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Various and Sundry Things

Written by Bishop Andrew Gentry   
Friday, 18 February 2011 03:38
Beloved Friends,

As I sit here recovering form the newest virus that seems to be a plague upon us(and I want to take this opportunity to apologize to my community for being unable to celebrate Eucharist yesterday) I would like to recommend a new site. It is called "Reader Supported News" and if the new Tories get their way and NPR along with PBS is destroyed sites like RSN may be the only source of news that is not orchestrated by a network!

I often quote the old French maxim that the more things change the more they stay the same. Well the latest assault upon the rights of workers, the environment, education, science, family, you name it proves its veracity. If this new kangaroo Congress has its way everything from the minimum wage to social security and anything and everything in between that effects the poor, the working poor, the elderly, the sick, the youngest, the least educated , and the middle class will be done away with it! There will be no labour laws, no environmental laws, no guaranteed retirement, no education loans, no hospitalization for the indigent, in other words the characters in Charles Dickens England would find a very familiar place! Mark my words unless we can unite and defeat these robber barons we all shall partake of vinegar and gall.

Recently I received a letter from Social Security telling me for the second consecutive year that there would be no cost of living increase for me and millions like me because there was no increase in the cost of living! Can someone explain that to me?! And along the same line of what the hell are they talking about did you hear that the Roman Catholic archbishop of New York one Mr. Timothy Dolan, who is the president of the U S Roman Catholic Bishops Conference said yesterday that it was Not the fault of the clergy but the media as well as anti-church forces for the abuse scandal! In other words when the sheep are slaughtered by the wolves it is the fault of the sheep not the wolves!!!!! Lord have mercy upon us.

Well back to a lie down. Please take care.

Bishop Andrew Gentry
The Church of All Saints and Sorts
A Congregational Catholic Church, an Intentional Eucharistic Community your social media marketing partner


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0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2011-02-19 11:11
Yes I agree, ReaderSupported dNews is a wonderful site. The Godoc page lists everything, comments don't close as discussion can continue. FireDogLake lists the reader submitted articles on a back page that only to go to the front page if other readers like it.

But it has two problems the Notify Me button on my computer doesn't work, and writers usually only comment on the news at the top, not on other reader supported submiters. At Philadelphia Independent Media, the editor adds comments to get the comments started, and the number of comments is listed with the article.

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