually shoot when they clearly saw a head in front of them on their gun sites. I wonder if the later suicides are of people who with old-fashioned training never would have seen a body explode after they pulled the trigger. Computer games is life-style training, not recreation.

Frustration that a kid neighbor kept beating him, on Call of Duty led, a 46-year-old father of three to go over to his 13-year-old neighbor's house to choke him in the throut. By the way, Call for Duty is coded for mature audiances. Please everyone that doesn't want future carnage click on the following link of little kids begging mommy to buy them that cool game, This is a trailer of what they are interacting with,

When an Orthodox Jewish school was attacked in France, the media blamed Mohammed Merah's rampage on Muslim militancy; but he was hopelessly addicted to Call of Duty,
Anders Breivik who attacked a Norwegian youth camp spent six months day and night playing Call of Duty before moving to the country to plan the attack. Adam Lanza who attacked an elementary school would angrily snap at his mother every time she brought a little food down to his Call of Duty marathon, in his windowless, bedroom and computer room and windowless bath room attached.

Why do all these Call of Duty addicts pick on children? Rebuttal at the following link,

I don’t think it is freedom of speech issues in the way of putting one minute breaks in the action every 15 minutes like on commercial TV. One minute break in the action would lessen the effectiveness of interactive basic training video, and cut down on people looking for a job as a US government killing specialist. Locally, in Philly I urge anti-gun violence groups, and third party folk, especially Green Party folk, to watch Call of Duty projected on a large screen, Libertarians won't attend unless a gun debate follows the video. Afterwords some can march to where there is an arms gun shop near by a government recruitment for jobs bearing arms and have a picket at both. Only one rampage succeeded as planned and that was in Norway where Anders Breivik had the means to travel the world looking for the guns he wanted. Let's celebrate how he was unable to make the changes in Norway he wanted. Extremists both anti-Muslim and Muslim alike thinks it gets them to make necessary changes they think the world needs, and so do some with no politics at all.

Again please click on little kids begging mommy to buy them that really cool video game, your social media marketing partner
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