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Supporting Right-Wing Nationalism in Ukraine

Written by David Starr   
Tuesday, 21 July 2015 06:40

The Obama Administration and U.S. neoconservatives are supporting democracy and freedom fighters in the Ukrainian conflict. So they say.

They and the U.S. media have pegged Russia as the aggressor in the conflict, while downplaying the fact that the Ukrainian government the U.S. is supporting contains neo-fascists and neo-Nazis. Professor Michel Chossudovsky (Global Research, 2/26/2015) put it more bluntly: "The U.S. has installed a Neo-Nazi government in Ukraine."

Two major entities, Svoboda (meaning "Freedom"), formerly the neo-Nazi Social National Party of Ukraine (the name inspired by WWII Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera), and the neo-fascist Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) have de facto control over key government posts such as the Armed Forces, Police and Justice, and hold positions in Education, Defense, Law Enforcement, Education and Economic Affairs, Chossudovsky wrote.

One of the common threads within the Ukrainian Nazi/fascist movement is that it's anti-Russian. The armed conflict between the Ukrainian army and right-wing paramilitaries against ethnic Russian rebels in Ukraine bears this out. One major reason for this conflict was revealed by Robert Parry (Consortium News - republished in Reader Supported News, 7/13/2015): "[W]e now know that Kiev [Ukraine's capital] has dispatched a military force spearheaded by neoNazis, who are eager to ethnically cleanse those ethnic Russians from Ukraine..."

In an RT interview (2/20/2015), journalist Neil Clark condemned the West for not spelling out what is really being supported in Ukraine. "We are not supposed to notice the very strong element of neo-Nazism, fascist and far-right elements on the pro-Western side in UKraine." He added, "[T]he West knows what is going on and we are supposed to turn a blind eye..." The Obama Administration is compliant in this.

And Obama has allowed neoconservatives to take a lead in directing his foreign policy. They have insisted that the U.S. defend the Ukrainian government. This ties in with the U.S., the EU and NATO wanting to control Ukraine with a wishful, long-term strategy, being on Russia's border. They would then want to impose regime change in Russia itself, if it were possible. And regime change are code words for imperial war. Russia, knowing this, supports the ethnic Russians in Ukraine (seeing that Ukrainian Nazi/fascist movement is an obvious threat) and is protecting its own interests (which are not entirely altruistic). One doesn't need to wonder what the U.S. would do if Mexico or Canada established a socialist government on its borders. Besides, there already is an imbalance of power in the world today, with the U.S. leading it.

While Ukrainian sovereignty is an important factor, it is comprised of right-wing nationalism, given those who are in power along with their supporters. It is, thus, equally, if not more, important to oppose neo-fascism and neo-Nazism in Ukraine, whether it is in the government or not.

As Robert Parry concluded, if Obama doesn't change course on his policy toward Ukraine and Russia, "he will leave behind a grim legacy of a bloated military-industrial complex and a new Cold War."

David Starr writes on various issues, both national and international your social media marketing partner
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