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The Issue of Cultural Differences

Written by Joan Edwards   
Thursday, 29 June 2017 02:38

Oftentimes, the problems amongst different cultures appear due to vey great differences. Of course, this is the issue of a language barrier. Nonetheless, this matter involves such necessities like religion, mentality, social group peculiarities, race, gender, beliefs and so on. This is a huge and complex understanding.

Commonly, too great differences induce quarrels and multiple wars all along the human history. Nowadays, we can see a tendency of being patient with one another. People try to find out compromises and beneficial outcomes for all sides. This issue is important for different types of relations. One of the most important ones is a personal relationship.

Today, a marriage between two representatives of completely different cultures or nationalities is no rarity. Such couples struggle hard to normalize and keep alive their relations. It is utterly difficult to be patient with someone so unlike you. Nevertheless, there are some methods that may save the situation and resolve the complications.

First of all, you should understand and explore. As you may not know about the traditions and preferences of your second part, you should be very attentive. You should try to understand all the details of a strange religion and beliefs.

  • Show respect to the differences. It may be not an easy test to remain calm when somebody acts unlike to your common habits. Some things may be shocking and bring you stress. You should remain patient and respect the traditions of another nation. Mind that this is likewise a great opportunity to learn something new about another culture.
  • Find the linking interests. It would be good to look for the commodities. The differences may be smoothed if finding the common ground. You will surely have something in common with your second part. This may be favorite book or kind of sport. Beginning from smaller things, you will able establish new common activities and habits afterward.
  • Don’t compromise too much. It goes without saying that both sides will have to sacrifice definite things. Nevertheless, you should stand your ground and don’t give up to much. Everything is supposed to be equal and neither side should rule.
  • Compile patience. One of the most important qualities and personal traits of any relations is to be patient. Without a proper tolerance and respect, you will not be capable of building strong and lasting relations with any partner. Show that you are ready to wait, endure some inconveniences and are expecting the same in return.
  • Don’t compare. One of the common mistakes is the comparing of two different cultures. Each culture is unique and has its own bonuses. However, some aspects may seem too weird and uncommon. Therefore, you should not compare two different religions. Thus, you will avoid a lot of problems.
  • Think about your future. There should be a dialogue between two sides. If your relationships are getting serious and you planning a marriage or child birth, you should talk this matter over and make allowances for all essentials. Planning together will make you closer.

As you can see, this issue is very complicated and there are many vital things to take into account. Each of them should be fulfilled correctly. You should respect your partner and his/her points of view and traditions.

It is likewise important to remind all of the readers that these methods are pretty effective but there is a possibility of trying something else. Every relationship is different and the approaches should be individual. Be attentive to the needs of your partner, find reasonable solutions and never lose your own identity.

About author: Joan J. Edwards is a skillful blogger and writer of EssayServiceWriter and some other resources. She pays attention to important problems of our life and suggests the ways to solve them. your social media marketing partner

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