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Marshall writes: "The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the most secretive and 'least transparent' trade negotiations in history."

The tradeoff: rallying against the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Tokyo, October 2011. (photo: Yuriko Nakao/Reuters)
The tradeoff: rallying against the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Tokyo, October 2011. (photo: Yuriko Nakao/Reuters)

Why So Secretive? The Trans-Pacific Partnership

By Andrew Gavin Marshall, Occupy.Com

24 November 12


The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the most secretive and "least transparent" trade negotiations in history.

uckily for the populations and societies that will be affected by the agreement, there are public research organizations and alternative media outlets campaigning against it - and they've even released several leaks of draft agreement chapters. From these leaks, which are not covered by mainstream corporate-controlled news outlets, we are able to get a better understanding of what the Trans-Pacific Partnership actually encompasses.

For example, public interest groups have been warning that the TPP could result in millions of lost jobs. As a letter from Congress to United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk stated, the TPP "will create binding policies on future Congresses in numerous areas," including "those related to labor, patent and copyright, land use, food, agriculture and product standards, natural resources, the environment, professional licensing, state-owned enterprises and government procurement policies, as well as financial, healthcare, energy, telecommunications and other service sector regulations."

In other words, as promised, the TPP goes far beyond "trade."

Dubbed by many as "NAFTA on steroids" and a "corporate coup," only two of the TPP's 26 chapters actually have anything to do with trade. Most of it grants far-reaching new rights and privileges to corporations, specifically related to intellectual property rights (copyright and patent laws), as well as constraints on government regulations.

The leaked documents revealed that the Obama administration "intends to bestow radical new political powers upon multinational corporations," as Obama and Kirk have emerged as strong advocates "for policies that environmental activists, financial reform advocates and labor unions have long rejected for eroding key protections currently in domestic laws."

In other words, the already ineffective and mostly toothless environmental, financial, and labor regulations that exist are unacceptable to the Obama administration and the 600 corporations aligned with the TPP who are giving him his orders.

The agreement stipulates that foreign corporations operating in the United States would no longer be subject to domestic U.S. laws regarding protections for the environment, finance or labor rights, and could appeal to an "international tribunal" which would be given the power to overrule American law and impose sanctions on the U.S. for violating the new "rights" of corporations.

The "international tribunal" that would dictate the laws of the countries would be staffed by corporate lawyers acting as "judges," thus ensuring that cases taken before them have a "fair and balanced" hearing - fairly balanced in favor of corporate rights above anything else.

A public interest coalition known as Citizens Trade Campaign published a draft of the TPP chapter on "investment" revealing information about the "international tribunal" which would allow corporations to directly sue governments that have barriers to "potential profits."

Arthur Stamoulis, the executive director of Citizens Trade Campaign, explained that the draft texts "clearly contain proposals designed to give transnational corporations special rights that go far beyond those possessed by domestic businesses and American citizens... A proposal that could have such broad effects on environmental, consumer safety and other public interest regulations deserves public scrutiny and debate. It shouldn't be crafted behind closed doors."

Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, a public interest organization, undertook an analysis of the leaked document on investment and explained that the international corporate tribunal would allow corporations to overturn national laws and regulations or demand enormous sums in compensation, with the tribunal "empowered to order payment of unlimited government Treasury funds to foreign investors over TPP claims."

Even under NAFTA, over $350 million has been paid by NAFTA-aligned governments to corporations for "barriers" to investment "rights," including toxic waste dumps, logging rules, as well as bans on various toxic chemicals.

Because let's be clear: for corporations, such regulations and concerns over health, safety and environmental issues are perceived solely as "barriers" to investment and profit. Thus their "government" would sue the foreign government on behalf of the corporation, on the premise that such regulations led to potential lost profits, for which the corporation should be compensated.

The TPP allows the corporations to directly sue the government in question. All of the TPP member countries, except for Australia, have agreed to adhere to the jurisdiction of this international tribunal, an unelected, anti-democratic and corporate-staffed kangaroo-court with legal authority over at least ten nations and their populations.

Further, TPP countries have not agreed on a set of obligations for corporations to meet in relation to health, labor or environmental standards, and thus a door is opened for corporations to obtain even more rights and privileges to plunder and exploit. Where corporate rights are extended, human and democratic rights are dismantled.

One of the most important areas in which the TPP has a profound effect is in relation to intellectual property rights, or copyright and patent laws. Corporations have been strong advocates of expanding intellectual property rights, namely, their intellectual property rights.

Pharmaceutical corporations are major proponents of these rights and are likely to be among the major beneficiaries of the intellectual property chapter of the TPP. The pharmaceutical industry ensured that strong patent rules were included in the 1995 World Trade Organization agreement, but ultimately felt that those rules did not go far enough.

Dean Baker, writing in the Guardian, explained that stronger patent rules establish "a government-granted monopoly, often as long as 14 years, that prohibits generic competitors from entering a market based on another company's test results that show a drug to be safe and effective." Baker noted that such laws are actually "the opposite of free trade" since they "involve increased government intervention in the market" and "restrict competition and lead to higher prices for consumers."

Essentially, what this means is that in poor countries where more people need access to life-saving drugs, and at cheaper cost, it would be impossible for companies or governments to manufacture and sell cheaper generic brands of successful drugs held by multinational corporate patents. Such an agreement would hand over a monopoly of price-controls to these corporations, allowing them to set the prices as they deem fit, thus making the drugs incredibly expensive and often inaccessible to the people who need them most.

As U.S. Congressman Henry Waxman correctly noted, "In many parts of the world, access to generic drugs means the difference between life and death."

The TPP is expected to increase such corporate patent rights more than any other agreement in history. Generic drug manufacturers in countries like Vietnam and Malaysia would suffer. So would sales of larger generics manufacturers in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, which supply low-cost drugs to much of the world.

While the United States has given up the right to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical corporations (hence the exorbitant price for drugs purchased in the U.S.), countries like New Zealand and even Canada to a lesser extent negotiate drug prices in order to keep the costs down for consumers. The TPP will grant new negotiating privileges to corporations, allowing them to appeal decisions by governments to challenge the high cost of drugs or to go with cheap alternatives. Referring to these changes, the U.S. manager of Doctors Without Borders' Access to Medicines Campaign stated, "Bush was better than Obama on this."

But that's not all the TPP threatens: Internet freedom is also a major target.

The Council of Canadians and OpenMedia, major campaigners for Internet freedom, have warned that the TPP would "criminalize some everyday uses of the Internet," including music downloads as well as the combining of different media works. OpenMedia warned that the TPP would "force service providers to collect and hand over your private data without privacy safeguards, and give media conglomerates more power to send you fines in the mail, remove online content - including entire websites - and even terminate your access to the Internet."

Also advanced under the TPP chapter on intellectual property rights, new laws would have to be put in place by governments to regulate Internet usage. OpenMedia further warned that, from the leaked documents on intellectual property rights, "there can be heavy fines for average citizens online," adding: "you could be fined for clicking on a link, people could be knocked off the Internet and web sites could be locked off."

The TPP, warned OpenMedia founder Steve Anderson, "will limit innovation and free expression." Under the TPP, there is no distinction between commercial and non-commercial copyright infringement. Thus, users who download music for personal use would face the same penalties as those who sell pirated music for profit.

Information that is created or shared on social networking sites could have Internet users fined, have their computers seized, their Internet usage terminated, or even get them a jail sentence. The TPP imposes a "three strikes" system for copyright infringement, where three violations would result in the termination of a household's Internet access.

So, why all the secrecy? Corporate and political decision-makers study public opinion very closely; they know how to manipulate the public based upon what the majority think and believe. When it comes to "free trade" agreements, public opinion has forced negotiators into the darkness of back-room deals and unaccountable secrecy precisely because populations are so overwhelmingly against such agreements.

An opinion poll from 2011 revealed that the American public has - just over the previous few years - moved from "broad opposition" to "overwhelming opposition" toward NAFTA-style trade deals.

A major NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll from September of 2010 revealed that "the impact of trade and outsourcing is one of the only issues on which Americans of different classes, occupations and political persuasions agree," with 86% saying that outsourcing jobs by U.S. companies to poor countries was "a top cause of our economic woes," with 69% thinking that "free trade agreements between the United States and other countries cost the U.S. jobs." Only 17% of Americans in 2010 felt that "free trade agreements" benefit the U.S., compared to 28% in 2007.

Because public opinion is strongly - and increasingly - against "free trade agreements," secrecy is required in order to prevent the public from even knowing about, let alone actively opposing, agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership. And this, as U.S. Trade Representative Kirk explained, is a very "practical" reason for all the secrecy.

Part III of Marshall's investigative series on the Trans-Pacific Partnership will appear Monday. your social media marketing partner


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+48 # jlohman 2012-11-24 11:59
Follow the dollars, Dammit! The politicians are making out like bandits, and we keep re-electing them!!! It's called "campaign bribes," and they work!
+38 # Erdajean 2012-11-24 12:30
YES! Giving foreign "traders" all sorts of rights in America, against Americans and US regulations! The answer is a resounding NO before it gets started.

As we may notice about our policy and lawmakers, the more SECRET a thing is kept from the people, the uglier it will be, in the full light of disclosure --after it has its foot on our necks.

God Save WikiLeaks!
+2 # Vardoz 2012-11-24 20:59
I'm spreding the owrd on this one!
0 # RLF 2012-11-26 07:29
We'll always have fact it may be all we have left soon.
+24 # cafetomo 2012-11-24 12:36
Secrecy enables indefensible behavior that is generally not about what is being sold, but who.

Take a look down the river, or under the bus. Like as not, you'll be having the best view from there, anyway.
+36 # HowardMH 2012-11-24 12:54
Until there are two hundred thousand really, really pissed off people on Capital Hill (all at the same time – with base ball bats and 2 x 4s) raising some serious hell absolutely nothing is ever, ever going to happen to these totally bought and paid for by the richest 50 people in the world that are becoming more and more powerful with each passing rigged election thanks to the stupid people.
+26 # guyachs 2012-11-24 12:57
We need effective alternatives to the 2 party system. Someone not bought off by the corporations. I voted for Obama because he was definitely the lessr of 2 evils but he is also in the pockets of the corporations.
Corporations have no loyalty to our country and I don't understand how the supreme court can grant them the right to contribute to our politicans. It's like allowing Russia and China to affect our politics.
+5 # ptalady 2012-11-25 12:47
Quoting guyachs:

Corporations have no loyalty to our country.

This is so important to emphasize. Can a corporation even be accurately identified as being "American" or "Chinese" or whatever? It seems like the multi-national nature of the current giants defy any notion of national loyalty whatsoever, let alone loyalty to "the people" of the country, or of any country.

Quoting guyachs:
It's like allowing Russia and China to affect our politics.
. D'ya mean they don't already? Sure they do!! If not blatantly and directly, then through the corporate "speech" of the "American" branches of said multi-national businesses.
+1 # guyachs 2012-11-25 13:38
Thanks for your comments. By affecting our politics, I meant they aren't allowed to contribute to our campaigns. You are right that they do affect us.
Corporations showed their true colors in WWII when they supported both sides. Didn't matter to them who won.
+38 # PABLO DIABLO 2012-11-24 13:08
We're finally exposing/elimin ating ALEC. Now, let's get started on exposing/elimin ating TPP before it is too late. More articles like this are needed right away.
0 # dovelane1 2012-11-27 04:27
And articles such as this one need to forwarded to everyone you can think of. If you have access to someone in a local paper, forward this to them. Or bring in a paper copy of the article.

This information has to get out before we no longer have the freedom to get it out.
+19 # cordleycoit 2012-11-24 13:40
Again our masters are selling us to the highest biddler. There goes the job watch it as your cubicle is shifted to Singapore.We need to remind the pols who their boss is.
+13 # sweet pea2 2012-11-24 15:05
This latest grab for world-wide corporate rule is shocking, but not surprising. The groups such as the Bilderbergs, CFR, and the Trilaterals (founded by Brzezinski) have been plotting and gaining their goal of a world of elites and serfs. If this doesn't show that scary reality, what would it take to make the public realize such global goals aren't just happenstance, any more than the Patriot Act was just written in less than a week...I hope their will be a national movement to stop this anti-democratic and anti-American ploy in its tracks! BTW, where are the "lovers of America" in the Republican party? Their silence is quite enlightening about where their loyalties lie...
+13 # tbcrawford 2012-11-24 16:39
Perhaps we'll understand how the people of many third world countries feel when we take over their resources and place our boot on their necks; then give them endless weapons and other killing devices to they can scapegoat each other.
+3 # 2012-11-24 17:50
Obama is being told what to do by some secret cabal of multinationals who somehow lack the power to keep their agenda secret. This sounds more like nutcase conspiracy theory we'd see from the anti-UN John Bircher crowd.

I happen to think it's a bad idea, and probably dangerous; but the cause is not well-served by irrational and unsubstantiated claims of conspiracy to over-rule home rule. Let's take a deep breath here, and figure out what's actually in the proposals and what the actual process of review will be before we leap off the rhetorical cliff by accusing our newly re-elected president of being a puppet of multi-nationals . I need some attribution and some proof before I'd buy that.
+6 # brianf 2012-11-24 21:50
How can you get that information when it is being kept secret from you? Doesn't that concern you?
+1 # 2012-11-24 23:18 secret that we're talking about the alleged particulars on a public blog? This whole thing has the stench of a Drudge Report-style manufactured conspiracy, ala the grand plots of the Tri-lateral Commission. We shouldn't go there. Let's allow some credible news organizations to do their job and investigate the allegations before we fly off the handle.
0 # tippytoad 2012-11-26 08:02
In the absence of hyperlinks, all you have to do is search TPP and you will find numerous articles on the same subject.
+1 # 2012-11-24 23:24
Ti answer Brian's question more directly, I'm more concerned about being led around by the nose by someone whose agenda in propagating these unattributed allegations remains hidden to me. Real journalists with the kind of information this writer alleges to possess would attirubte their sources and get the smae story from at least two authoritative sources (insiders in the negotiating room) who will attest to the same version of events. I don't see that in this report.
+1 # tippytoad 2012-11-26 07:52
I agree that an article with references helps lend to its credibility. It is not a bad thing at all to expect more documentation from the press, but we should demand it from print press, too.That being said, reporters cannot always document everything in their story. First-person quotes, especially from anonymous tippers (think Deep Throat), are invaluable to a reporter and yet come with no links.
+1 # 2012-11-24 23:28
...and so, if these damning documents have been "leaked," where are they? Where's the hyperlink to an FTP site where I can download them and see for myself the insidious plot. This is the umpteenth blog I've seen where this agreement has been excorciated without revealing a signle document from this supposed stash of leaked documents.
-4 # Human Right 2012-11-24 18:15
The author needs to remember that Washington DC works, first and foremost, for the Ashkenazim mafia; after that who knows?
+6 # fdawei 2012-11-24 21:26
Quoting Human Right:
The author needs to remember that Washington DC works, first and foremost, for the Ashkenazim mafia; after that who knows?

You are sick !!!!!!!!!
+9 # wantrealdemocracy 2012-11-24 18:18
Where do you think Obama is now, and why? He is visiting officials in the Pacific nations that are planned to take part in the TPPP. He will offer some goodies to the wealthy people of these nations to screw working people world wide. This is how things work in a plutocracy. It sure as hell will kill what ever is left of democracy in the United States when a cabal of corporate officials can delete any law on the books of our nation, our states, our local districts and small towns. No laws or regulations may be enforced that LIMIT CORPORATE PROFITS in any way. Profits!! That is what makes t he world go round. You thought it was love? Oh, boy, are you still in the eighteen hundreds? Get real. Only GREED counts in the twenty first century.
-2 # Robt Eagle 2012-11-25 11:43
All hail EMPEROR Obama. Really transparent administration as he promised in his first campaign. Now you will see the total selling out of America for the Obama Empire, Chicago politics style. Good thing you all re-elected Obama and foiled the Republicans!
+4 # guyachs 2012-11-25 13:41
And you believe King Mitt and Queen Anne would be better? They felt and even hinted that they were entitled to be our monarchy. Romney was selling out America with his taxes and his business methods.
+1 # sweet pea2 2012-11-26 15:24
Cute...would we be better off with Romney and his elitists buddies? Yeah, O'bama isn't perfect, but you vote for what is possible! If the FAR right had won, R&R would have put two Supreme Court justices in, killed as much as they possibility could have of the safety net, and shredded public education, just for starters! Slamming O'bama is ignorant when the alternative would have be catastrophic!
+5 # Vardoz 2012-11-24 19:37
Corporations are waging an economic war on nations and people. We must fight this nightmare! Tell your reps and Obama 202 456 1111- And we wil have to boycott products and fight for unions. HOW DARE THEY!
+3 # Vardoz 2012-11-24 19:51
Please! This is so lame. You think some 3rd party person is going to get elected and change the game? How naive can one get? These are huge forces and powers. What we need is a strategic plan not just be a 3rd party person. We need to implement a nation wide plan consisting of many components. Letting people know on the local level, letting mayors and governors know we will not accept this. We need to strike and march in protest. There are no simple answers. But fighting against this it what we need to to do. At the very lease some 3rd party person would have a sudden bad accident suddenly vanishing. This will take a big fight on our party on many different levels. We just cannot accept this and should start letting our reps knwo right away that the TPP is a serious threat to our rights and protections and our society! So at the very least start by calling your reps in big numbers and Obama. We need to send a message loud and clear or they will crush us. We need to contact activists and unions to find out what actions people can take to challenge this and we need to take action in big numbers. TPP will take us down the balck hole of Global Climate change so fast we won't know what hit us.
+9 # Vardoz 2012-11-24 20:25
This is one of the most frightening and dangerous events to arise in our nation. Corporations are waging war on our nation, freedoms and protections.I will spread the word and educate people about this very serious turn of events. Everyone should educate as many as they can. i plan to print up flyers and distribute them in my community.
+3 # DougB 2012-11-24 20:34
Many Americans voted for Obama because the alternative was so frightening. Maybe now is the time, well before the next election, to get a third party active. It might be possible to elect a 3rd party candidate, or if the threat of a 3rd party were very real, the integrity and policies of the only 2 viable parties might be influenced.
The difficulty is to find a respected, honest, and high profile person to be a lead candidate in a 3rd party.
Does anyone have any ideas?
+1 # STEVEBONZAI 2012-11-24 21:03
Read- The Strength of the Wolf: The Secret History of America's War on Drugs Douglas Valentine (Author)
BEST book on the GOV/CIA- 'NATIONAL SECURITY' I have read. THIS is how your government WERKS.
+2 # 2012-11-24 23:28
WHY SECRETIVE? BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT A vocal public in all the Nations concerned, particularly at home in USA, realising the real trick is they are empowering Corporate Leaders to form arbitration courts that are not bound to abide laws of any country. My goodness if American public realise they are paying the most expensive taxes to support a Government and bureaucracy making laws the TPP Court can ignor for Corporate profit. This thing permits that court to sanction drug running from Golden Trianglen regeneration after Mexican drug war losses, as long sas it keeps supply to meet demand and the peaseants doped out of their brains to approve the growth of a priveleged 1% and 10%. can no one see that?
+4 # spercepolnes 2012-11-25 04:17
How about us, in other countries (in this case New Zealand), who are staring down the barrel of US corporate patent and media controls, and US drug companies telling us what we can prescribe! Thanks to a useless, facile, incompetent, corrupt, neo con government, most people here don't know they are being, potentially, sold down the river on the altar of TPP.p
+5 # RMDC 2012-11-25 08:40
this sounds like the second coming of the MAI -- Multilateral Agreement on Investments -- that failed to get support of governments about 6 or 8 years ago. It basically made investments or the right to own property superior to all other rights and actions of people. It subjected world governments to the investment interests of investors. It was really extreme and in those days following the Battle in Seattle the text of the treaty was published and became known. This sounds like an effort to bring the same things back secretly.
+4 # Kootenay Coyote 2012-11-25 09:15
We are contending with FIPA here in Canada: a similar power grab for China; as well as TPP, this time touted by the most secretive & regressive Federal government Canadians may ever have had. We have already suffered expensive, public-fund-pai d lawsuits from US corporations ‘investing’ here, over claimed losses of putative profits due to environmental regulations. Sovereignty now appears to be an unspeakably dirty word, unless it’s corporate sovereignty.
+1 # independentmind 2012-11-25 19:28
This is frightening- how do we put a stop it?
+4 # Nominae 2012-11-25 20:23
Part of the way this cabal remains secret is to keep changing their name as quickly as they emerge in anyway in broad daylight. As recently as six months ago, they were known as the S.P.P.

One of their many ideas is to make North America all one market, thus the contravention of local and National laws, environmental regulations, and customs.

This is the real thrust behind the TransCanada pipeline. It is actually going to go from Northern Alberta,Canada to the lower West Coast of Mexico where the Mexican refineries are already located.

This allows increased access to the Asian and other markets much more easily than shipping out of the Gulf Ports in Texas. But, you know .... baby steps.

They are also pushing for a "Transportation Corridor" from Canada to Mexico which would bisect the U.S. roughly along the present path of I-35. This is to include huge new multi-lane freeways and railways to include Bullet trains (for shipping).

These are busy, busy boys all the way around, and yes, the sitting President is totally on board with the plan.
+1 # RLF 2012-11-26 07:31
Isn't it great to have re elected obama with his open policies!
+1 # sweet pea2 2012-11-26 15:12
I think many of the doubters out there must have very limited knowledge of just what is done internationally by groups like the Bilderbergs, CFR, Trilatteralists,
etc. IF they will only believe what they see with their little, little brains, time will be out to rectify any of the globalists designs and we'll all be left wishing we had done our homework!
+1 # sweet pea2 2012-11-26 15:18
Nominae, Oh, how true and Oh, how sad that so few people know OR CARE! It was more than a coincidence that whenever Romney talked about oil, he NEVER said, "we" or "The United States" was always, "North America. I don't consider myself to be a citizen of North America...but the trilaterialists damn sure do!
0 # Nominae 2012-11-26 16:28
@ sweet pea 2

There is no question that International Corporations, and their Officers consider themselves citizens of no particular country, but simply of the Earth itself.

That might even be a laudable position if it were coming out of OWS, instead of from those who claim no National affinity in order to equally rape and pillage all regions of the Earth for labor and resources.

This situation is not "coming", it is "already fully in progress".

The very fact that a foreign company like TransCanada is allowed to take land via eminent domain from private landowners in Texas, and then use that land for private Corporate profits *is* the writing on the wall.

These corporations have then been able to have said U.S. landowners *arrested* for "trespassing" onto their *OWN* property.

The laws of the State of Texas are backing the transnational corporations, not the Texas landowning citizen.

The fact that International Corporations are keeping so much of this planning and it's subsequent action secret is an indicator of how bold and brazen the overall picture has become.

And when citizens then petition their governments for redress of violations by International Corporations, they are discovering that their Governments are already "in the tank" for these Stateless Corporate Wonders.
0 # dovelane1 2012-11-27 04:50
As (so-called) citizens of earth, and probably assuming they are entitled to everything they can gain power over, how are these corporate masters/basta__ _ going to respond to global climate change. They will have no power over that, and will probably end up feeding into the problem.

I assume that they, along with most of the 1% will do their best to isolate themselves from the consequences of their decisions, but won't it be simply a matter of time. And, as the problems caused by climate change continue to increase, where are these addicts to power going to hide?

Perhaps it is time to start naming these individuals, and getting pictures of who they are into the public awareness as enemies of ALL states.
0 # sweet pea2 2012-11-27 09:17
I wish you could have seen Jesse Ventura's show, "Conspiracy" on Trutv last night. You would have seen the monstrous underground complex and 75,000 med-evil
fortress that is being built (workers actually work night and day) in Arkansas!
Complete, of course, with police protection! The 1%'ers KNOW what's ahead and are making such survival outposts for themselves! The builder of this place is: a billionaire, has a huge security company that's brought us the spy on Americans equipment, and last, but never least, worked for the CIA!
These evil people want to cut the world's population over 1/2, or as Kissinger said, "The useless eaters" will be left to starve. What exact disaster are they prepping for? Climate destruction, 2012 predictions...w ho knows, but I'm sure Romney will be ALL taken care of!
0 # ghostperson 2012-11-27 08:40
TPP goes "far beyond trade," yes, it contractually attempts to trump the United States Constitution's allocation of powers as between the branches of government. It seems that rather than a contract, there would have to be a constitutional amendment approved by--what is it--3/4? of the states.

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