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Ebola, the Real Worst Case Scenario Horror

Written by Richard Kane   
Sunday, 26 October 2014 05:00
For a while there was strong fear that Swine Flu would turn into a pandemic. The fear subsided and the danger postponed after every Asia country took the matter seriously. A lingering not dealt with virus is the mostly likely precursor to a pandemic. The danger actually is that Africa may not be able to get a handle on Ebola any time soon. A fast but expensive cure process such as requiring large amount of survivor blood that Africans but not Americans would have trouble obtaining may actually leave Africa worse off then before fear got the West involved.

The only other danger is in Pakistan where many don't trust health care workers. The world is mistreating people from Sierra Leone the way it did lepers during the Middle Ages. Spain killing pet dogs, the US burning the belongings of victims when just heating to 180 degrees with blowers as with bedbugs would do. Note the Sierra Leone Soccer Team being abused, the following link is like out of the treatment of lepers in the Middle Ages,

The US love for incredibly expense high-tech equipment that dissenting medical personnel insist is overkill which they warn often leads to cross-infection when it is removed, is a huge cost that may end, perhaps as soon as the analyzing after the November US elections, and reliance on high-tech is actually a burden for Africa to the extent Africa relies on it. Normal safety measures, mainly quickly washing-up, when in contact with someone with an undiagnosed flu condition, prevented every person in contact with Thomas Duncan from getting Ebola until high-tech got involved after he was diagnosed properly. Just avoiding those with flu-like conditions hadn't occurred in Africa because the overwhelming flu condition had until maybe yesterday been Malaria, where normal safety procedures for a flu actually backfires, such as washing away with bleach solution of insecticide treated mosquito nets which by the way weakens the nets.

The world once feared mosquito spread diseases, the US until recently crusaded to rid the world of these diseases ever since it got at first overwhelmed with Yellow Fever building the Panama Canal. Maybe dangerous to use DDT should be used against Malaria the locals already using haphazardly. The following site disagrees,

The fact that now westerners yawns at Malaria is an incredibly bad omen. I fear as soon as North America was safe and almost every American who gets Ebola in Africa, can be cured with aggressive treatment, US efforts will then all but cease. In-other-words the window for preventing a potential eventual pandemic may be soon. Sierra Leone has been hit with a triple disaster. Hunger and unemployment is rampant due to Ebola stiffening trade, transportation and crop cultivation. Ordinary people can't differentiate between Ebola and Malaria until the eyes and other orifices start bleeding late in the disease. Malaria already the number one killer in Sierra Leone is suddenly far more dangerous for adults since hospitals stopped treating it and home care gets stopped over confusion with Ebola.

There is a window of good news as little Cuba is sending the most medical personnel to Africa, and Cuba has incredible skill at doing this in a low cost manner. Something it would be wise for the US to learn from. China also has been offering some effective low cost aid, and the refusal of Chinese companies to flee Ebola stricken Africa is good news on the economic front (three cheers for
Firestone, a US company staying with a clinic that kept the rubber plantation vicinity free of Ebola, why doesn't the US cancel Firestone's tax bills in exchange for the company setting up satellite clinics?),
The amount of socialism in Cuba is likely optimum, Cubans in no way want drastic change. However, unless Cuba gets some benefit from taking on the medical needs of the world the next government will be more isolationist, let us all go out of our way to support Cuba and Firestone Rubber. Since a lot of people will blame the US on how it captured bin Laden, for Pakistanis not trusting health workers, it would be in the US interest to encourage Cuba's streamline Ebola care by working closely with Cuba when it comes to Ebola, ending the blockade of Cuba, and to do nothing to encourage Cuba to replace the Castro government with a more isolationist one.

Other changes desperately needed, bleach which evaporates should be replaced with virus killing chemicals that don't wash off with the possible exception underwear and under gloves. Outer clothing could all be embedded with silver-nitrate, and if a deleted bleach hand-washing stations are used a povidone-Iodine rinse would offer some lasting protection on the skin after it drys unlike bleach, followed by an insect repellent cream with minute amounts of silver-nitrate,
Every chemical is dangerous we seem to be forgetting that bleach is. I wonder about an unknown death-rate among African children ingesting some bleach, or even hand cleaning station water,

One bright touch is in the overcrowded Kenema General Hospital in Sierra Leone, US doctor George Risi was impressed to see Margaret Mcauley nursing her far sicker husband Eddie then saving the lives of several babies, this is but one inspirational example Dr. Risi saw,

There is one disaster the civilized world is causing besides creating a dependence on high-tech hard-to-use gear. Why don't immune Ebola survivors take care of the sick without masks and gloves the way small pox used to be treated? We might already find this in the most isolated African villages if we look hard enough. People who survived Ebola are being shunned it would help them to encourage them to get jobs working with the newly sickened. Note the following link on how African culture is being destroyed and Ebola survivors doing things the traditional way might preserve a little of it,

It is really ridiculous survivor's blood is being sold on the Black Market yet people are shunning the survivors themselves instead of purposely wanting them not just there blood around. Please help me inform US survivors that they are needed back in Africa without masks and gloves. And instead of only sending high-tech to Africa, send things that traditionist healers can use such as silver-nitrate enhanced insect repellent cream.

For more on preserving the tribal heritage in Africa see, “Ebola, What Is It Doing to African Culture?”, your social media marketing partner
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