Beyond Barbarity - Rise of the Education-Medical-Military Industrial

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Saturday, 12 September 2020 18:41

By Judith Futerfas


This is an introductory “note” from my Home page, Trump knows who these killers are, and one must wonder what he is waiting for? The cover-up is massive, so he should step-up. He has the military and Constitution behind him… If he is afraid – make these concerns public. This horror must be stopped, and his job is to uphold the Constitution, including our general welfare.


The circumstances and events, past & current, that I describe herein, including my linked books, are beyond barbaric, un-American, and most certainly unconstitutional. You will read of more "benign" acts such as an ATT email calling me "Judas" (link below at book "ABSENT DUE PROCESS..." [ADP] page 104), or morbid, hacked emails over the period of about a week, time-lining, in military terms, the murder of University of Miami (UM) patient Joan M., at Bethesda East Hospital (ADP page 115). More on the military involvement, page 120. More on this murder from page 121, as well as Joint Commission complaints also regarding UM's threat against me, cancer data manipulations in violation of State law, and suspicious cancers in two co-workers. On page 109 find more names of those with information. I have received calls appearing to be from people close to me, but they had not used their phone at those times. I have been subject to high-level hacking of phone and computer, home and work (before my firing by UM). Further details and complaints regarding all of these horrid circumstances, threats, high-level lethality in/out of medical facilities, including the use of biologics to kill, and more evil, are described in the documents enclosed.

Within days of putting the above photo up of Emmett Till, I received two missed calls, early on 8.10.20, at 5:15 and 5:29 am (ET). They were from 662-792-6476, the area code of Money, MS, where Emmett was brutalized and killed. (I do not know anyone in Mississippi, just to clarify. The call likely did not actually come from there, but from a burner/pay as you go phone.) When I called the number: "VM has not been set-up". I have most recently, again, received a call from "Harmony Healthcare" (Seth Davis), in Tampa, as more harassment. That call was Saturday, 8.15.20, after I had asked to be taken off of their list. The timing of these calls is concerning, beyond the fact that they never have presented a job to me. More names of those with information below (last "Links*(2)" just before the large book cover photos). Richard Flamm is an FWC/State employee in Tampa, who for reasons I detail, is suspicious for his involvement. (See letter to Florida International University below in book "KILLERS AMONG US...", my other linked books, and information with Miami-Dade and City of Miami Police.) See my suggestion below for a National Student Bill of Rights - all those working with students must be vetted for their core values, including general humanity, and respect for the decency Our Constitution and Our Laws strive for. Money should be no sway when offered by tyrants who realize fully their barbarism, and these people must not work with students (or anyone). They should be in prison - no one is above, or beneath, the law. What about all the taxpayer $$ spent over these years, in this grotesque exhibit of hubris and savagery (and other evil known and unknown) - even before OBAMA (I reported concerns for Joan M. to him, never heard back)? What about this Covid nightmare? Truman: They spend billions of dollars on stirring up trouble so they’ll have something to report on...  See pages 7 (Truman), 75 of "HUMANITY'S ABYSS..." and those links and concerns for an America rapidly descending into a hell unlike any other, ever, on Earth. See page 39, a Shonda - a sin and disgrace - that fellow Jews (and non-Jews) have perpetrated, and including "both parties". We have begun that steep and treacherous descent... (See our LInks pages at the tab above.)

We must also be protesting and demand that Eisenhower's and Truman's warnings are finally heeded, or nothing else will matter (HA page 7). Our representatives are bought and paid for -- Rubio did not a thing regarding my concerns for Joan M. He receives a lot of $$ from UM benefactor Norman Braman. Feinstein didn't want to know. You will see the extent of my reporting - and the cover-up, by law enforcement and political representatives. Scott, DeSantis, [Miami-Dade] Mayor Gimenez, Intel and Judiciary Committees, and many others, "BOTH/ALL SIDES" - have done nothing to investigate and protect us from such horror and abuse. The FBI is involved. The CIA (with a hub for years at UM and also at Texas A&M, Flamm's school) may be as well. If we do not get $$ and parties out of politics, this vicious, counterproductive duopoly will continue to favor Intel, the military, & other $$/power sources, at great cost to America, and Humanity. It IS Our Republic, Of, By, and For... WE, The People... as long as WE can keep it... DEMAND MY COMPLAINTS ARE INVESTIGATED, JUSTICE SERVED FOR THOSE HARMED, PROTECTIONS PUT IN PLACE. -

"We the People … in Order to form a more perfect Union … promote the general Welfare …"








Judy is a concerned citizen, author, and owner of She has knowledge of abuses against the Constitution by those with power, including technological, financial, and via position. She feels strongly that these people need the most oversight. People must be held accountable, or many will act with impunity. We cannot have agencies that operate extra-judicially to any extent, and without full accountability and due process. Protest also to heed Eisenhower's and Truman's warnings now, or nothing else will matter. Demand investigations and justice for those harmed. your social media marketing partner
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