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If US War with Iran let’s Netanyahu Squash Corruption Charges, it will further empower Trump

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Saturday, 18 May 2019 04:08

War with Iran to coincide Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu about to be removed from office for corruptions will be a blow to both US and Israeli democracy.

Netanyahu is determinedly trying to change the rules to stop an indicted Prime Minister from being distracted by a trial especially during an national emergency like the US and Israel in the middle of a war with Iran.

Trump and Netanyahu have been massively supporting each other, while both leaders push at the boundaries of what their office allows them to do. Both heavily support Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, who is also interfering in the US and maybe in Israel. Blackwarter founder Eric Prince was a major go between in helping Trump win the Presidential election. Eric Prince also more minorly involved with Putin.

Saudi technology purchased from Israel is how The National Inquirer got sexy selfies of Amazon founder Bezos with his girlfriend hastening his divorce, related to his ownership of the Washington Post and it’s refusal to fire Washington Post columnist Khashoggi before Mohammad Bin Salman, had Khashoggi murdered at the Saudi Embassy.

Trump often makes vague hints that his supporters will react with force if  Trump is cornered. Eric Prince who founded Backwater offered a fortune for Hillary’s emails and according to Salon’s version gave them to the Russians to forward to Wikileaks. Weirdly Eric Prince is also working with China.

Part of what was Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Moonies is now working for Kim Jong-un. Rev Moon switched from trying to overthrow the North Korean government to lavish support while being allowed to ignore some of the US sanctions other companies were up against. Moon’s Washington Times and Moon purchased  are UPI is still owned by Moon’s heirs and still spreading usually right-wing misinformation, and were involved in the overthrow business such as with the Sandinista.

Not to change the subject. Trump’s policy toward the Honduran Government makes a large increase in the number of Hondurans who try to flee, and more generally the Trump-Netanyahu-Saudi-Prince-Mohammad-Bin-Salman alliance is causing massive flight from places as diverse as Venezuela and Yemen, leading to a constant increase of anti-immigrant parties that so-far tend to be sympathetic to both Trump and Netanyahu.


If the U.S. Goes to War With Iran, Netanyahu Will Be the Prime Suspect

Israeli Democracyor Netanyahu Disgraced

Sun Myung Moon's Groundbreaking Campaign to Open North Korea

Whether or not Netanyahu is removed from office this summer closely relates whether Trump will be President in 2020, and how dangerous is the world. your social media marketing partner


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0 # RICHARDKANE.Philadelphia 2019-05-26 12:16
Huge protest in Israel to save their Democracy against their Trump like wanna-be dictator.https: // ews/world-middl e-east-48411730
0 # RICHARDKANE.Philadelphia 2019-05-26 19:29
An older similar article,

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