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The Westonzula-Guido-enhanced-Cuban-American-Lobby, and it’s Growing Influence

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Tuesday, 16 March 2021 16:36

What was called the Cuban-American lobby is expanding fast:
The Right-Wing Cuban American Lobby consists of both Democratic and Republican politicians giving it wiggle-room amid the Democrat Republican gridlock. It suddenly got infused with a lot of new blood and clot, and has a greatly increasing influence in US politics. Pro-immigrant groups not wanting to note a fractured immigration movement don’t complain about Central Americans left out.

Venezuelan oligarch moved to what is now called Westonzuela back when former Venezuela President Hugo Chávez nationalized industry, They feel kinship and some support with oligarchs elsewhere in Latin America such as Guatemala. Many becoming US citizens, When the oil boom collapsed which Chavez had wrapped the economy around , economic hardship and a friendly environment in Miami encouraged many rich Venezuelans to also go to Miami. Those wanting to stay hired expensive often well connected immigration lawyers. Trump then Biden giving every Venezuelan in this country temporary protective status shows their clot. Most, who think anything that can be accused of being socialist is toxic, not good news for moving toward sensible healthcare, and other Democratic social justice programs.

In January 2009, Juan Guaido the then President of the Venezuelan Assembly and President Trump declared the Venezuelan presidency vacant to hold new elections in 30 days. Since then the US seized everything Venezuelan it could get its hands on and handed this to Juan Guaido to lobby for a change of government with, What amounts to a 13 month of strike with seizures of assets of all who won’t go along. Any Venezuelan with business ties with Venezuela unable or afraid to use them. Ruining the possibility of good relations of Cuba unless they join the boycott, but also concerted pressure on Mexico to stop trading with and supporting Venezuela just when the US and Mexico need to work together to solve the immigration crisis. Alejandro Giammattei the President of Honduras has been cruel to poor people, after riots the Congress backed down on a budget without any healthcare r aid to the poor, but he is slowly going after those who had protested,  He and Juan Guaido the US sponsored shadow President have been exchanging letters of solitary and support.

If  desperate Hondurans and Guatemalans are still fleeing north in four years both Trump and the Westonzula-Guido-enhanced-Cuban-American-Lobby will consider it a real plus. The US needs to put real pressure on both Hondurans and Guatemala to control the gangs and increase the lot of poor people, while offering substantial aid, this lobby is one of the things in the way.

If they weren’t fixated on regime change, critics of Nicolás Maduro would have appreciated some of his recent compromises.

He has encouraged small business and reformed the Hugo Chávez nationalized industries into public private partnerships. Chinese, Turkish and French and Russian companies have been partly reviving the economy while profiting from the joint ventures. Skilled Venezuelan workers had mostly migrated out of the country.

Unlike with Cuban-Americans taking advantage of Cuba’s new pro-small business climate Venezuelans in the US with assets back home are afraid to get involved.

South American companies who try to participate have been vulnerable to US sanctions. The US took offense to Alex Nain Saab Moran’s involvement in the subsidized CLAP Food program seizing his assets and those of his two sons. Attacking food shipments is particularly sinister.

When Juan Guaido declared himself President, Nicolás Maduro called for a National Roundtable for Peaceful Dialogue which Juan Guaido refused to participate in. Opposition candidates Henri Falcon. Evangelical Pastor Javier-Bertucci, an emissary of the Catholic Church and others agreed to a quick release of 14 political prisoners and a process to review the arrests of many more, and made policy changes. Venezuelans are getting disgusted with Juan Guado and more and more desperately against the US sanctions.

Pastor Javier Bertucci’s Mananthan Church keeps feeding more and more people with less and less food. In 2019 Randy Brinson’s Evangelical Christian charity was to send food meals and medicine to Venezuela, somehow Juan Guaido got in the way, Randy Brinson said, “It is unfortunate that the outreach has become so politicized,”.

Undaunted Pastor Javier Bertucci again tried to fly to the US to try to talk with the Carter Foundation. And ot hers even dreamed of reaching Biden, but was shocked to be placed aboard a plane back to Venezuela as an unwanted representative of the Manduro Government.

Personally I am as concerned for what all this is doing to the US, maybe even more than I am concerned about what this blockade is doing to Venezuela.

Rich Latin Americans have been migrating to Miami for years, it would be hard to fully appreciate this article without reading the following link,

The President of Guatemala has been attacking the poor causing many to flee,

Letters of praise and support between Juan Guaido and the President of Guatemala,


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro frequent compromises with those willing to accept compromises,,for%20sanctions%20against%20the%20country%20to%20be%20lifted


His pro-business efforts that Venezuelans in the US would appreciate if they weren't fixated on regime change,


US attacking businessmen involved in delivering the food box program,


Evangelical Pastor Javier Bertucci tries to get food and medicine to Venezuela.,


When the effort failed he tried again but shocked that we wasn’t allowed in, and keeps trying to appeal. /

If you speak Spanish or know how to google translate twitter click this,


Again Biden’s efforts at reform can’t get anywhere without dealing with the immigration roadblock. Again please read,


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