REPORT/PHOTOGRAPHS BY: Marc Ash, Director, Reader Supported News
Occupy San Francisco Encampment, 10/20/11.

Occupy San Francisco main website:

I visited the Occupy San Francisco Encampment on 10/20/11. The mood was upbeat. The
occupiers are mostly young, well organized, and services including: a food hospitality,
medical tent, communications and a library are up and running. The feeling is organic and
hopeful. Those that have committed to stay are gaining inspiration from older circa '60s
protesters. It's a nice blend of young and old.

San Francisco's old guard radicals were in attendance, and held court.

A food hospitality is functional...but needs more supplies!

Communication devices require power, power is supplied by batteries. Keeping the batteries
charged is a round the clock undertaking.

One way to recharge the batteries is by hooking up a bicycle to a generator connected to the

A surprise visit from the San Francisco board of health. Their concern was that cooking was
happening, and that it shouldn't. The inspectors informed the organizers that they would
conduct an inspection the following morning, 10/21/11, at 8:AM to make sure that no cooking
was occurring.

Organic organizing. Planning meetings are open to all. No one is in charge, everyone is
encouraged to participate.

Art plays a part...

Art plays a part...2.