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1 Primitive man had to protect himself from the threats of nature. Now, nature has to be saved from the threats of man. (Albino Gomez)
2 Has the 'sovereign Covid virus' brought the current paradigm to its knees? Even the smallest of creatures can dethrone it. (Donatella Di Cesare)
3 Health for All and the right to health have been asphyxiated since the 1980s. (Alison Katz)
4 Who Won? Democracy at the expense of Capitalism? or Capitalism at the expense of Democracy?: quo-vadis human rights? (Juan Pablo Cardenas)
5 For many years, and till today, many a country in the world is 'en vias de subdesarrollo'.(Albino Gomez)
6 The myths about what the promised free-markets-universal-civiliztion will bring are a human rights boondoggle. (Nicoletta Dentico)
7 CUSTOMARY, TRADITIONAL AND RELIGIOUS PRACTICES DISCRIMINATE AGAINST WOMEN Customary, traditional and religious practices discriminate against women and undermine the full implementation of international and national legal human rights codes. (SIGI)
8 The toughest transition human rights activists have to bring about is: Bring the everyday apathy of people to everyday activism. (United Edge)
9 We have the right t reject and criticize what contradicts our individual conscience
10 To think of ourselves as the holders of human rights is to be properly proud of having the self-respect that is necessary to be worthy. (Joel Feinberg).
11 In human rights, the issue of power is, for sure, the most important issue. What social class exerts that power? That is the bottom line question. (Lenin)
12 Work on food security ignores key human rights issues.
13 It has always been a myth that the 'liberal world order' abides by economic, social and cultural rights principles. (Michael Goodhart)
14 Human rights and the means of deception.
15 So Close to markets far from human righs. (Riccardo Petrella)
16 Neuro-torture in the US - CIA-Military - Senate Intel Hearing Wm Burns CIA Head
17 Pathologies of power: Health, human rights and the new war on the poor.*
18 Nothing blurs ethical and human rights lines faster than human greed. (Dan Brown)
19 The promotion of human rights is not about just knocking at open doors, but rather about getting the conversation where it hurts. (G2H2)
20 Our history has devoted grandiose monuments and narratives to celebrate often sinister and sometimes shameful events of the past. (Francisco Louca)
21 The old art of the political lie is still with us today. Human rights implications can only be guessed.
22 In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of; in a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of. (Confucius)
23 The Mask of Democracy. (part 2 of 2)
24 The mask of democracy (part 1 of 2)
25 In a society governed by 'free' markets and by 'free' elections, organized greed always defeats disorganized democracy. (Matt Taibbi)
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