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Why The Current Rhetoric From Both America And Russia Is Getting Dangerously Close To Setting Off WW III

Written by jgsf1987   
Tuesday, 09 August 2016 12:12

Looking at the rhetoric coming out from both America and Russia, one can get the sense that both countries are clamoring for war with each other. The fact that both sides are whipping up both anti-American and anti-Russian sentiments against each other is actually very dangerous. Here's why: by escalating the rhetoric, it's giving the hawks on both sides their much acclaimed legitimacy, and is also increasing the likelihood of starting a mutually destructive nuclear war that will be forever known as WW III.

This is why Hillary Clinton's call for a no-fly zone in Syria is a likely trigger. It pits us against Vladimir Putin's Russia (the country with the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world), which has an alliance with Syria. However, that's just one trigger for starting WW III, as there are others to watch for in Eastern Europe and the Korean Peninsula. The point being is that this stand-off, when someone makes the wrong move, could end in disaster if both sides don't tamp down the rhetoric of mutually exchanged military threats. This is what happened back in 1946-91, and to return to this kind of stand-off again would be dangerous for the world at-large.

In a video created by this author, there is an explanation and a clear warning to both sides if they don't tamp down their rhetoric and start listening to each other. There's too much at stake to allow this kind of outbreak to occur. your social media marketing partner


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0 # Glen 2016-08-11 07:25
WWIII has been building for years. The U.S. has destabilized countries that, regardless of their government, were sovereign and maintained an over all balance in a region. If one counts attacks, deaths, destruction, deposed leaders, resource thefts, and so much more, it makes for a large picture of war already in progress. Mix up two major powers in peripheral debates and yep, destruction just might be inevitable, but it won't be traditional.

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