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The Church of the CIA. Handmaid's Tale.

Written by javiercastro   
Thursday, 16 November 2017 11:12

The CIA Opened a Branch of Churches. Handmaid’s Tale

by Javier Castro

In the early 1960s, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) hatched a plot to open a Mennonite church in San Salvador, El Salvador. And they did.

Since the 1940s, many CIA operatives have used a religious “cover” or “legend,” pretending to be clergy, missionaries, aid workers and so forth, as they have done seemingly endless wars that have killed tens of millions of innocent civilians (mostly women and children). Devils masquerading as angels of light.

The first CIA church then opened a bakery, profiled poor people in the community for their suitability to be CIA agents who could also convincingly pretend to be Mennonites and recruited them. The CIA church bakery paid more money than real bakeries in the area.

CIA training camps and weapons transfer warehouses, at the time, were in Guatemala and Honduras.

The first CIA church then moved from San Salvador to the Santa Ana (El Salvador) area to be closer to trails and back roads through the mountains to Guatemala and Honduras.

Then, the CIA opened more and more churches, just like its first, in the Santa Ana – Metapan area of El Salvador in the mountains near CIA “supply routes.” A handful of CIA pretend missionaries morphed to a hundred CIA pretend missionaries. A dozen locally recruited CIA agents swelled into a thousand local CIA agents.

From El Salvador, the CIA pretend churches metastasized to Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize and Costa Rica. Plus a few branches in the United States (in Virginia, for example). (So much for separation of church and state.) As of 2017, there is a chain of over 200 CIA pretend churches, over 1,000 American CIA operatives operating out of these “churches” and countless thousands of locally recruited CIA agents. They own tens of thousands of acres of land (all the better to hide illicit contraband, murderers and what not) and countless front companies (farms, ranches, clinics, retail stores, wholesale businesses, import export businesses, micro-finance businesses (de facto banks), telecommunications businesses, clinics, schools, etc.).

What’s the name of this chain of CIA pretend churches? Good question. They have hundreds of church buildings, but most have nothing written on them. They refer to them by location such as the church at Waslala or the church at Kusily.

Most real Mennonite churches and charities cut the cord with this CIA chain of pretend churches early on. CIA front company “religious charities” like Children’s’ Aid Ministries stepped in to launder CIA money and illicit contraband to this CIA chain of pretend churches.

The CIA operatives at these CIA pretend churches declare that they are Mennonites. When told that they are not like any Mennonite congregations on Earth, they then declare that they are Beachy Amish. When told that they are unlike any Beachy Amish congregations, they smile and laugh.

Are they difficult to find? Yes and no. They are often in the mountains, in rural areas near dirt roads to Honduras for example, and the females dress up in costumes just like the costumes on characters in HuLu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” TV show.

A few starting points are Metapan, El Salvador, Waslala, Nicaragua, San Carlos, Costa Rica. Download a couple episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale to your phone (if you have one) and show some short clips to the normal local people and say you are looking for the “Mennonite” churches where the people dress up in costumes just like the costumes of the actresses in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Long game. The American CIA operatives are ordered to intermarry with the locally recruited CIA agents and to bear at least two children locally. Each spouse gets two passports as do the children. The CIA operatives now go out to the 4th generation within this inbred CIA chain of pretend churches.

Church services are Wednesday and Sunday. Anyone can go. They will ask for your name, how to spell your name, where you are from and a phone number. That data gets passed on to CIA bosses for an assessment of suitability for recruitment as a CIA agent (based largely on an analysis of years of data on your computer and phone usage, texts, social media, etc.).

The CIA operatives at the CIA’s chain of pretend churches are as creepy, as sleazy, as hypocritical and as criminal as you’d expect. They are among the frostiest, iciest, most loveless and inhospitable “churches” possible, so they simply freeze out rejects and follow orders from their handlers on others.

They have special schools for members of their churches. They absolutely do not allow children from the local communities around their “churches” into their special schools. In their schools, they focus on parts of the Old Testament that they like plus a few bits and pieces of letters from Paul that they like too.

Like the story of Rehab the prostitute and the two spies in Jericho. They love that Bible story. The story of Esau and Jacob who tricked and deceived his Elderly Father. The CIA operatives relish Bible stories illustrating how “good” lying and deceiving are. They don’t like anything about how bad lying and deceiving are (Bible chapters written by John for example).

They teach their children photographing and videotaping. (The real Amish don’t take photographs or video, they say because it’s vanity or because of Exodus 20:4, etc.).

They intensively teach their children in their schools to be actors, how to pretend they are people they’re not, how to memorize and recite lines given to them by their handlers (“teachers”), how to act out street theater skits (indoors or outdoors), how to dress up in wigs and costumes. Their “schools” are fascinating, like a mix between acting school and obedience school.

The Rehab the prostitute story helps train them to be prostitutes or spies. Or both. The Esau Jacob story prepares them to lie, trick, and deceive anyone. The Good Samaritan story helps train their children to do violent attacks, to rob and steal, to do good cop – bad cop routines (the “bad cops” violently attack and rob the good Samaritan, then the “good cops” show up to take care of the damage did by their bad cop partners). Different flavors of good cop – bad cop are very popular with the CIA.

The Philemon story makes these CIA operatives feel justified about slavery, the CIA loves slaves and the CIA hates freedom and liberty.

The CIA also hates the highest law of the land, the inalienable rights that we the people have like freedom of religion, freedom of the press (to reveal government wrongs), the right to be secure in our persons and personal effects, the right to redress government wrongs. Separation of church and state.

With millions and millions of American born Americans leaving the USA – for good – each decade, the tens of thousands of CIA officers and contractors plus their tens of millions of CIA agents globally need to respect the inalienable rights of we the people wherever we are.

Another “school play” that these covens of CIA agents like to train their children to do and like to force them to play act out on stage for the entertainment of the members of these highly inbred covens masquerading as churches can be found in Genesis 19.

Lot gives his daughters to a crowd to be gang raped. Then, Lot’s daughters get him drunk and have sex with him (their father). This is yet another fascinating play that these “churches” force their children to act out on stage for their pleasure. The exploitation and abuse of children by these CIA operatives is extreme.

Crimes. Medical experiments on people without their knowledge and without their consent. Attempted coups and coups (Guatemala, and more recently Honduras, for example). Fomenting, provoking and fanning the fires of civil wars started by the CIA (in El Salvador and Nicaragua for example). Torture. Terrorizing people. Disabling people. Rape. Murder. Mass murder. Serial killing. The CIA mass murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Central America since the CIA arrived in 1947.

Wars, such as the multiple wars in the 1900s by the CIA’s dictator in Nicaragua then, Somoza, against Guanacaste, a large province in Northern Costa Rica.

In one area with a health “care” clinic run by the CIA pretend churches and Children’s Aid Ministries, it was striking that one young boy on a relatively empty bus was so obviously hiding his hands. Turns out each hand has 6 fingers. Just off the bus – into a tiny remote rural village of less than 1,000 people – was another boy, who said he was 10 years old, with a full beard. Weird parasites and intestinal worms infect close to 90% of the population. Although the “church” clinic charges money (to local people who live in extreme poverty) for their “services,” they give away pharmaceuticals and injections for free.

Some are not what their labels say they are. Some are experimental. And the “doctors” are not doctors. It’s the CIA, nothing is what it seems to be. The CIA is a gang of professional liars, professional deceivers, professional con men and professional con women.

The CIA – and the US government in general – has a long history of doing experiments on people without their knowledge and without their consent. In the 1940s and 1950s for example, over 1,000 people in Guatemala were intentionally infected with venereal diseases like syphilis and then NOT treated. Just to see what would happen.

Fast forward to 2017, over 60 years later, and hundreds of these people (who mostly live in extreme poverty) are still waiting for medical treatment for the sexually transmitted diseases they were intentionally infected with. The lawsuit against the US government was dismissed, but the lawsuit against Johns Hopkins University is still pending for these crimes against humanity.

Tens of millions of people globally – including many university officials – are CIA agents. Most people still vastly underestimate how many CIA agents there are. Most people still vastly underestimate how many CIA crimes have been committed and how many CIA front companies there are. We can now add CIA front company churches and CIA front company charities to the list of CIA fronts operating globally (and within the USA).

Every country has laws against the crimes that the CIA operatives continually commit, yet few countries (as of 2017) have been enforcing their own existing laws to stop CIA crimes, atrocities and abominations.

Some prime targets for recruitment by the CIA (by seduction or bribery or both) in country after country are the very same government officials responsible for enforcing laws (investigating, prosecuting, etc.).

When we realize more fully how numerous and how evil the CIA crimes are and how vast its network of agents and fronts are, we realize better what a Herculean task it is to stop CIA crimes. Both North Korea and Vietnam offer models on how to stop CIA crimes (felonies, torture, atrocities, rapes, mass murders, crimes against humanity, war crimes and worse).

So, in between coups, attempted coups, wars, weapons trafficking, sex trafficking, human trafficking, robbing, stealing, lying, deceiving, tricking, promotion of prostitution, assaulting, raping, murdering, and mass murdering – what do these CIA “church people” do?

Well, millions of American born Americans leave the USA – for good – each decade. Some are whistleblowers, some are activists or dissidents. Some leave the USA because they’re disgusted with the corruption and crimes of the many psychopaths and criminals working for the US government. Many leave because they were attacked daily – for years and years – by US secret police agents executing their zersetzung-on-steroids tactics against free people who they cannot enslave. (The CIA hates freedom and liberty.)

The CIA’s zersetzung-on-steroids program includes gang stalking, harassing, persecuting, torturing (psychologically or physically or both), tormenting, abusing, terrorizing and worse millions of people (Americans and non-Americans alike) 24/7/365. This is part of their global surveillance state program.

Many Americans leave the USA for good for Central America. Where they find thousands and thousands of CIA “church people” waiting to stalk them, harass them, torture them, terrorize them and worse. 24/7/365. Committing zersetzung crimes against Americans and non-Americans alike are things the CIA operatives from the CIA’s chain of churches do, largely, in their down time in between the many CIA coups, coup attempts, wars, weapons trafficking, sabotage, bribing and seducing, sex trafficking, experimenting on people without consent, murder training, raping, murdering, mass murdering and so forth. Nice, huh?

When empires collapse, they often unravel at unholy speed. It took two years for the Spanish empire to end once it began to unravel. Once the Soviet empire began to unravel in the early 1990s, it took only a few months for that empire to fully implode, collapse, fall and shatter into pieces.

Too much debt for too many wars is the number 1 reason why empires collapse and fall. The Soviet empire for example, was heavily burdened by the expenses of proxy wars (in Nicaragua and El Salvador, for example), a lingering cold war, and, who could forget, a lengthy and costly direct war in the Graveyard of the Empires, Afghanistan.

(Afghanistan’s name as the Graveyard of the Empires goes back to Alexander the Great’s time when both Alexander and his empire met their ends in Afghanistan.)

The CIA does scenario planning and contingency planning for every country. The USA included.

It’s no secret that the US government has way too much debt. From way too many wars. A colossal seemingly every expanding surveillance state and their zersetzung on steroids torture program to terrorize millions of innocent people they don’t like (and cannot enslave).

Add together all the debts of government in the USA (Federal, State, Municipal, governmental authorities) and it’s over $50 trillion that Uncle Sam has to pay within the next 25 years.

Add together all the unfunded public pensions in the USA (FERS, Federal, State, Municipal, Teachers, Police, etc.) and it’s over $50 trillion in unfunded pension benefits and liabilities that Uncle Sam has to pay within the next 25 years.

Uncle Sam spends over $4 trillion a year (military, CIA, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, etc.) on existing programs. That’s over $100 trillion over the next 25 years (2017-2042). Plus over $100 trillion in debt and pensions due within the next 25 years.

But. The US government only gets $3.5 trillion a year in taxes. The US government cannot pay over $200 trillion with only $87.5 trillion in tax money coming in.

So, how’s Uncle Sam going to pay over $200 trillion for existing programs, debt and pensions with only $87.5 trillion in money coming in from taxes?

When will the US government collapse and fall? No one knows the month and year when the American empire will start to unravel, then collapse and fall. Could be 2042 or 2032. Much more likely it’ll be closer to 2022.

Then what? The US government unravels, collapses, implodes, falls and shatters into pieces. Riots turn to uprisings to civil war. Weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, biological) let loose (or get sold off on the black market or …). California and Texas may secede. California might also reunify with Mexico. Louisiana may reunify with France. Florida may reunify with Spain. Or Florida may shatter into a North Florida and a South Florida that unifies with Cuba. Alaska may reunify with Russia.

In a short while, the overly indebted US government will be hard up for money, so much so that they will entertain offers from Russia to buy back Alaska. Do I hear 10 trillion rubles, going once, going twice, SOLD!

The collapse and fall of the US government will be the collapse and fall of the US government.

Deagle estimates that by 2025, the US GDP will have shrunk from $20 trillion to $1 trillion, and that the US population will have shrunk from 330 million to 80 million people. (Which countries are ready for 250 million American refugees? Canada? Mexico? Nicaragua …?)

Then what? Then, if the world isn’t a post apocalypse World War III aftermath, the US will be led by a right wing government (like Hitler in the 1940s or Franco in the 1970s or Peron in the 1980s) or a left wing government (most Americans under 40 want socialism).


What’s left of a post debt collapse USA could become a theocracy. The USA has a much larger population of fundamentalist Christians than any other nation on Earth.

The CIA hates, absolutely hates, socialism. So, it’s unlikely that the CIA will allow socialism no matter how much the younger half wants it.

Communism was the “bogeyman” that provided the excuse for the CIA to frighten and shake down the US Congress for bigger and bigger budgets each year (1947-1991). Had the CIA not fabricated communism into a bogeyman, the CIA would probably still be a small office with a few hundred people with a small budget of a few million dollars a year like it was in 1947.

The CIA could choose for the USA to become a Nazi (fascist) totalitarian dictatorship. But, they wouldn’t have any more money to bribe or seduce (or both) people outside the USA. And American fascism would have very limited ideological appeal for the CIA to try to recruit agents outside the USA.

The only reason for the CIA’s “successes” in the 1900s (1947-1999), was that the CIA had so much borrowed money to pay for so many prostitutes to seduce so many targets and to pay for so many bribes (to millions of greedy targets who they could not seduce). By seduction or bribery (or in many cases both), the CIA bought the souls of tens of millions of people.

In the post debt collapse USA, the CIA will no longer have the money to seduce or bribe people. The CIA will need some sort of ideology (or theology) to try to get agents and targets globally.

A Handmaid’s Tale. Would the CIA choose to become a totalitarian theocracy like Saudi Arabia or a democratic theocracy like Iran? The CIA loves Saud Arabia, they’d pick a totalitarian theocracy.

Catholic or Protestant? Most CIA mucky mucks are nominally Protestant.

What kind of Protestant? There are over 100 denominations. Episcopalian. Lutheran. Jehovah’s Witnesses. Baptist. Pentecostal…

Wait. The CIA already has its very own chain of pretend churches. In Central America. The CIA already decided in the 1960s to make their pretend churches have the appearance of some sort of Mennonite – Beach Amish hybrid. Complete with costumes that are right off the set of HuLu’s award winning TV show “The Handmaid’s Tale!”

Or vice versa. Perhaps the costumes for The Handmaid’s Tale came from the CIA’s chain of pretend churches. Hollywood and the CIA are much more intertwined than most people realize.

The two most probable aftermaths to a post debt collapse USA are 1) a post-apocalyptic WW III aftermath or 2) a totalitarian theocracy based on the CIA’s very own chain of pretend churches in Central America.

If the unraveling of the overly indebted American empire is a post apocalypse WW III aftermath then some people will be in Heaven (with no more worries in the world) and everyone else will be in hell (with no more hope).

If the unraveling of the overly indebted American empire is a totalitarian theocracy, then we should all be shining a spotlight – and writing much more detailed investigative journalism reports – on the CIA’s very own chain of pretend churches in Central America to get more than a glimpse of what’s coming soon.

Erik Eckholm, of the New York Times, for example, was just in Waslala again, to do an investigative journalism piece on just one small aspect of the weirdness of this chain of CIA churches, they’re harboring a lesbian love child from Vermont and her fugitive mother in the Waslala area, a good starting point for good journalists to start their investigative journalism on these “churches,” these covens of CIA agents, devils masquerading as angels of light. Perhaps, Mr. Eckholm can come again to do a more comprehensive investigative journalism series on this fascinating chain of “churches” which may prove to be the model for a future theocratic government in the USA. Legions of good investigative journalists can be reporting on these “churches” and the probable directions that the US government will take after a debt collapse in the USA. your social media marketing partner

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