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writing for godot

Venezuela Tragic Policy for the US and Venezuelan people

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Saturday, 27 February 2021 14:29

What the US is doing in Venezuela, causes problems over here.
When it comes to US Venezuelan policy it’s as if Trump was still in office only worse because the protests stopped.

The US blockade and sabotage is overwhelmingly effective, far more than was the blockade of Cuba or freezing of Iranian assets.

The US keeps tightening the vice grip on Venezuela while blaming Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro for the growing economic turmoil, constantly badmouthing the word Socialism, disrupting efforts to reform the US health system.  Rich Venezuelans moved to Florida, where Trump’s pardons gave them temporary immigration status, which Biden will add those with temporary immigrant status to the Dreamers in his fast track to citizenship. Ultraconservatives among Hispanics is now a growing force.

In the US some rich people like Bill Gates and Opera Winfrey feel some obligation to those left behind. But skilled Venezuelans who can’t find skilled work at home due to currency collapse and members of the Venezuelan aristocracy, who took a flight to Florida to try to stay feel no solidarity with desperate Central Americans fleeing starvation and gang violence, and now with temporary immigrant status tend to appreciate the Republican agenda. The Democrats in Florida in the last election were surprised that that Trump’s insults to desperate refugees didn’t praise conservative Hispanics. They were upset with not supportive of the Black Lives Matter protests, and any Democratic proposals that could be accused of of being socialistic. They are happy with hassles with the Venezuelan and Cuban government and are mad at Mexico for being too partial to the poor. They feel solidarity to the oligarchies in Honduras and Guatemala.

Life in Honduras and Guatemala is desperate for the poor, caravans of very poor people heading north toward the US border, needs to be met with an intensive US humanitarian aid toward those countries, and intense US presume on Honduras and Guatemala to crack down on the gangs and to stop mistreating poor people. If desperate Central Americans are still clamoring to be let in the US in four years,  it will be a windfall for Donald Trump or another anti-immigrant Republican Presidential candidate.

In January 2019 Juan Guaido who was at the time President of the Venezuelan Assembly, with the total backup of Trump tried to evoke the Venezuelan equivalent of a 25 US Amendment change of government. If the Venezuelan President and Vice President died or suffered huge strokes, the then President of the Venezuelan National Assembly would call for new elections in 30 days.  No one ever claimed ballot box stuffing only that paying or giving perks to Maduro supporters for showing up at the polls supposedly made the election fraudulent.

Trump seized the Venezuelan Embassy and everything he could grab including government supporters bank accounts connected to partially US owned banks and businesses, and handed than to Juan Guaido,  to spend lavishly and use for patronage, much of it lobbying under Trump for a US invasion, and under Biden to creating hassles between the US and Venezualan, Cuba and Mexico. As political life continued Supreme Court Justices, the new Vice President, the new President of the Nationally Assemble and various contractors had US involved assets seized and forbidden to travel to this country. As the currency collapsed US even partially connected banks were forbidden to accept new Venezuelan petro-currency and cripto-dollars.

Two very conservative politicians, Henri Falcon and evangelical preacher politician Javier Bertucci, keep refusing to join the election boycott, but were also inclined to call the results fraud because of the perks given to Manduro supporters. Juan Guaido calls them Manduro agents or dupes for participating. But at least they don’t face US sanction. However evangelist pastor Bertucci try to arrange for an Evangelist charity that mixes food, medical aid. and Bibles to bring in food and medicine.   Randy Brinson, the head of th Alabama-based charity was going to travel to Venezuela to make sure a large chuck didn’t end up in the hands of Manduro supporters. He ended up saying,
Randy Brinson, “It is unfortunate that the outreach has become so politicized,”  

As soon as Juan Guaido declared himself Temporary President in 2019, the US tried to send in truck loads of patronage supplies, truck loads of dippers, paper-goods, cosmetics and dry goods to Venezuela for Juan Guaido to divvy out, calling it humanitarian aid, not the stuff to put a big dent in hunger, Manduro blocked the borders. the supplies only dribbling in through the underground market. The Trump propaganda victory was that Manduro was forcing Venezuelans to starve. Trump is no longer in charge, Domestically progressive causes like national health care is in trouble and so is the next election will be a problem in four years, if desperate Central Americans still need to flee gangs and starvation toward the US border. A skilled Venezuelan oil worker, can achieve US citizenship then vote to keep the desperate out of the US.

We US progressives ignore the US vice-grip of Venezuelan at our peril.

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by Richard Kane, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , your social media marketing partner
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