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1 Pakistan’s Conventional Response to India and Re-Establishing Nuclear Deterrence Sajjad Shaukat
2 Dangers of Modi’s ‘Meta-Nationalism’ for India Sajjad Shaukat
3 Solidifying Hindutva–BJP Nominated Sadhavi Pragya for Elections Sajjad Shaukat
4 Truth about Pulwama Attack and India’s Surgical Strikes Unmasked Sajjad Shaukat
5 Indian False Strategic Narrative: Pakistan-India Tension Still Remains (Revised) Sajjad Shaukat
6 Hasina Wajid’s Puppet Regime Fulfills Indian Interests Sajjad Shaukat
7 India’s Deepening Poverty Crisis Sajjad Shaukat
8 Pulwama: India’s False Flag Operation in Kashmir, Danger of Nuclear War? Sajjad Shaukat
9 Memory of the Samjhota Express Tragedy Sajjad Shaukat
10 India’s Economic Warfare against Pakistan Sajjad Shaukat
11 Maqbool Bhat: The Pioneer of the Kashmir’s Struggle Sajjad Shaukat
12 Afzal Guru’s Martyrdom Keeps the Kashmir’s Struggle Alive Sajjad Shaukat
13 Kashmir Solidarity Day Revisited Sajjad Shaukat
14 Observance of Black Day in Kashmir on the eve of Indian Republic Day Sajjad Shaukat
15 Turning Point: Has India Lost Kashmir? Sajjad Shaukat
16 UNCIP Resolution Day on Kashmir Sajjad Shaukat
17 India’s Fake Boat Drama was Exposed Sajjad Shaukat
18 Indian Parliament Terror Attack Revisited Sajjad Shaukat
19 Babri Mosque Demolition Exposed the Myth of India’s Secularism Sajjad Shaukat
20 Refocus on Mumbai Attacks Sajjad Shaukat
21 Corruption: Revolting and Rampaging Police in India Sajjad Shaukat
22 Modi’s Extremist India – Negation of Gandi’s Policy of Tolerance Sajjad Shaukat
23 Is India A Rapist Country? Sajjad Shaukat
24 Exhibition in Brussels Displays Indian Atrocities in Kashmir Sajjad Shaukat
25 Why India Accelerated Ceasefire Violations Along the Loc? Sajjad Shaukat
26 India-The Most Opportunist Ally of Russia and the US Sajjad Shaukat
27 Pak-India Border Tension Deepens, Danger of Nuclear War Sajjad Shaukat
28 Modi’s New Gimmick of Gagging Political Opponents for the Upcoming Elections Sajjad Shaukat
29 Indian Insecure Nuclear Programme, Threatening Regional and Global Peace Sajjad Shaukat
30 Double Game is the BJP Election Strategy Sajjad Shaukat
31 Why India Manipulated the Ghazni Terror Attack of Afghanistan? Sajjad Shaukat
32 Assamese Muslims are being Denied Indian Citizenship Sajjad Shaukat
33 Indian Independence Day: Black Day for Kashmiris Sajjad Shaukat
34 Question of Indian Nuclear Security Sajjad Shaukat
35 Kashmir’s Accession to Pakistan Day Sajjad Shaukat
36 Kashmir: Martyrs’ Day Revisited Sajjad Shaukat
37 Collusion of Hindutva with Indian Media Exposed Sajjad Shaukat
38 Kashmir: Indian Brutal Tactics Continue Sajjad Shaukat
39 Maoist Insurgency & Growing Extremism in India Sajjad Shaukat
40 India’s Abominable Vilification Campaign against Pakistan Sajjad Shaukat
41 Pre-Election Strategy of the BJP Sajjad Shaukat
42 Acquittals of the Mecca Mosque Blast Exposed NIA Collaboration with the BJP Sajjad Shaukat
43 Bharatiya Janata Party-A Balatkari (Rapist) Janata Party Sajjad Shaukat
44 Indian-Backed Bangladeshi P.M. is Strangulating the Opposition Sajjad Shaukat
45 India’s Punjab National Bank Scam Sajjad Shaukat
46 Coercive role of Indian National Investigation Agency Sajjad Shaukat
47 Modi’s Religious Fanaticism and Duplicity of Beef Politics Sajjad Shaukat
48 Nepal: Another Target of the Indian Hegemonic Designs in South Asia Sajjad Shaukat
49 Mumbai Attacks: Indian False Narrative about Hafiz Saeed Sajjad Shaukat
50 Refocus on Afzal Guru and the Kashmir Movement Sajjad Shaukat
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