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1 Are Indian Nukes in Unsafe Hands? Sajjad Shaukat
2 Kashmir Lockdown: The War Within India Sajjad Shaukat
3 Revisiting Jammu Martyrs Day Sajjad Shaukat
4 Indian Media’s Endless False Narratives against Pakistan Sajjad Shaukat
5 Behind Indian Anti-Pakistan Moves? Sajjad Shaukat
6 Kashmir: Another Black Day, India Continues Lockdown Sajjad Shaukat
7 Clampdown in Kashmir: India is Diverting Attention from Internal Issues Sajjad Shaukat
8 Indian Deep State Attempts Against Sikh Community Sajjad Shaukat
9 India: Gross Human Rights Abuses in Kashmir Continue Sajjad Shaukat
10 Kashmir will Prove India’s Soviet Union Sajjad Shaukat
11 India-Pakistan Tensions & Case of Nuclear War? Sajjad Shaukat
12 Indian Independence Day: Observance of Black Day in Kashmir and Pakistan Sajjad Shaukat
13 Modi’s Return to Power Will further Strengthen ‘Hindutva’ Sajjad Shaukat
14 19th July: Kashmir-Accession to Pakistan Day Sajjad Shaukat
15 Kashmir: Refocus on the Martyrs’ Day Sajjad Shaukat
16 Wani’s Martyrdom Gave New Impetus to the Kashmir Movement Sajjad Shaukat
17 Anti-Muslim Aftermath of Modi’s Election Victory Sajjad Shaukat
18 Strategic Contention Over Ports: Pakistan’s Gwadar Versus Iran’s Chabahar Sajjad Shaukat
19 Remembering the India’s ‘Operation Blue Star’ Sajjad Shaukat
20 Pakistan’s Conventional Response to India and Re-Establishing Nuclear Deterrence Sajjad Shaukat
21 Dangers of Modi’s ‘Meta-Nationalism’ for India Sajjad Shaukat
22 Solidifying Hindutva–BJP Nominated Sadhavi Pragya for Elections Sajjad Shaukat
23 Truth about Pulwama Attack and India’s Surgical Strikes Unmasked Sajjad Shaukat
24 Indian False Strategic Narrative: Pakistan-India Tension Still Remains (Revised) Sajjad Shaukat
25 Hasina Wajid’s Puppet Regime Fulfills Indian Interests Sajjad Shaukat
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