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1 What complicates our human rights work is the lack of information we have as realtes to hidden, semi-hidden or false truths.
2 America is getting a history lesson Robert J Gaydos
3 Spontaneous social movements are increasingly and freely moving in the direction of human rights.
4 In politics, everything boils down to knowing who wields power with what purpose and in the benefit of whom. (Louis Casado)
5 For human rights, improved terms of trade are more important than foreign aid
6 There is no pursuit of a common good in current development trends.
7 It seems the time is overdue for the nutrition profession to stand back and examine its worldwide work dispassionately. (part 2 of 2)
8 The time is oversue for the nutrition profession to stand back and examine its worldwide work dispassionately. (Part 1 of 2)
9 Political forces cannot be fought with morals and technical fixes. Acting politically is the way to reach zero ground in human rights work.
10 What do participation-in and representation-of look like when of a binding character?
11 Let us, once and for all, talk tough about development: Development will never be achieved from the impulse of the 'free' market! (#) (Daniel Pizarro)
12 Things change when a critical number of persons is reached who think and act in a certain way.
13 The right to nutrition is a fundamental human right, as without food there is no right to life. (Flavio Valente)
14 Suffering is not increased by the numbers of sufferers; one body can contain all the suffering the world can feel. (Graham Greene, The Quiet American)
15 What do buzzwords do for development policy? A critical look at 'poverty reduction', 'participation' and 'empowerment'.
16 Human rights: Is it a question of influencing or just accommodating to changes?
17 How can we be content with a universal health coverage approach that will get health for half when Health for All is possible?
18 Human rights are advanced by reaching consensus through dialogue, enquiry, or sometimes confrontation.
19 The SDGs do not really heed human rights; they dehumanize processes and go for results.
20 A critical mass of understanding and experience about human rights has been accumulated and now needs to be marshaled.
21 The world map of wealth is shrinking while the one of poverty is expanding: Human rights to be a bystander? (Herbert de Souza)
22 We need a critical (more robust?) assessment of the role of religion in the fulfillment of human rights
23 In Human Rights, there is no such a thing as ‘moderately equitable’.
24 We are ruled by an oppressive market, not necessarily an oppressive state. (David Korten)
25 We live in a pop, modern, cool capitalism that, not only is imposed on us by force, but is desired by us its slaves. (Lucas Grisafulli)
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