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How to Plan a Great End of the School Year Party

Written by ashleykornee   
Tuesday, 20 June 2017 22:07

Finals are nearly here. Soon, it will be time for students close out the school year and get ready for summer. For some, it may even mean looking forward to graduation. It’s an eventful time. Why let it pass without a celebration? Before everyone heads in their separate directions for summer, why not throw an amazing end of year party?


Know Your Invitees

To be clear, this doesn’t just mean you should know who you are inviting. You should also know their interests and preferences and how they interact with each other. This will help you to determine the type of party to throw.


For example, if your crew is full of boisterous, athletic types a bonfire on the beach with lots of physical activity such as sand volleyball might be ideal. Another group might prefer a dance party vibe. You may have to tweak your plans to create a party experience that all will enjoy.


Think About Your Venue

Remember that this is a party and no mere get together. There’s a good chance that a dorm room or small apartment may not have enough room to accommodate people, let alone food and decorations. You may have to consider larger options. Here a few examples:


●     Renting a Party Room at a Local Legion Hall or Community Center - Tables and Kitchen Facilities Are Often Included

●     A Public Outdoor Area Such as a Pavillion at a Park or Public Beach

●     An Event Room on Campus - Beware That Alcohol Maybe Prohibited

●     Someone’s Home or a Fraternity/Sorority House

●     A Party Room at a Nightclub or Restaurant

●     A Recreational Facility Such as a Bowling Alley or Arcade Marketed to Young Adults


Remember to make reservations early. This is a busy time of year and things fill up quickly.


To Theme or Not to Theme…

If there is a common interest among the people in your group, they can be a lot of fun. If not, it can make the party feel a bit forced and contrived. It’s also important to keep in mind that at the end of the school year, most people want to cut loose and unwind. This may not be the best time for a murder mystery dinner or a movie night.


If you do go with a theme, you might want to pick something that lends itself to a great time:


●     A Beach or Luau Theme - Great if There’s a Pool Available

●     Sports Themed - Arrange a Touch Football Game or Frisbee

●     Eighties Dance Party - Pick a True Eighties Music Fan to DJ


Make Sure Everyone Can Attend

It won’t be much of a party if many of your attendees are doing things with family, or wrapping up their studies. Make sure you know everyone’s schedule so that you can plan the party for the right date. If someone in your group is struggling with finals and other papers offer to help them study or advise them to use a service like MyEssaysLab so they can power through the last few weeks.


Make Sure Everyone is Comfortable

There are 3 things to think about when keeping your guests comfortable. These are.

1. Plenty of Seating

Don’t underestimate this. It’s especially important when you are serving food that requires plates. Everyone needs a place to sit and set down a drink. Seating arrangements matter as well. Arrange chairs, TV trays, Cushions, other furniture so that people can face each other and converse.

It’s always a good idea to grab one or two long tables. These can be used for food or for a certain game involving red plastic cups and ping pong balls.

There’s nothing wrong with throwing a BYOC (bring your own chair) party. In fact, it’s probably the best thing to do if you are having your end of year blowout at a park or at the beach. Just let people know early.

2. Protection From The Elements

Outdoor parties are great. Just be prepared for what the weather might bring. If there isn’t a pavilion or other shelter, a rental tent or canvas pavilion can do the trick. Next, consider bugs. Burn citronella candles and leave bug spray around for guests to use. Finally, if it’s going to get chilly as the evening continues, leave some inexpensive blankets around.

3. Decent Parking

This is important! If you don’t have ample parking, you will have both frustrated guests and irritated neighbors. If it’s a small party, consider letting your neighbors know ahead of time. Most people are pretty accommodating. If there simply isn’t enough room for parking, consider having guests park elsewhere and shuttling them in.

4. Knock it Out of The Park With Food And Drink

First, be sure to provide plenty of non-alcoholic drinks. Water, iced tea, coffee, juices, and sports drinks are always good options. Second, be sure you know the rules that apply to serving alcohol. For example, is your campus a dry campus? Have fun, and be careful. Because alcohol is expensive, there’s nothing wrong with expecting those who choose to indulge in bringing their own.

Great food is a must. Fruit trays, chips and dips, popcorn, and small dessert items are often easiest. You can usually get these items premade and simply open everything and put onto plates or into bowls. A big hoagie can also be a hit.If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try whipping up a great meal with a friend or two. Grilled burgers and dogs are a good option. So is chili or taco filling in a crockpot? Don’t forget to accommodate dietary preferences and allergies. Your vegetarian friends will love it if they have options available for them.



Do you want to put on a great bash for your friends to close out the school year? This is totally doable. Just create a safe and comfortable space for your guests, serve great food and drinks, and make sure there is plenty to do! your social media marketing partner

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