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CIA Made the Arab Spring

Thursday, 03 October 2013 05:07

CIA Made the Arab Spring
By JC MacQueen

The USA-CIA-Israel “cabal” caused the Arab spring.
With Bush-Cheney’s illegal invasion of Iraq, the USA dumped massive CIA operatives into the heart of the Arab region. Using the same tactics that the USA used to overthrow democratically elected governments in Iran in 1953, Guatemala in 1954, as well as in Liberia, Vietnam, and throughout Latin and South America, the USA-CIA created the Arab Spring.

The technique is simple. These are poor countries: Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia. A little American dollar goes a long way in buying gangs to attack the ruling government. Military weapons came in with the Iraqi invasion. They were plentiful in supply and easily shipped to neighboring countries through the system of bribery, and black market entrepreneurs.

The issue of what government to install and concern for civil liberties was, and is, never a concern for CIA operations. Disruption and chaos is the only concern. One only needs to point at the disasters the CIA has caused worldwide: Pinochet torture and murder in Chile, the illegal war in Vietnam, slaughter throughout Latin America: El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Liberia, and others to see the CIA efforts are not intended for peace.

With upheaval in the Arab nations, people are all too busy killing each other. So the threats to Israel, surrounded as it is by Arab-Islamic countries, are greatly diminished. The internal civil wars in the Arab nations will last for years as the centuries-old bitter dispute between Shiite and Sunni is further exasperated with civil wars about what kind of government to install as well.

Where did the money come to pay off, buy out, and bribe these combating groups?

The American taxpayer paid for it. As the Government Accounting Office (GAO) found and the Pentagon admitted, more than 90% of US taxpayer dollars that were supposed to be marked for Iraqi rebuilding are unaccounted for, lost, disappeared, vanished. More than $8 billion dollars were siphoned off via CIA channels. Eight billion dollars, in an area riddled with poverty and corruption, buys a lot of thugs, gangs, right wing religious nuts loaded with military weaponry to attack anywhere they’re let them loose, which is exactly what the USA-CIA-Israel dynamic trio have done and continue to do.

Now, only Iran and Saudi Arabia remain without overt internal warfare. As was exposed in numerous news reports and Michael Moore’s documentary, Fahrenheit 9-11, the USA is in debt to Saudi Arabia to the tune of billions of dollars so they have bought protection from USA chicanery. So it is only Iran, the country that threw out the US-created dictatorship of the Shah of Iran, that stands against the USA-Israel cabal.

Even though Israel has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, has 200 nuclear weapons, refuses to allow UN nuclear inspectors into Israel, and has broken international law numerous times by using illegal depleted uranium weaponry and phosphorous weapons, the USA continues to say that Iran is the threat to the neighborhood for its nuclear program. Why not? The USA holds the money bags for the existence of Israel. The American taxpayer pay more than $3 billion to Israel every year.

Iran is the final piece in the USA-Israel operation to completely destabilize all Arab-Islamic nations surrounding Israel. It is easy to see in the corporate TV propaganda to brainwash the American public there is the effort to justify an attack that the USA-CIA-Israel are working hard to accomplish. your social media marketing partner
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