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Danny Schechter attending a conference in Iran about Hollywood propaganda had an opportunity to engage President Ahmadinejad in a discussion "asking if he would be willing to talk to American leaders." Ahmadinejad responded, "Washington does not want to have any dialogues." Schechter asked, "if the American people have reasons to fear him and an Iranian nuclear bomb." ... "Looking up at me, he asked if I thought he was scary, and then denied that Iran was building bombs or threatening the American people."

Danny Schechter spoke with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran during a Hollywood propaganda conference. (photo: Islam Times)
Danny Schechter spoke with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran during a Hollywood propaganda conference. (photo: Islam Times)

Reporting From Iran

By Danny Schechter, Reader Supported News

03 February 12


ran seems to many observers to be next in line for the Iraqi freedom treatment, the latest in a long line of “enemy” nations menaced by overt and covert military threats by the United States and its allies.

As the psyops operations and media propaganda intensifies, you might think war is imminent and that Iran is doing what countries under threat do in these circumstances, such as mobilizing their people and preparing for a bombing onslaught.

Think again. While I have been told that military targets have been or are being moved around, the atmosphere in Tehran is relaxed with more talk of a cultural battlefield than a military one. There’s a commemoration under way of the 33rd anniversary of the Iranian revolution and an international conference on “Hollywoodism and Cinema” as an extension of an annual Fajr film festival

And that’s what I am doing here, as a guest participant in an event that sees Hollywood as a bigger enemy than the Pentagon. It has become for them an “ism” and is the subject of discussions over its global role in shaping positive attitudes towards what passes for American “civilization,” its relationship to the awakenings and uprisings throughout the world – Iran’s Press TV probably devotes more coverage to Occupy Wall Street than any TV channel – and Hollywood’s alleged support for Zionism and Israel, a country that’s only cited here as “the Zionist Regime.”

Israel, in turn, is even more hostile seeing Iran as an “existential threat.” Sometimes it looks like both countries – both under the influence of religious fanaticism – need a stereotyped enemy to rally their own populations. It is Israel that is banging the drums loudest for war.

The conference was opened by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who didn’t have much good to say about Hollywood , which, paradoxically, celebrated its 125th anniversary on Feb. 1.

“All those who work in Hollywood push ideas, based on getting the maximum of profit and pleasure using any possible methods," Ahmadinejad said. "We do not expect anything from Hollywood." Speaking softly and philosophically, Ahmadinejad noted that people must "deliver truth and facts," so that "masses would follow up."

About 48 foreign scholars are here, and one News Dissector (me). Most of the president’s speech was really about values more than politics emphasizing the importance of the cultural environment. He believes it is impacted negatively by a movie industry that does little to educate customers about the world’s crises.

He rejected Marxism and Liberalism, instead speaking of man as a creation of God who is caught between conflicting pressures to be selfish or to serve humanity. I am not sure that he knew that one of the Hollywood companies leading the charge against Iran is owned by Disney (and is one I used to work for): ABC News.

Fairness and Accuracy in Media singles out a recent ABC newscast as an egregious example of propaganda. “America's top spy warns that Iran is willing to launch a terrorist strike inside the U.S.," announced anchor Diane Sawyer at the top of the program. "We'll tell you his evidence."

The ABC report was actually very light on evidence. It did, however, pass along numerous incendiary allegations from U.S. government officials – without the skeptical scrutiny that is real journalism's primary function.

Echoing the government, Sawyer set up the report with an assertion that Iran is "more determined than ever to launch an attack on U.S. soil." Correspondent Martha Raddatz, claiming that the "the saber-rattling coming from Iran has been constant," told viewers that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper delivered "a new bracing warning … Iran may be more ready than ever to launch terror attacks inside the United States."

Reports like this are barely criticized in Iran because there have been so many of them for so many years, with ABC’s earlier “America Held Hostage” series in 1980 a well known example of reporting as incitement.

After Ahmadinejad’s talk, an Iranian friend pushed me into the president’s path where I tried to engage him, asking if he would be willing to talk to American leaders. He smiled, responding, “Washington does not want to have any dialogues.” So that was a non-starter.

I then smiled back and asked if the American people have reasons to fear him and an Iranian nuclear bomb. This time, he laughed as if I was being naïve. (I was trying to be provocative.)

Looking up at me, he asked if I thought he was scary, and then denied that Iran was building bombs or threatening the American people. He was very calm as he spoke. Admittedly the evidence for Iran doing so is not very strong and, in fact, a recent report indicated that the U.S. military wants Israel to chill out its agitation and bombing threats.

(Gareth Porter reports on IPS: “Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey told Israeli leaders Jan. 20 that the United States would not participate in a war against Iran begun by Israel without prior agreement from Washington, according to accounts from well-placed senior military officers.”)

I then told President Ahmadinejad that I have been covering Occupy Wall Street and asked what his advice would be to them. As a charter member of the Iranian student movement, he was quick to express admiration for those in the streets struggling for justice in America, but added, “The Wall Street movement has to deepen its work” by intensifying its organizing efforts.

At that point, his security intensified its presence, and after welcoming me to his country, I was pushed gently to the side as he went back to work. My “interview” was over.

The conference continued in the afternoon with more reports on the Occupy Movement and analysis of Hollywood’s impact. On hand to receive an award for his father Oliver Stone was his son Sean who spoke about the growing power of social media. If nothing else, his dad has proven that Hollywood can produce topical dramas and social criticism.

The Zionism issue was spoken to by three anti-Zionist Rabbis and raised in an interview that I did live on Press TV on Thursday night, which I found not so much anti-Semitic as totally uninformed about many in the Jewish community worldwide who are not only not ardent Zionists but are critical of the Israeli occupation of Palestinians and the suppression of their rights.

The host was startled by the vehemence of my views that may not have much support at high levels in the government. I was glad to have an opportunity to publicly challenge Holocaust denial in Iran and combat stereotypes, even as Hollywood legitimately stood accused of creating them of Muslims.

This is my second trip to Iran, a country that is being embargoed, sanctioned and put down in our media with nary a chance to talk back. That’s why I came — to learn more about Iran’s views that have been banished from the airways in Britain, and rarely, if ever, given airtime in what passes for our “free” media. Iran is escalating its media efforts with a new channel in Spanish.

There is more to come, and I am already on kabob overload.

News Dissector Danny Schechter writes the blog and edits the new He has just finished a book on Occupy Wall Street. ( Comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Marc Ash
Founder, Reader Supported News

+48 # MidwestTom 2012-02-03 11:02
American citizens have far more in common with Iranians than with Saudis. All of the attacks against our interests by Muslims have connections to Saudis, yet we are preparing to sacrifice the carrier Enterprise, so we can go to war with Iran. The war drum beaters are mainly dual citizenship holders in our government and media. You can only serve one master, and they are more than happy to commit our troops war against a country that we have no grievance with. A country with an elected government that allows both Jewish synagogs and Christian churches.
+20 # Billy Bob 2012-02-03 13:22
I think you always forget the reason we allow Israel to be the bullies of the Middle-East. We aren't doing their bidding. They're doing "ours".

It's a symbiotic relationship. Maybe a better term would be a "dually-parasit ic" relationship.

This isn't about "those nasty Jews". It's about all that nasty black gold lying under the ground over their and the geographic access Iran and Syria have to the Ocean. Israel hates ALL of its neighbors. The nuclear red-herring is an excuse to let halliburton and friends start "construction" in a newly destroyed Iran.

Maybe the "dual citizenship" we should be worried about is the "citizenship" most of our government seems to have with the global oil industry. That seems to be where all of their loyalties lie.
+6 # Billy Bob 2012-02-03 13:24
Otherwise, I agree with your post completely.
+35 # cadan 2012-02-03 11:38
Danny, thanks so much for writing this.

Although for sure Ahmadinejad is wrong about the Holocaust, if we launch combat against Iran our sin of murder is far worse than his sin of false witness. (In some ways our sanctions already are an act of war.)

Of course what we need is much more thoughtful writing and analysis like yours.

But i think the underlying reality is that since Iran is thinking of ditching the dollar we will move towards war if our leaders think we can possibly get away with it. And i think the only thing postponing a war our leaders' knowledge that it will be a certain disaster.
+11 # reiverpacific 2012-02-03 12:14
Ahmadinejad is a pretty fundamentalist Muslim with quite a bit on his hands keeping his young people under control for his bosses, the Mullahs. But Israel's Netinyahu's LIKUD's are the real danger and chompin' at the bit for a conflict -and I'd bet my kilted arse that they'd use their nukes to make an example of Iran to the surrounding Arab countries!
But I only know what I'm allowed to -but thanks to RSN and courageous journalists like this, it's a hell of a lot more than Hollywood allows into the owner-media for consumption of the couch-politicia ns drunk on their game shows and stuffing between commercials.
Can't believe that the UK is blanking this out though, especially as they still have some good in-depth paper press like The Guardian, The Independent and The Glasgow Herald. Even the BBC, which is my computer home page, is pretty up-front about this stuff and tend to have reporters all over the world with an amazing amount of unique access.
I like the idea of Iran having a Spanish language channel. I'd like to check it out as I'm multi-lingual (My Scot's English is a bit shaky though, heh-heh!).
+24 # nancyw 2012-02-03 12:20
War is stupid. Simple analysis. How stupid do we - US citizens - want to proclaim to be?
+11 # giraffee2012 2012-02-03 14:26
Quoting nancyw:
War is stupid. Simple analysis. How stupid do we - US citizens - want to proclaim to be?

agree nancyw:

And if we put the GOP/TP in office in 2012 - we will again enter another "Iraqi type war" -- The GOP has advertized this.

Remember even the Jews voted for Hitler in 1933. So if "you" believe the GOP/TP are going to give you what they "promise: Abortion/gay-ba nning" -- believe me they will take away more of your rights too and then we'll be in the same pickle that the Germans were in 1930-40, the Egypt is today, Syria is today --

Never ever vote for big money supported candidates bc the candidate will be beholden to the fat cat and "NOT YOU"

I got off topic - This article brought up the bottom issues and I thank the author printing what we need to hear/see!!!
-34 # Robt Eagle 2012-02-03 12:29
Absolutely, let Iran have nuclear weapons and let us be kindly towards them as they use them for their radical ways. At that time it won't matter. Iran's charter is to destroy Israel and Americans. What don't you understand about that?
+14 # Billsy 2012-02-03 13:45
You forget about the doctrine of mutually assured destruction. The reason North Korea, India & Pakistan, not to mention Israel, have nuclear weapons is that the U.S. does not bully those nations possessing them. Ironically, our foreign policy encourages their development. If you were Iranian, threatened by Israel, being the hawk you are, no doubt, you'd want your govt. to develop such weapons. Bone up on some history and foreign policy analysis before you post.
+16 # lcarrier 2012-02-03 14:23
Au contraire, there is no evidence that Iran wants to "destroy Americans." The comment Ahmadinejad made about Israel's demise was not based on warfare, but on his belief that eventually there would be one Palestinian state. Given the demographics, it's likely that in time this would happen. Of course, that would mean that there would not be a "Jewish State," but one that existed before the British Mandate, one in which Palestinians and Jews lived peacefully. What's wrong with that picture?
+4 # X Dane 2012-02-04 02:20
Icarrier, What a lovely Utopian picture,
Where the devil is Netanyahu in it. There is NOTHING peaceful about that man.
He is vicious. And he has NO intentions of living peacefully with Palestinians.
+15 # Peace Anonymous 2012-02-03 13:22
I wonder if Mr. Eagle has every left the nest. We have consistently proven ourselves to be the aggressor and Cheney and Halliburton are pumping 350 billion barrels of oil out of the ground in Iraq to support that claim. Perhaps they may want to consider repaying the American people for the investment in their business? When are we going to stop buying into the BS? The rest of the world knows what everybody in America has yet to learn.Thanks Danny....Can you go work for FOX?
-25 # Robt Eagle 2012-02-03 14:04
Peace Anonymous, I was thrown out of my parents' house at age 16 and have survived well on my own, thank you very much! Take a look at a map, and if you study history at all, you might understand why Iraq is pretty important to have as a stable country and not have been run by a treacherous dictator who killed his own people. Surley there were also WMDs Including biologicals and gas), but waiting for the UN to make a decision allowed for Hussein to move them to Syria and probably Iran. You sound like you could easily qualify for a job on MSNBC, but no one listens to that tripe, so they have no $ to hire anyone with journalistic integrity. Have a nice day!
+15 # maddave 2012-02-03 17:24
Eagle, you are so full of baloney! The USA/CIA put Saddam Hussain in power . QWe also gave him the incentive, the arms, the intelligence and the chemical weapons for that war (which he started) . . . and which he later uses against his own people. And why do you think we hanged him so quickly - if not to keep him from telling his story in public?

As for his killing his own people, It was George H W Bush (Pres US & ex-director of the CIA) who encouraged both the Kurds & the Shiites to rise up in revolt against the Baathists. He promised to supply them both arms & air support, BUT when we were "finished", we walked away and left the poor SOB's hanging out to dry: no arms, no air support, no nothing . . . and Saddam swept in and did what dictators historically do to revolutionaries .

WMD's & chemical weapons in Iraq? Where have you been for the last nine years. THERE WERE NONE! George Bush, George Tenet & Donald Rumsfelt would have performed unnatural acts if that's what it took to find WMD's,. but THERE WERE NONE! OK. you're going to argue, and that's OK . . ..just so long as you can tell us what genii - out of which lamp - made them disappear.
As for Iraq's importance, you don't need a map. What you need to know is that they have oil!

P S: We all had it rough, Rob, but the rest of us quit crying about it decades ago and got well. Try it.
+1 # jon 2012-02-06 20:36

Well said - top to bottom!
+10 # X Dane 2012-02-04 02:40
Robt Eagle, What are you smoking?? Saddam did not have the WMD. They were destroyed in the nineties. He just wanted to deter Iran, so he was coy about the WMD. He wanted Iran to think he had them. So you are totally wet, thinking that he would move anything into Iran.

They HATED his guts, for he USED nerve- and other poison gasses on the Iranian, in the war. That HE started. He attacked Iran. And Reagan sold him the poison gas.

There are lovely pictures of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam, in Iraq, when they sealed the deal.

You need to get your facts straigh, before you make these comments.
+1 # reiverpacific 2012-02-06 17:05
Quoting Robt Eagle:
Peace Anonymous, I was thrown out of my parents' house at age 16 and have survived well on my own, thank you very much! Take a look at a map, and if you study history at all, you might understand why Iraq is pretty important to have as a stable country and not have been run by a treacherous dictator who killed his own people. Surley there were also WMDs Including biologicals and gas), but waiting for the UN to make a decision allowed for Hussein to move them to Syria and probably Iran. You sound like you could easily qualify for a job on MSNBC, but no one listens to that tripe, so they have no $ to hire anyone with journalistic integrity. Have a nice day!

I can see why you were chucked out of y'r parent's house -for stickin' y'r ignorant nose into stuff you don't understand perhaps? How does it feel to have someone else make a huge assumption as you invariably do?
+2 # maddave 2012-02-03 16:48
Peace Anon - 350,000,000,000 barrels per year from Iraq? Not so! Iraq's entire reserves are estimated at a tremendous 200,000,000,000 to 400,000,00,000 bbls. Total worldwide oil consumption is "only" +/- 35,000,000,000 barrels per year.
-7 # uglysexy 2012-02-03 13:29
Thanks for Making Ahmahdinejad sound like a Statesman. He is a dissembler like any Politician. If you think Iran's Transactions with North Korea, for instance, are just based around Clean Nuclear Energy or Self Defence, You are Naive. We've created Israel as our canary in the Coal Mine and forward Base for the West in the Region. Now that Israel has decided Iran is an Existential threat they may Act on that Judgement. It is not a question of them worrying what will happen in the U.S. as a repercussion. Their leadership has apparently made a Judgement that Iran is an Imminent Existential Threat. To portray Ahmahdinejad as a reasonable Statesman when he has said Israel will be in the Dustbin of just pacifist Handwringing. I don't like the idea of what the Repercussions will be for the U.S. But this is where we find ourselves.
+12 # Glen 2012-02-03 15:18
Neither Ahmahdinejad or the citizens of Iran wish to be annihilated. Iran is not an aggressor. They are surrounded by the militaries of NATO, the U.S., and Israel, not to mention the CIA, et al., and are not going to do anything that will incite a major attack on them. That, of course, does not mean they will not fight back if attacked or bluster in response to threats.

The U.S. Pentagon has asked for money to develop even bigger bunker buster bombs to aim at Iran, already have major and illegal weapons, as does Israel, and could possibly kill many more thousands than they already have. The U.S. also has a fleet of battleships off the coast of Iran.

Does all this sound as if Israel is the only threat to Iran, or that they are merely "the canary in the coal mine"?

Want world war? You bet Israel will be in the dustbin of history, as will we all. If the U.S. were threatened, for real, by any country, you can bet the government rhetoric would be much worse.
+15 # Peace Anonymous 2012-02-03 13:44
You need to remember that anyone who speaks out against American Imperialism is taken off the Christmas card list, Cuba, who since the fall of the wall being a perfect example. These countries still neeed to form allegiances with someone if for no other reason than trade.Israel has not proven themselves to be innocent bystanders either. There are no angels here but sooner or later we have to learn to stop the nonsense of we are all finished, unless of course we are stupid enough to continue down the path we are on. America does not listen - they dictate and the rest of the world has had enough. Have the American "Statesmen" provided you with the world you desire? Isn't it time we cleaned up our act before we expect everyone else to fall into line?
+7 # lcarrier 2012-02-03 14:18
Israel and its neighbors are locked in an irrational death embrace. It reminds me of the following tale:

A scorpion was about to be swept into the raging Jordon River. He pleaded with a frog to take him safely across. The frog demurred, saying, "How do I know you wouldn't sting me?" The scorpion answered, "Why then we would both drown." The scorpion then climbed on the frog's back, but halfway across the river, the scorpion plunged its stinger into the frog's neck. "Why? Why?" cried the frog as he sank into the river. "Because," said the drowning scorpion, this is the Middle East."
+11 # maddave 2012-02-03 17:49
We are:
1.Still running guilty about the holocaust, which we didn't cause; and
2. So deep in Israel & AIPAC's pocket that . . . when they says "froggie junp: (or "attack Iraq, Iran or Syria") we jump/attack accordingly.

Bogus Mossad WMD intelligence justified our going to war in Iraq, and now the Israeli's are beating the WMD tom-toms again. This time it's for our taking out Iran. . . which, if we stay on this course, is only a matter of time.

So, if we do this stupid thing:
1. We'll need a minimum of 500,000 troops on the ground for at least ten and probably 20 years - at least 5,000,000 men & women total. .
2. The cost will be astronomical - with luck, less than ten trillion dollars, but maybe double that and more!
3. While we are tied up in Iran, restive natives (Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, etc) in other reaches of our empire will take advantage of our weakness. How? Time will tell!

This is all insanity!
+4 # RMDC 2012-02-04 07:51
maddave -- yes, true insanity. But why are there anti-war demonstrations in London and elsewhere in Europe but none in the US? Obama and Israel have put Americans into a trance or a coma. They are simply unable to stop a war on behalf of Israel.

It is not likely that any war can be fought cleanly. Netanyahoo and other Israeli leaders are saying they would accept the death of 500 Israelis if they can destroy Iran. They don't say how many Iranians they are interested in killing. But it is likely that Israeli deaths will be a lot higher.

The US may collapse itself in defense of Israel. Right now, the rest of the world is discussing dumping the dollar hegemony because the US is so uncooperative. When that happens, the US economy will collapse while the non-dollar world takes off. So I hope Amerikkkans will be happy with their destroyed nation and the knowledge that they backed Israel to the end.
+6 # RMDC 2012-02-03 18:07
Schecter says, "I was glad to have an opportunity to publicly challenge Holocaust denial in Iran"

What holocaust denials is he talking about. Did the Press TV host deny the holocaust. Achmadinejad certainly never has. I'm sure there are some holocaust deniers in Iran but definitely a lot fewer than there are in the US. The holocaust is a Euro/American thing. It has nothing to do with the middle east and certainly nothing to do with Iran. Most people in Iran don't even know much about the holocaust and why should they. They were not involved.

It is really propaganda to suggest that the holocaust is some sort of global thing that everyone should know about and agree on some one interpretation. It is a trap to ask someone in Iran why he or she does not know about the holocaust. And a lie to suggest that not knowing about the holocaust is the same thing as denying the holocaust.

How many people know about the British holocausts in Kenya and Nigeria. Or the Belgian holocaust in the Congo. Or the US holocaust in Indonesia. I wasn't even born when the holocaust happened. It has nothing to do with me and I'm really tired of hearing about it. More people are being killed right now in the corporate re-conquest of Africa than were killed by Nazis in WW II. That I do care about because it still can be stopped.
+2 # Erdajean 2012-02-04 01:17
Over and over, the Rove Dept. of Fantasy Fiction, which I have long suspected operates in the boiler room of the Pentagon, turns out weepy tomes for underemployed GOP ladies to email to their whole address books, somehow involving Iran denying the Holocaust. One included pictures of dead children at Auschwitz, as though the Iranians had done it. A new one arrived today, claiming, among other wonders, that Obama won the Nobel Prize for his support of Acorn, as it worked its way around to Iran and the Holocaust. All of this is to make idiots beat the drum for the Big New Bomb, and Death to the Child-Killing Iranians. Such lies are the stock-in-trade of the GOP and its Big Oil-War Profiteer money pot. If we fall for this crap and start another war we deserve exactly what we get -- which will probably be, in fact,the war than ends us all. Thank so many of you, by the way, for the wisdom of your responses about this mess. You give me hope.
+1 # KittatinyHawk 2012-02-04 21:30
Which Holocaust? With so many just different names it is tiresome.

Death to child Killing Iranians, what no one else is killing children, innocent people? Wow, I believe people in Somalia, Kenya may have a word of this. How about those in Palestine. Then we have those right here in USA who are dying daily from starvation, no housing, due to no jobs, no quality of life, being poisoned by Monsanto and others. Hey let me know the Holocaust you are talking about, they have been going on for centuries. No one destruction of ManKind is any better, saner than another. How about Japan now, how about their ABOMBs from USA
I am tired of Holocaust, it is like there was only this one incident in all of History.
Thanks for okaying Israel to now go bomb Iran. Perhaps you can let Iranian Terrorists know where you and others live so the rest of us are left alone.
You do realize that Israel and their Neighbors mutilate children's body if they are born female, right. Even here in USA. That's right no abortions but take clitoris out of new born girls.
You know that lil girls are stoned if they sit in the wrong seat, or show some skin? Perhaps a trip to Israel, to Middle East thru some Baltic Nations into Asia is appropriate for you.
Your comments here are not only available to Big Brother but the World. Wonder how many Muslims You condemn read this. Pleas all who hate Muslims, move to Israel.
+4 # RMDC 2012-02-04 07:58
During 1953-1979 when Iran was ruled by US puppet shah Resa Pahlavi, there were some 7 million people arrested and tortured by SAVAK. Many were killed. As everyone now knows, SAVAK was created by the CIA and Mossad. There were Israelis in Iran working in the torture jails. Ayatollah Khomeini the leader of the 1979 revolution was himself tortured by Israelis.

Iranians remember this as their holocaust -- 25 years of torture and murder run by the US and Israel. Now the same team is at it again. Iran is not threatening Israel or the US. It is behaving like a responsible nation. It is the US and Israel who want to regain their control of Iran and go back to the days of SAVAK.

Iranians will not lightly return to the holocaust vistied on them by the US and Israel. They will fight forever. Israel thinks it can have a five day bombing spree and then a UN mandated cease fire. There will be no cease fire. Israel will be in an all out war for a decade. But Netanyahoo does not care. He knows the US will pay all the bills.
+4 # frank scott 2012-02-03 19:34
if someone questions the story of the resurrection of christ, does that amount to "christianity denial"? i think this kind of nonsense, indulged in by too many people who should know better, is almost as bad as the propaganda garbage this piece makes fun of...let's get it straight and clearly define our terms, before thousands more die needlessly:

has ahamdinejad, or anyone else dubbed a "denier" claimed that no jews were killed, that no jews suffered, that no jews were ethnically cleansed, or has he, and countless others,simply questioned the death toll of six million jews - supported by as much material evidence as is the resurrection of one jew, but also widely accepted despite evidence, as a matter of religious faith - the planned extermination of the jewish people - after first allowing the most wealthy ,powerful and influential to escape so that only those too poor or powerless could be exterminated (?), and the gas chamber method of murder, less popular lately due to some scholarship but still believed by many of the same people who accept the six million, the extermination, and the resurrection... could people please be clear as to what they mean, exactly, by indulging in this name calling, which really amounts to a form of bigotry much more dangerous and harmful than the derogatory dubbing of people as niggers, spics, dagos, kikes, honkies, or whatever de-humanizing slur to make them unlike the rest of us and thus unworthy

+2 # RMDC 2012-02-04 19:54
Achmadinejad has never questioned the number of Jews killed by Nazis during WW II. When asked this at Columbia Univ., he said that he accepts the numbers generally advocated (6 million). Rather he questions the interpretation of the Holocaust. Does the Holocaust mean that Israel has a right to displace Palestinians? Does the Holocaust mean that the Israeli government has a right to threaten its neighbors with impunity. Does the holocaust mean that Israel is forever beyond criticism.

But he isn't against Israel, either. He is against Zionism, which he believes is a racist and fascist ideology. He's not alone in this. Two UN conferences on racism have declared Zionism to be a racist ideology. There's a substantial amount of proof that Zionist leaders collaborated with the Nazis and had close relations with them. Some Zionist-Nazi collaborators were later tried and executed in Israel in order to cover up the evidence.

The mass murder of Jews in the 1940s was a horrible crime. But it is the only such crime that has been atoned for. Guilty Germans have been tried and punished, often executed. Germany has paid 10s of billions of dollars in reparations to individual Jews and to Israel.

What sort of reparations have been paid to African American former slaves, to Native Americans, to Palestinians, to Armenians, to Congolese, to Indonesians, to Iraqis, to Afghans, to Filipinos, to Latin Americans, and the list goes on.
+3 # KittatinyHawk 2012-02-04 21:41
Were atonement in this Holocaust made to the Union Families who died first? Were atonement made to the Catholics who were killed next and so on. I am sorry but the Holocaust doesnot belong to one Faith, one Culture.
With the amount of deaths constantly being thrown in our face for half a century, I am wondering on the number. I wonder why there is not 5 milllion, and 45.
I see no one bringing up Japan being bombed as a Holocaust, many graves there? How many children? guess it must reach the right number to achieve Guiness Book to be acknowledged as massacres? How many Palestinians have died for this Faith? How many Kenyan have died over the decades. Why is it only the Holocaust is important?
No other Race, Culture, Creed is important? How many died in Crusades.
All the deaths seem to be for Natural Resource Theft, perhaps, Japan stand alone. We are still going to count lives from this Natural Holocaust. I am just glad now I do not need to rant for any wars unless 6 million lives are taken, thank you. I am sure all people in the World will accept dying, being killed until our number hits the mark.

Please let me know when the Heathens are going to stop killing, mutilating children. I will sleep better.
+5 # Activista 2012-02-03 21:06
Good - sober reporting - without propaganda.
So rarely seen in any media. Thanks.
+4 # soularddave 2012-02-03 22:16
Quoting Robt Eagle:
Surley there were also WMDs Including biologicals and gas), but waiting for the UN to make a decision allowed for Hussein to move them to Syria and probably Iran.

Robert, You're making stuff up again, just like the neocons did when they took up to the last unjustified war.

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twicw...
+3 # mhog jones 2012-02-04 02:32
‎"The Israeli press is debating the significance of an article by the publisher of a Jewish magazine in Atlanta, Georgia, urging Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to consider sending Mossad hit men to assassinate President Barack Obama." Sedition and treason!
Even Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has not made such an assetion, even in the face of judeo-christo-c rypto fascism!
(Terrorism: the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
0 # mhog jones 2012-02-04 02:34
European christians: christianity is NOT your native religion. it was forced upon your bloodlines at the point of a sword less than 5-7 generations ago. it is based on the bedouin-like, semetic, nomadic's yhwh worship from the madmen of the Negev Desert! you are the WINDISH, the NORSE, the JUMI; kind and just people, caretakers of nature, matriarchal people, and hundreds of millions of your relatives and country-men were slaughtered to force near-eastern satanic war-god views upon you (much like euro-christian PTSD culture did to the cultures of the Americas and the rest of the world). finding your way out of the labyrinth of lies is painful; so long have you been without the light, so long have you slumbered; you protest as the dungeon doors are thrown open. you've grown to love the senselessness and disorientation of your parasitic vampires' bloodletting!
+7 # Windy126 2012-02-04 11:53
RobertEagle, you must have been a lulu of a teenager to have your parents throw you out of the house. I can see you have not matured much since then. Israel has spread hate and discontent throughout the land for so long that some people take what they say as gospel. A Jewish publication from Atlanta has already asked for the assignation of Obama. So we are supposed to listen to them? Taking out Iran would probably be the last thing we would ever do. Anyone remember the book by Neville Schute? "On the Beach"?Read the book, don't watch the movie. You don't get the feeling of impending doom from the movie.
It was about the end of the world due to nuclear war that started in the Middle East. Go find a copy and scare yourself with the graphic language of how we will die from radiation poisoning. We have lasted longer than he expected us to by about 50 years. Iran is not our enemy. Greed is our enemy.
+2 # KittatinyHawk 2012-02-04 22:03
I want to know who counted. From Historians there may have been 6 million but not necessarily in Germany at that time.
I wonder what count in Somalia is, what was count in Japan. We do not even know how many people are homeless, how many illegals are here, we don't even know how many jobless there are.
But by some miracle you know how many were killed in Germany. Did you count the Union Member Bodies? Catholics?, the ones thrown in there because they were not the perfect German?
What a petty thing to constantly have to bring up. We know, we all lost loved ones who fought for you. We helped Europe reclaim itself. But a half a century later all we still hear is you.

How many little girls bodies have been mutilated in the World for your stupid Beliefs? How many lives have you taken from the Palestinians? Syrians? Iranians?
Not at that Guinness Record Number? But you are going for it, throwing our lives, European, Asian, African, Middle Eastern in the pile.
Yes Let Us Bomb yet another Country and expose everyone within thousands of miles to Radiation. Thank You for your compassion, your love of life.

Please Everyone, do not allow Israel to kill anymore people. You gave them their State, allowed them to have Nuclear Weapons, now it is time to pull the plug. You will all pay for this. Remember Japan then and now. Is this what you want for the World...then follow Israel into a hole. Let My Children Live
0 # Glen 2012-02-06 07:46
KittatinyHawk, I understand your sentiments exactly. Glorifying numbers of deaths has always been more than offensive, especially when one group experiencing many deaths takes the lead in garnering sympathy and political support beyond the norm. That is Ahmadinejad's point when discussing Israel.

The U.S. has also been responsible for the deaths of millions of people, directly or indirectly, and only selectively has there been an accounting.

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