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Almost Unnoticed Biden Continues Trump’s Cruel Venezuelan Policy

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Friday, 22 January 2021 15:48

In one area Biden copies Trump.

Biden has been clear on the climate, but when it comes to foreign policy, progressives are still hoping and waiting to see how much US policy will change on Yemen, Iran and Cuba.

Biden invited Venezuelan's shadow government leader Juan Guaido to attend his Inauguration, singling Trump’s iron fist will not continue to cause economic turmoil there. Of the progressive groups only Code Pink have reacted with horror.

Trump had been freezing assets in Iran, but with Venezuela just grabbing everything owned or related to the Venezuelan government and sanctioning overseas business and individuals willing to deal with its traditional government, causing massive disruptions.

There is amazing similarities between Trump and his cohorts claiming, in many places, Democratic victories were fraudulent because traditionally it was illegal to change voting rules in most states without a drawn out procedure.

South Korea takes the right to vote very seriously without resorting to mail-in voting. Democrats asked many state courts for emergency changes in Absentee Voting Rules because of the pandemic Republicans argued, it was really a Democratic Power Grab,  the Supreme Court eventually concurred with these state courts, everyone eventually accepting the court findings except for Trump and his cohorts.

Something similar happened in Venezuelan where the Nicolás Maduro government kept changing the rules. Trump and other US officials declared the Presidency of Venezuela to be vacant. Since the pertinent Venezuela officials would have none of it, until with Trump and Pence egging him on, Juan Guaido the then head of the Venezuelan Senate declared himself the temporary President of Venezuela until new elections could quickly be held. With time this argument made less and less sense, as in the US, the original Republican claim that quickly changes to Absentee Voting Rules is illegal.

Most Venezuelans are mad at Juan Guaido because he keeps sicking US sanctions on Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro is especially popular with patronage base. There are two very conservative Venezuelans, who insist on sticking in the elections despite the rules keep changing,  Henri Falcon and Evangelist Pastor Javier Bertucci. In the last Senate elections besides Manduro’s patronage chain, voters chose among labor or other special interest candidates, as well as Henri Falcon’s Progressive Advance Party, and Javier Bertucci’s Hope for Change Party. PS., no one every claimed ballot box stuffing in any election dispute.

Javier Bertucci tried to team up with Randy Brinson, an Alabama-based Evangelical charity that runs a voter-registration nonprofit. The delivery of two shipping containers filled with medicine and ready-to-eat meals thanks to a deal brokered by the pastor, Javier Bertucci, as a first installment. with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government’s concurrence.  It was blocked somehow by Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott. “It is unfortunate that the outreach has become so politicized,” Randy Brinson said.

Somehow even Covid 19 vaccines have been blocked by the gridlock.

Venezuela Candidate Bertucci Slams Irresponsible Call for Sanctions by Opposition Factions

He and Henri Falcon have been resisting Juan Guaido’s power grab as they resist Nicolás Manduro’s patronage chain.

Evangelist pastor, Bertucci inspires Venezuelan Fundamentalists by talking about he and his wife adopting a child for pro-life reasons similar the way Amy Coney Barrett inspired those who call themselves pro-life in her Supreme Court confirmation hearings.   Randy Brinson, an Alabama-based Evangelical charity was intertwined with “Rock the Vote”, inspiring Christians to get out to vote, but this January strongly came out against the attack on the Capitol.

Let’s united against Juan Guaido’s effort to steal the election in Venezuela. As much as we united against Trump’s election stealing attempt in the US. your social media marketing partner
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