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John Bolton: "The critical oil and natural gas producing region that we fought so many wars to try and protect our economy from the adverse impact of losing that supply or having it available only at very high prices."

During an interview on Fox News, John Bolton let it slip that we have been fighting wars for oil. (photo: EPA)
During an interview on Fox News, John Bolton let it slip that we have been fighting wars for oil. (photo: EPA)

John Bolton Admits All of These Wars Are for Oil

By SaveOurSovereignty3

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+29 # Kayjay 2011-10-25 20:29
Bolton and his ilk are bastards, I bet his kids have not set a toe inside Afghanistan or Iraq. And by the way, if these wars are so gosh darn necessary, when will the spawn of the 1 percent do a hitch? hmmmmmmm?
+17 # Buddha 2011-10-25 21:23
In other news, John Bolton admits that the sun comes up in the East.
+35 # rsnfan 2011-10-25 21:59
This is just another disgusting, shameful moment in American history.
And, could we not have spent those trillions on renewable energy? And we would have no dead or maimed men and women.
We suck.
+5 # Michael_K 2011-10-26 12:08
Quoting rsnfan:
This is just another disgusting, shameful moment in American history.
And, could we not have spent those trillions on renewable energy? And we would have no dead or maimed men and women.
We suck.

IF some large multi-national corporation buying elections at every level of our "democracy" had an interest in alternative sources of energy, instead of being oil companies and/or their Wall Street accomplices, then we'd be long rid of the early 20th century bloodthirsty oil model of geopolitics.
+16 # DPM 2011-10-25 22:32
Bring back the draft. And, draft women. How many wars will we be fighting then? The country would not allow these bogus military interventions.
+17 # pernsey 2011-10-25 22:49
DUH!!! Of course it was for oil, do you think dim bulb (Bush) and his band of thugs would have bothered other wise?
+10 # Artemis 2011-10-26 00:07
What a fool John Bolton is. One cannot help be stunned at the number of individuals running our lives who are just plain stupid, and dangerous for other countries.
+4 # edensasp 2011-10-26 01:20
Whew... Now we to know who to bill for the costs of these wars...
+6 # futhark 2011-10-26 05:54
Well, I'm frankly amazed that any neocon would tell the truth about anything, especially a truth that makes their exploitative programs appear cynical and downright evil. They have ridden the high horse of being the good guys in the white hats for so long I didn't think any of them were capable of making any rational ethical judgments. The manipulative media continues to echo their lies and few journalists seem to be willing to follow up on them. Who knows, maybe Dick Cheney will come out some day with the admission that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job concocted during his still secret 2001 Energy Task Force meetings, as Michael Ruppert has surmised.
+7 # rsb1 2011-10-26 06:19
Well, you knew it all along anyway, right ? What about the THOUSANDS of existing patents for proven alternative energy technologies that are being held 'in check' to protect the existing monopolies ? DEMAND release of these details into the public domain. DEMAND that these archives be afforded the highest levels of protection. DEMAND release !
+6 # Midwestgeezer 2011-10-26 06:38
As my late father said of Richard Nixon: "He'd tell a lie when the truth would do!"
Had the Neocons admited up front that we were going after oil in Iraq, it's likely that a huge majority of Americans would have said "Go for it!" and those who have lost families in that disaster could at least have known what their loved ones had died for.
On the other hand, had we heeded the warnings of president Carter at the time of the 1973 oil "crisis", we'd be much less dependent on Mideast oil.
+1 # futhark 2011-10-26 15:14
OMG! It's almost Halloween! Where can I get a "John Bolton" mask, quick? He played his trick and now he wants his treat! Seriously, I wouldn't want to give innocent children nightmares with a "Dick Cheney".
+1 # futhark 2011-10-26 15:17
Yes, I'm sure that the families who have lost loved ones would be much more consoled by the truth than by the muck of lies concerning America's motivations for military involvement in the Middle East.
+11 # Andrew730 2011-10-26 07:01
It is refreshing to hear someone admit it. Now let's hear the truth on Israel, and who runs the government.
-1 # Adoregon 2011-10-26 13:04
+5 # ABen 2011-10-26 09:12
The rest of the civilized world knew all along that the Iraq war was about oil. The 'W' administration threw out lie after lie to gain public support for this "oil war." Big Oil funded the election and re-election of the "Shrub" and have since been making hugely obscene profits. GO GREEN. Do it now before we are again suckered into sending our troops somewhere in order to feed our addiction are their profits!
+2 # unkibill 2011-10-27 11:14
Something I've never understood about these neo-cons and free-market pushers...the price of petroleum is set by world-wide market forces, helped along by those friendly specuators.
How can Bolton and his handlers think the US can buy cheaper if we "own" the source. The companies will sell to the highest bidder. Watch what may (or pray, may not) happen to deliveries from the Keystone XL pipeline.
Bolton and ilk are merely shills for eternal military over-spending and for big energy. Shameful asshole(s) IMHO.
-2 # Activista 2011-10-27 12:35
War on Libya is WAR on Africa.
"Some 300 bodies were found and buried in the past few days, local people and medical workers said. Locals buried 25 bodies on Wednesday, including ten which were found floating in a water pool with their hands tied behind their backs"
Human Rights Watch this week called on the NTC to investigate a suspected mass execution of 53 Gaddafi loyalists whose bodies were found last week near an abandoned hotel in a part of Sirte that was controlled by its fighters."
NATO war criminals - agents of Sarkozy, Cameron, Obama - "protecting civilians"
by SICK Western Money Society
+1 # MainStreetMentor 2011-10-28 08:42
John Bolton has always been a sycophant for the George W. Bush/Richard "Dick" Cheney kakistocratic views of the extreme right - all he did was "slip" and make an admission his former insatiably greedy "handlers" tried to deny, and did NOT want publicly stated.

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